Datum Point is a Christian Hard Rock band from Northern Kentucky. Their influences are very diverse - some of which include Pantera, Chevelle, Demon Hunter, RATT, Ozzy, and P.O.D., among others. Birthed on the banks of the Ohio River, Datum Point has a very distinct and original sound that is all their own. Their music captures not only the driving rhythms and swelling vocals of the northern hardcore and rock scene, but also proudly represents their southern heritage with an unwavering drawl and swagger of traditional heavy metal. Datum Point is composed of three founding members: Dusty Murphy (lead vocals), Donny Snake Combs (guitar), and Will Sharkey (bass, backup vocals). More recently the band included fourth member, and the mastermind behind the beats, drummer Kevin McDaniel. Every member of the band is a seasoned artist, and they thrive on live events. February 2009, they released their first demo entitled Master Plan which included two tracks. Included on this demo is The Cry, and Master Plan. Currently, the band is focusing on live events to continue building their growing fan base. Armed with an arsenal of freshly penned songs, Datum Point is determined to leave their mark on the music world today one fan at a time.




Alive And Undead

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Wake The Dead

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The Master Plan

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Zero Theory on Crossrhythm

Reviewed by Ben Lilford

Zero Theory have only been around a little while but have already played with bands such as Beanbag, PAX217 and Skillet. This would leave you to believe there's something great about their music, unfortunately this does not appear to be so. Their music might sound fine on first inspection but there isn't one memorable hook in the entire seven cuts. The only thing I remember thinking is that they need to tell their keyboard player what style of music they are because they want to "rock the place" and he wants to play '70s space funk.

Track Listing:
1. War
2. Rage
3. Secrets Of The Heart (Right Now)
4. Thumper
5. Take
6. You Have No Place
7. Funky Song
8. Secrets Of The Heart [Radio edit]

[Very Rare And Hard to find do you download link to this?
I am looking for these

Sons of 21 - And so it begins
Kosher - White Lies
Kosher - Backstabba
Kosher - Virtual Criminal
Kosher - Rezurect
Eraphym - And they lived...
Snail on the plate - moment of clarity
Gears of redemption - the war of blood and rust
Zero Theory - Zero Theory
Axlanbay - Break the mold
Axlanbay - Rough

Gerazy (nu metal rapcore from belsarus) - Gerazy - dumki
Gerazy - chrystinia
NARDO - babilonia
NARDO - armadilhas

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