Anomie Belle - Sleeping Patterns (2008)
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Anomie Belle is the project of composer, producer, audio programmer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Toby Campbell. She makes dark social issues eerily lovely" (Doug Haire, KEXP). Originally a classical violinist and songwriter, she released multiple solo records before creating her own beats and making her way into electronic, experimental, trip-hop music. A Portland, Oregon native, Campbell has performed at top venues across the US, and has worked as a musician and producer in Madrid, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Buenos Aires, and London. In 2006 she moved to Seattle to focus exclusively on Anomie Belle.

An intriguing mix – a political and social consciousness set to a down tempo trip-hop, heavily layered with strings and vocal textures. (The Seattle Times). Anomie Belle's material grapples with social issues ranging from American political apathy to suburban alienation, passive media spectatorship, social injustice, and consumerism. Befitting the name, in this music, alienation and social unrest mingle with charm and beauty.

Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William, Chemical Brothers, Lotte Kestner) is a regular guest vocalist with Anomie Belle.

Anomie Belle…should be heard by the whole world (Tom D'Antoni, KMHD).

Anomie Belle makes incredibly dark and seductive music. She creates music that is filled with a sinister style both sexy and addictive. Her voice is beautiful and sophisticated. (J. Kiser, WIDR)

The music just washes over you in such a glorious smooth way (theregoesthefear).

1. Down (3:49)
2. How Can I Be Sure (4:34)
3. American View (4:44)
4. John Q Public (4:08)
5. Cascade (5:05)
6. Greenhouse (5:00)
7. Bedtime Stories (5:16)
8. Before You Leave Me (5:00)
9. February Sun (3:06)
10. Dox Amsterdam (3:30)
11. Amy Song (4:46) / /

Incredibly dark and seductive experimental trip-hop embellished with layered strings and vocal textures; political and social consciousness set to a down tempo electronica. Качать определённо стоит thumb.gif

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Interesting stuff cool.gif
славная музычка smile.gif
ОЧ приятная музыка smile.gif
Приятная музыка!))) но чего то в ней не хватает....
большое спасибо за релиз!
как раз под меланхолично-депрессивное настроение wink.gif
подскажите похожих исполнителей плиз...

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отличная музыка, давненько такого не делали. маст листен однозначно.
несуществование чего-либо есть бесконечность
I love Anna-Lynne Williams, I cannot describe her voice. Pure magic.

Thanks for this great stuff.

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... Amor invento del diablo ...
музон офигенный. аплоадеру мегареспект
чьё-то ружьё слишком блистало на солнце
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картинка, оставленная пользователем
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ШИКАРНО ЧЁРТ ВОЗЬМИ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thumb.gif
очень понравилось!!!

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Сильная музыка! А кого-нибудь есть более лучшее качество? Думаю, что я упускаю много ньюансов))

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