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Artist : Antoni Maiovvi
Title : Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss
Genre : Electro / Soundtrack
Year : 2009
Date : 08/2009
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 10
Label : Seed Records
Source : CDDA
Encoder : Lame 3.97
Length : 72:58 min
Size : 87,7 MB


01.nightmoves 05:54
02.witchcraft 10:35
03.they return 08:40
04.interstellar space exploration 04:38
05.velocity central 06:52
06.6000sex 10:57
07.plymouth fury 07:30
08.future space love party 05:47
09.the chase part 1 06:28
10.the chase part 2 05:37
72:58 min

Highly impressive Italo and soundtrack
revisionism from Seed Record's secret

Despite only releasing one record
through the label so far, Antoni Maiovvi
has picked up a ravenous bandwagon of
followers, looking for their next fix of
synthetic drama after gorging themselves
on the work of Fabio Frizzi, John
Carpenter or Harold Faltermayer.

'Shadow Of the Bloodstained Kiss' is a
soundtrack concept album, scoring the
nonexistent 1983 Italian Sci-Fi Giallo
starring Barbara Cupisti and Ian
McCulloch. But, that's all you'll get
for now, if you want to know the full
story you gotta get a copy and read the
back cover synopsis.

We can tell you, however, that the
sounds contained within are a grade A
adrenal spurt of classic synth
arrangements and NRG rockin' Italo beats
guaranteed to get the blood pumping and
your mind racing. If you've been finding
yourself bored on the walk to work in
the morning, slam this on your walkman
and suddenly you're on the most
important mission of your life.

Отличный альбом! С одной стороны, достаточно разнообразный, с другой - стилистически выдержанный. Некоторые трэки напомнили Жан-Мишеля Жарра.
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вот тут ещё выкладывали))
Seed Records
Прекрасная, разнообразная музыка. Неожиданые сочетания. Очень понравилось thumb.gif
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Artist : Antoni Maiovvi
Album : Zulawski
Year : 2010
Genre : Electronic
Quality : LAME 3.98r (320kbps) / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Date : 22-04-2010
Playtime : 21:09 min
Size : 3 Track(s): 48.55MB
Source : WEB
Cat.Num : FRIGHT002
Label : Fright

01. Tessa 5:38
02. Flesh For Frank Booth 6:40
03. Ghostray 8:51

Skin crawling, Giallo electro badness from Maiovvi creeping out from under the
spider-infested mat on Michael Mayer and Jon Berry's Italo/horror label Fright.
Gripped by quiet violence and sensual chaos, transporting listeners to a darkly
glamourous place that has only ever truly existed inside the fertile minds of
madmen like John Carpenter, Mario Bava, Argento, Simonetti.


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Artist : Antoni Maiovvi
Album : The Thorns of Love
Year : 2010
Genre : Electronic
Quality : LAME 3.98r (320kbps) / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Date : 05-05-2010
Playtime : 41:01 min
Size : 5 Track(s): 94.25MB
Source : WEB
Cat.Num : CVANCD003
Label : Caravan


01. This is the Beast 6:29
02. The Sigh from the Sky was a lie without doubt 9:16
03. Treason 4:13
04. Class Dagger 12:51
05. Horsehead Blue 8:12


Zulawski, теперь The Thorns of Love
чует мое сердце,такими темпами, альбом скоро шарахнет
Finger's on the trigger and mind's on the plan
если что The Thorns of Love это и есть его третий полноценный альбом
Нусс.. в Питере я неплохо в 2005 побродил под него, цчас заценим) ph34r.gif

5 треков - полноценный ?
Finger's on the trigger and mind's on the plan
а должно быть 25? ну как не крути это третий номерной альбом

The Thorns of Love his 3rd long player takes a unique muscular and cerebral approach to electronic dance music bringing together the Italo love explosion, spine-tingling Euro-horror and the melancholic proto-techno musings of early Model 500 and Shari Vari. Maiovvi takes the helm of this noir-tinged Trojan horse carving out a dancefloor machine with commanding synth-work, operatic drums and mind-bending atmospherics. As the album climaxes and the smoke pours across a crowded room he steps out from the shadows and delivers his final eulogy to 20th Century hedonism, preaching with the unhinged vocals of a coked up Brian Ferry. Love may be the drug but for Maiovvi death can be the only future

а должно быть 25?

ну хоть не 50 написали.
не пытайтесь казаться смышленее других. вы не смышленее.
понятно же,что 5 треков для лонгплея - мало. к чему язвительное замечание про 25 треков?

за инфу спасибо.
Finger's on the trigger and mind's on the plan
дело не в количестве, а во времени. 40+ минут для "лонгплея" вполне себе достаточно.

Here's a Giallo mix I did if anyone's interested:

Theez Boyz Giallo Mix (Soundcloud)

Mediafire Link

The Thorns of Love (2010) для меня, пока что, является его лучшим релизом, но ведь всё еще впереди, да.

Этого небольшого релиза здесь вроде еще не было, ибо он самый последний в его дискографии, поэтому восполняю... Здесь Antoni, на мой взгляд, очень неплохо раскрывает Spacesynth тематику.

Antoni Maiovvi - Hot Biology [2010]

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Artist ........ Antoni Maiovvi
Release ......... Hot Biology
Release Date ... 2010
Label ......... Slime Recordings
Cat. No ....... SLM004
Genre ......... Electronic
Quality ....... 320 kbps (average) / 4410Hz
Time .......... 13:36
Source ........ WEB

01. Hot Biology (Instrumental)
02. Spinning In Cyberspace (Instrumental)

Download: Ifolder

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