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Araya, the solo work of Inverness-born electronic
musician Keir MacCulloch, displays notable experience
in the field. From a technical standpoint, The Bridge
of Hesitation is very finely tweaked: samples are
carefully fitted, the beats are complex when they need
to be, instrumental loops are varied and colourful,
synthesizers are synthesizing, sequencers are
sequencing, and all sliders and knobs seem to be in
place. However, it all needs a little more evocation.
The mood delicately established with frequent
crystalline tones and icy twinkles throughout is
there, but most of these songs need a certain presence
that, when it comes to electronic music, can only be
communicated through the smallest details. Araya is
too focused on unfolding the core elements (which, in
and of themselves, sound great) of each track when, in
the digital landscape, its always a subtle
pitchshift, or an eerie sample in the background, or a
singular blotch of modular sound, or just the right
amount of reverb that really speaks to you.

01. The Mast 4:26
02. A Little Fucked Up (feat. Zanre) 2:51
03. Plush (feat. Plum) 3:53
04. Child, Let's Stop 3:56
05. Found 1:26
06. Murakami's Kangaroo Zoo (Part 2) 3:22
07. Our Secret 4:20
08. This Was Your Life 3:39
09. Oscillator Fanfare 2:58
10. Coal Grinder 3:29
11. Wizard 3:31
12. 3 Days 4:24



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rapidshare 10times expired, could someone up again on other free space (i.e. zshare, mediafire, narod etc)


вот ссылочка на народ thumb.gif
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о, круто, спасибо. двненько что то никто ничего с тегом idm не выкладывал
хороший идм thumb.gif биты плотняковые ...нрацца
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ммм...прямо таки понра thumb.gif thumb.gif как минимум первые 3 трека которые я прослушал круты))
мы же рокеры с марса=))))
Государство-это лишь иллюзия претендующая на моё жизненное пространство(2hCo)
Автору огромное уважение, отлично, с нетерпением жду следующего альбома rolleyes.gif !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Araya-Whilst We Try-2009-BCC
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Whilst We Try sees highlander Keir
MacCulloch return to the shores of
Benbecula for a second outing.

This trip proves to be a much more
focused and dancefloor-friendly affair.
From the lush guitar-laden opener
Sergio Leone, to the orchestral synth
fusion of Duty Paid, the EP merges
organic melodies with super slick
production. With great response from
homeland and European crowds, the EP
proves to be ideal for both headphones
and the club.

01.sergio leone 05:17
02.briskan 04:16 arp is stuck (live at abbeymount) 02:25
04.duty paid 07:53
05.out 03:57

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Araya - 2009 - Whilst We Try [Benbecula] или забираем отсюда:
класс! то что надо!

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