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Too Late
Enjoy! wink.gif

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хохо,спасибо) где взял?
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гитарист Люк(скайуокер?) выслал wink.gif
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и как ты его убедил это сделать?)
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ну я ему письмо на спейс отослал с просьбой выслать,через 6 дней он мой имэйл спросил,ну и вот прислал без проблем))А чё эт так трудно его уломать?))
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многие музыканты говниться начинают или говорят спросить у их лейбла. или говорят: дай адрес, вышлем. я им по 100 раз объясняю, что это не вариант совсем, не понимают)
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biggrin.gif таже история))особенно прикалывает,када говниться начинают группы,у которых есть тексты про то,какое же дерьмо эти деньги))я сейчас как раз жду ответа от них,насчёт текстов с этой EP'хи wink.gif
или говорят: дай адрес, вышлем. я им по 100 раз объясняю, что это не вариант совсем, не понимают)

у меня такое было с Ghetto Blaster,после того как объяснил,что я имел ввиду имэйл...перестали отвечать)))

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во-во,я Gettho Blaster писал на эту тему и Beng Beng Cocktail. пытался объяснить, что им это наоборот в плюс. халявное промо, мол. тем более ру_лок_фэмили уже все ребята в теме везде знают.


2009 - Too Late EP
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1. Atrocity Solution - The Protest Song (4:25)
2. Atrocity Solution - Change The Channel (5:17)
3. Atrocity Solution - Carpe Diem (3:28)
4. Atrocity Solution - Scales of Injustice (4:51)
5. Atrocity Solution - Down The Alleyway (4:16)
6. Atrocity Solution - Voices of the Underground (4:29)
7. Atrocity Solution - Requiem (6:01)

34.1 Mb, V2

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/atrocitysolution666
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Down The Alleyway

Просто великолепный трек...он у них раньше на демо был, круто перезаписали...да и вообще невероятно бодрая команда thumb.gif
...we talk of revolution while consuming all we can...

Мир через древную линзу. Lo-Fi путешествия.
Отлично в целом! thumb.gif Вокал, правда, стал еще более неразборчивым. biggrin.gif Но это не страшно.
А тексты случайно никто не знает где взять? Уж очень интересно о чем они там таком ))) поют
Это улыбка!
сатана вселился в меня во время прослушивания
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вот тексты с последней EP...еси кому надо))
Tomorrow's Too Late
The Protest Song

Let us raise these protest signs
In hopes to end this fight
A fight for a lifetime
Can happen in one dark fucking night
Brutality waves crashing over our homes
In the streets, Tyranny has taken control
When will this atrocity
Begin to take its toll?

My body's burning and theres nothing i can do
Inflamed upon concrete as the encanted protests drift through
And the bodies stack, While their signs fall flat, Protest
Lay down your guns and sing the protest song

The bloody red drips from your flag to support your nations "truth"
Your fucking soldiers and brainwashed pawns waiting for their tombs
The Bulletshells falling to the ground
Is the sound of the peace that was never found
so hold those protest signs
as high as the fucking clouds

No Less

Scales of Injustice

Scales of injustice, Crush us
Politicians have the gats and theyre tellin to trust
All the wicked fleets, its too bad you see
That we can't all live in harmony
So i'll be pickin up every penny that i see on the streets
and youll be hopin that your god is as real as the priest
so when your kid is bein drafted to the middle east
just be prayin that your god is as real as me

One million troops (Ten billion bombs)
Killers in suits (to shake your pulse)
The corporate empire feeds the fire to kill us all (Kill us all)
Beauracracy (Hypocrisy)
They pocket all (This country needs)
No War should rob us of our right to democracy (Democracy)

Scales of injustice, Imply this
That whose ever holdin the gun should be the one to enlist
and if you can't understand this message at hand
were goin straight to the white house to deliver this plan
all the fascists that are stuck up with their brand new suits
have the power to encage us with the red white and blue
they've tapin our mouths shut and robbin us blind
but no one can see the damage of this white collar crime

Where is your god, Now that your child is fucking dead
For a war, your tears will forever shed

So the scales have been weighed and the guilty are free
and yet you kept your mouths shut and stayed in your seat
so remove the fuckin tape and annouciate
the clock is tickin time away, do it now cuz tomorrows too late

Down the Alleyway

Livin underground with a vent above my head
Sewage leaks down with a taste of ignorance
People walk by you're invisible to their eyes
No one even cares
Someone once told me that i would be happy
Some day, Some time, Some place in my mind
But school was wrong once again it'll always be
Look what it got me, Look what it got me

Theres a corporate mothafucka with a P.O. box
And a homeless man with his dirty gray socks
This great young man got The red white and blue
Just because he got lucky stealin cash from you
In This life youve gotta struggle to survive
Its the upper classes choice whether you live or die
Theyre always droppin the dime just reel you in
Youre a victim to their systems politicians that are fishin your fins

On the Street, Tonight
No money no food
Just alone with this old street light
This lonely road
Leads back to the same old place
I wish I had a home

Workin dead end jobs but i know that will be fine
Chasin after dreams once again we fell behind
were not gonna serve were just tryin to get by
the rich are getting rich as weve all been tossed aside
now its time to go to sleep and say my prayers
I thank the lord for never being there
but god is dead he has forgotten me
look what it got me look what it got me

theres a corporate mothafucka buyin all these stocks
and a dirty old man beggin for some rocks
and were not gonna change the way it has to be
were scum of the earth as upperclass can see
and thats the way our cards were dealt
the chips are stacked but we fold in doubt
and no matter how much they bring us down
we'll still be here fuckin up their town
as we
all fall down
down the alleyway
wel-come home

change the Channel

Sink into your couch and soak in all you can as they feed on your laziness and thrive on
your cash. i cannot see why we all belive all the shit we're told by this fucking
machine. as all these people die and children cry you sit and waste away. this is the time
for change the time to turn it off and walk away.

change the channel
open your eyes this brainwashing is globalized
destroy the media
one last time kill that seed before it shines
shut it down
and wonder why we cant live without its lies
we want the truth

go to sleep at night reassuassured that he is there for you wake up in the morning another
day for just the two of you. you dont need a real friend you just depend on all the
fuckin shit that fills your head. why do we all care what they have to say their just
a pretty face with some excess change. get fat and obey thats the american way theres
another sucker born every day.

another slave consumed by this tv driving me insane. commercials full of lies with a face
of deciet but who is fuckin to blame. my mind is twistin but no one's listenin. cant see
the entire screen. my mind is lost in space this fuckin disgrace has consumed what is
left of me.

all we want is what is right. nothing more. just wonder why.

Voices of the Underground

this is why we live. and this is what we die for. its flowin through my vains through
my bones through my heart and soul. i cant control this feelin as its creepin to my lips
im screamin. turn the volume up to ten and raise your glass up to that sound of our vision
free expression sing it loud and drink em down. this is the shit that makes us free and you
cant tear that out of me.

in this age we walk beside all the music that was left behind their time.
we cant ignore that vibrant chord and the beat drums on and on and on.
in this time there is a turn the underground sound will be fuckin heard.
its in our heads and in our hearts and the beat drums on and on and on.

and we rise
to the sound of the chord the moving vibration
and we rise
to the beat of the drum the march of the movement
the underground will be fucking heard

this is for the free cuz this is from the underground
flowing through the streets through the seas and your stereo forget your problems let them
go and let the music take control. turn the volume up to ten and raise your fist up to that
sound that makes a difference in your life the sound that makes you feel alive.
we'll never sell out never fall victim to conformist law.

this is the underground. propose a toast to what we've found. in honor of this fucking
sound. raise 'em up and drink them down.

Carpe Diem

takin 20 drinks before my body hits the floor
I start to reminis on what days were like before
And time and time again, with homies shakin your hand
they had the other hand stabbin you in the back my friend
its a shame we couldn't get along together
so many memories in the past it's not enough to recover from
theres a never ending fued between friends and foes
its a battle and were always at eachothers throats
so long ago when were kickin back makin the most
it never occured to me why we had to ruin this toast
there aint no reruns in this one and only life we have
so i'll seize the day and always thank the past

Heres a toast to those who drink to the worst
Heres a toast to those who fear it first
Heres a toast to all the good times
Heres a toast We'll never let these times roll by

we cheers with a 40 in our hands
drinkin bottle after bottle
till the sun has rose again untill I
Can't take all the hassel that i get
from these homies so untrue to their number one friend
all my homies stand by me till the bitter end
its a shame that we cant have more to depend on
its what we embrace this is what we will face
so ill seize the day, its always been our place

We are the poor we are the strong
we are the ones that dont belong
we are the cold we are the slaved
the ones that will never get to be saved
we are the bold we are the bruised
we are the ones that will always lose
so raise em up in spite of this
our memories will always exist


Triumphant fear
we gaze into the eyes of hypnotists
and these politics hold the pocket watch
that is swinging in front of our heads
as they tippy toe across the borderline
their laws become obsolete
And the world as we know it just falls apart
and its right in front of our feet

When the bombs fall like rain
and the economy dies in vain
the requiem will never chime
for the world wide genocide
a solution must be born
for the atrocity we ignore
and the world will finally see
what atrocity solution means

The weep of the requiem will turn
the tear of the children will not burn
the flags of our fathers will be lost
when all is lost, you better find hope for us

Victorious lies
these champs have a home inside D.C.
And the massacres that they puppeteer
have no hymn or melody
Its a race to the top my friend
and theyre always waiting at the end
and their lies and cheats and tricks and deeds
will not cease till theyre fucking dead
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респектище им за то, что выслали) не ожидал чето даже от них, все говнятся нынче))
всё забывал выложить..

2008 - Promo CD

1. Atrocity Solution - Change The Channel (5:17)
2. Atrocity Solution - Twelve Year Sentence (2:46)
3. Atrocity Solution - Scales Of Injustice (4:53)

29.3 Mb, 320 kbps

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/atrocitysolution666
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