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- Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

Artist: Atrocity Solution
Album: Tomorrow's Too Late
Label: Tent City Records
Playtime: 32:47 min
Genre: Ska
URL: http://www.myspace.com/atrocitysolution666
Rip date: 2010-01-27
Street date: 2010-01-26
Size: 56.36 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 228 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

Great ska/punk that is very much influenced by Choking Victim and Against
All Authority. The first song kinda blows but the rest of the CD is awesome.
Pick it up and check them out on tour. Support DIY bands.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. The Protest Song ( 4:25)
02. Change The Channel ( 5:17)
03. Carpe Diem ( 3:28)
04. Scales Of Injustice ( 4:51)
05. Down The Alleyway ( 4:16)
06. Voices Of The Underground ( 4:29)
07. Requiem ( 6:01)

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -




отличный релиз. больше всего понравились Down The Alleyway и Scales Of Injustice.
спасибо большое за тексты! искал их, но здесь забыл проверить. Сейчас почитаю, проникнусь
Punk Rock In USSR ||
"Plus he only listens to pop punk which he claims is punk! And he has this 'I'm too cool for any other music' attitude but little does he know is that pop punk is for teenagers."

Atrocity Solution - As We All Fall Down (2006)

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artist: Atrocity Solution
album: As We All Fall Down
year: 2006
genre: crack rock steady
bitrate: 192 kbps
size: 27 Mb

01. 12 Year Sentence
02. Nowhere To Go
03. Don't Listen Now
04. Bay Of Pigz
05. Insanity


Atrocity Solution - Melodies for a Massacre (2007)

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artist: Atrocity Solution
album: Melodies for a Massacre
year: 2007
genre: crack rock steady
bitrate: VBR
size: 93 Mb

01. The Introduction
02. Twelve Year Sentence
03. Don't Listen Now
04. EliMyNation
05. Born in a Grave
06. Follow the Prisoner
07. Freedom is for the Dead
08. Our Generation
09. Bay of Pigs
10. Streets Laced With Hate
11. Melody for a Massacre
12. Apocalypse
13. Blood Within
14. Insanity


VA - There's No Stupid Solution For The Zombie Operation (compilation) (2007)

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artist: VA
album: There's No Stupid Solution For The Zombie Operation (compilation)
year: 2007
genre: crack rock steady/skacore
bitrate: 320 kbps
size: 85 Mb

01. Atrocity Solution - Atrocious Stillborn Crimes
02. Atrocity Solution - Change The Channel
03. Atrocity Solution - Down The Alleyway
04. Niсo Zombi - Fashion Victim
05. Niсo Zombi - Bitter Song
06. Niсo Zombi - Plan 9 From Outer Space
07. OFC - There Goes The Neighborhood
08. OFC - Resin Ball
09. OFC - Dance
10. The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Another Tough Day of Illiteracy
11. The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Pity The Fool
12. The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Die Exclamation Point Then We're Even

http://hotfile.com/dl/61924564/528e91f/2007_- _Theres_No_Stupid_Solution_For_The_Zombie_Operation_compilation_320_kb ps.rar.html

Atrocity Solution - Tomorrow's Too Late EP (2010)

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artist: Atrocity Solution
album: Tomorrow's Too Late EP
year: 2010
genre: crack rock steady
bitrate: VBR@228 kbps
size: 54 Mb

01. The Protest Song
02. Change The Channel
03. Carpe Diem
04. Scales Of Injustice
05. Down The Alleyway
06. Voices Of The Underground
07. Requiem


крутая песенка, не скурвились и не заиграли модный нынче краст smile.gif
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да уж, но небольшие изменения в звучании все же присутствуют, как по мне...
Punk Rock In USSR ||
"Plus he only listens to pop punk which he claims is punk! And he has this 'I'm too cool for any other music' attitude but little does he know is that pop punk is for teenagers."
мне у них всегда нравились соляки, офигенские мелодии выдают.
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а мне их почти все песни кажутся затянутыми минуты на полторы)
и это демка всё-таки, на альбоме возможно сведут по-другому, а то здесь вокал вылезает малясь нехарактерно
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Пока только тексты к 4 новым песням c ещё не вышедшего сплита, где они будут в компании Beng Beng Cocktail и My Own Religion. Сами песни ещё пока не отмастерингованы, так что думаю чуть подождать и песни прибудут. За всё огроменное спасибо Люку (гитаристу Атроситей).
Watch the World Burn

Watching the planet fall into a million pieces can make your mind so numb, And no one even seems to blink. All the people running scared, turmoil and oppression will bring yourself to tears. It’s a fear that no one likes to face.

No time left to stop and repent

Can't stop the burning of flesh once the fire has been lit
We've been pissin gasoline

On the world for so long

One spark and were all gone

Im Ready to watch the world burn

So wake up, wake up and watch the fall. Till our own greed consumes us all. Were all to blame so don’t you choke on your last breath. How I dreamed of a beautiful demise, no sympathy for these peoples cries. The human race is laid to waste. There’s no time left to say your last good byes.

Demon in Disguise

With each and every dying breath. The shit you preach of burning flesh, is nothing more than fairy tales to scare the kids into their jails. With every lie in every song, your giving hope to those you wrong. So point your finger to who’s at fault, as your capitalizing on this cult.

Terrorism at its finest, Evil people wear disguises, destruction in all shapes and sizes, evil people wear disguises. In the end it was all for nothing, I found no heaven to aid my suffering. Terrorism at its finest, evil people wear disguises.

In each and every child’s pants, you’ll find exceptions to his wrath. What your preaching you don’t practice, your feeding on the innocent and lying to the masses. You’re a demon in disguise. You’ll prey on the people till the day you die, and as your dying you will learn. You will be the one to burn.

This is your Life.

Stay True

Never did I hear of a working class man who was brought into fear by supply and demand. A man, who was motha fuckin robbed from the start by a corporate industry that supplies wal mart. Big business is the trickle down economy effect and their taking all the taxes of the money we get. The tricks, they try to fool you say fuck no. stay true to what you love, stay true to what you know.

Stay True, to what you love. So true, Don’t let them give you the nudge. Stay free, to what you believe, cuz they lure you to buy when your deceived. Stay true, don’t buy their excuse. So true, don’t let them blind you from the truth. Stay free, its up to you and me cuz you know what they all need.

No one in hell can buy my mind, sovereign until the start of extinction. Purchase your life and luxery, it’s the end of a new generation. Your workin bout your day by day, waiting for some fuckin pay, just to find your dollar is useless. I never thought it would come to this, your money’s in the hands of the filthy rich.

the puppeteer, organgrinder, collar too tight

stay true, til the end, in this tunnel its never bright

lights never cease too, in terrors gates,

you never never know, ya never ever know

retalliate, what we live for

positive, only love for

never wait, to shake up the suit and tie straight jackets,

we will never work for

Dark Days

A shadow covers this city again. You gotta wonder is this the end. When was the time that the city slept. It’s a change and the whole entire city wept. When were the days that weren’t so fucking dark. A history that we all seem to forget.

Dark days they come so fast, I can only hope that they don’t last. Cuz every second is getting worse I cant believe that im not cursed.

The dead city is calling out. Gotta wonder why were in doubt. When was the crime at its very least, another vision of a perfect society. When was the corruption of these police, a minor myth that came down in history.
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Спасибо и тебе и Люку!
Punk Rock In USSR ||
"Plus he only listens to pop punk which he claims is punk! And he has this 'I'm too cool for any other music' attitude but little does he know is that pop punk is for teenagers."
Поскорей бы уж cool.gif
Вот 3 из 4 песен со стороны Atrocity Solution с выходящего сплита Atrocity Solution/Beng Beng Cocktail/My Own Religion.
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1 - Demon In Disguise (3:11)
2 - Stay True (4:45)
3 - Watch The World Burn (4:11)

Каждая из 4 песен, сабжевой группы, звучит по разному.
1 - совместно с их трэш друзьями из O.F.C. - галимый метал, мне не понравилось, такое ощущение что бешеный пёс гавкает и рвётся с цепи.
2 - не типичное для них музло, вроде и исполнено как ска + вопли в припеве, но вот по саунду ни на одну из их прошлых песен не похоже.
3 - первая акустическая песня в их истории, очень классно звучит, особенно со всеми этими Whoa Whoas.
4 - Dark Days (которую я пока не имею в качестве, как заимею - выложу), типична для них.

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