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Josh Ligaya - Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Bulla - Drums
Aaron Hallman - Guitar
Eric Almeida - Vocals

AURAS - Cascade (Single) - 2011
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[ 320 kbps | 20.5 Mb ]

01. Cascade (ft. Chris Cosentino from Horizons)
02. Cascade (Instrumental)

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AURAS - Chimerical (Single) - 2012
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[ 320 kbps | 27.3 Mb ]

01. Chimerical
02. Chimerical (Instrumental)

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New EP "Panacea" coming January 12th, 2013!
Pre-order packages now available at managemerchusa.com

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тизер весьма-весьма thumb.gif ждем-с
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Auras - Panacea EP (2013)
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Size: 69 mb
Quality: 320 kbps
01. Emerge
02. Sciolist
03. Aporia
04. Chimerical
05. Susurrus
06. Cascade
07. Panacea
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Auras - Panacea (Instrumental) - 2013

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1. Emerge (Instrumental)
2. Sciolist (Instrumental)
3. Aporia (Instrumental)
4. Chimerical (Instrumental)
5. Susurrus (Instrumental)
6. Cascade (Instrumental)
7. Panacea (Instrumental)

Mp3 Cbr 320 Kbps | 57.19 Mb.

Auras - Adverse Condition (Single) - 2013

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1. Adverse Condition
2. Adverse Condition (Instrumental)

Flac (tracks) | Mp3 Vbr -V0 / 54.60 Mb. | 15.63 Mb.
thnx to mudkipzz & XdesertersX

по поводу перезаливки пишите в личку, первый акк меги заблокировали копирасты :D

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ALBUM.......: Crestfallen
TYPE........: Extended Play
LABEL.......: EOne / Good Fight / Distort Inc. / Fontana North
GENRE.......: Metal
LANGUAGE....: English
SOURCE.....: Compact Disk Digital Audio
RiP.DATE....: 05-03-2015
GRABBER....: EAC 1.0beta3 (Secure Mode)
RETAiL.DATE.: 05-05-2015
ENCODER....: LAME3.98.4 with preset -V0
QUALiTY....: 276kbps/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo
URL.........: http://www.facebook.com/aurasofficial


Waterloo, Canada, Ontario act AURAS have already amassed a decent
following thanks to their progressive groove metal/metalcore hybrid.
The group's sound has caught the attention of Distort Inc., who will
release their next EP. Called Crestfallen, the release features five
new songs from the group. The release won't arrive in full until
next month, but the group have shared a little teaser below. As
could be expected, it's heavy as hell. In addition, AURAS have
announced plans to tour through Quebec in support of the EP.
Following those dates, they'll join the Contortionist and Chon on a
U.S. tour. Enjoy.


01 Thrown 3:39
02 Terrene 4:24
03 Inordinate 3:23
04 Adverse Condition 3:39
05 Boundless 3:52

TOTAL SiZE.: 5 Files/39.47MB/18:57 min


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ALBUM.......: Panacea
TYPE........: Digipack Extended Play
LABEL.......: Independent
GENRE.......: Metal
LANGUAGE....: English
SOURCE.....: Compact Disk Digital Audio
RiP.DATE....: 05-04-2015
GRABBER....: EAC 1.0beta3 (Secure Mode)
RETAiL.DATE.: 01-12-2013
ENCODER....: LAME3.98.4 with preset -V0
CATALOG.....: n/a
QUALiTY....: 265kbps/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo
URL.........: http://www.facebook.com/aurasofficial


For as popular as it's becoming, I've never been the biggest fan of
overtly groovy, 'djent' styled deathcore and metalcore acts. Often
times, their efforts seem unbalanced-placing too much weight on
slamming, hard-hitting heaviness or ambient, ethereal atmosphere
creating a half-assed sounding release which is uninteresting at
best. That said, upon cracking into AURAS' EP Panacea, I was
skeptical to say the least. However, less than two minutes into this
stellar, spacey yet extraordinarily devastating release, I was
shocked at the diversity and level-headed approach with which AURAS
crafted Panacea. Two parts filthy, grinding groove, two parts blunt,
slamming metalcore and one part devastating, crushing deathcore,
this release is one which will surely change your previous
perceptions of 'space-groove' styled deathcore.

While Panacea begins subtly enough, it soon morphs into a chimeric
steamroller of an EP. AURAS provide a gentile hint of the
groove-based heaviness the listener is bound to behold in the
instrumental introductory track, 'Emerge'. However, 'Emerge'
progresses using the less-than-a-minute run time to show you what
riffs and fills the band has to offer into 'Sciolist', a dynamic,
rhythmic juggernaut of a track. It is in this track where the
listener gets to truly witness the explosiveness to be found within
the band's collective songwriting ability. In one hand, there is the
stunning use of shreddy, high-flying riffs used to create light,
quick and flowing moments in every song. In the other, however,
there is the band's secret weapon: crushing heaviness, as seen in
'Sciolist''s climactic breakdown which knocks the listener right
back onto their ass. It is as if the band's technical, progressive
elements are the match which lights the fuse that ignites Panacea's
powder keg of unending, unfathomable heaviness.

The listener is subject to AURAS' most beautiful shining moments
throughout the release-whether it's the riff-heavy catchiness found
in 'Sciolist' or the stellar, hyper-melodic ambience found amongst
the guitar solo in 'Aporia'. Indeed, for the latter parts of
'Aporia', the guitar seems to borrow elements of jazz and blues
songwriting, while the drums follow suit in the introduction to the
dynamic journey that is 'Chimerical'. It is on this dynamic,
extraordinary track where the listener realizes how enjoyable and
wonderful the vocal element to the band is. Rather than just another
element to syncopate with breakdowns and heavy chug-a-longs, the
vocals enhance the groovy-yet-ethereal ambience which runs pervasive
throughout the track. However, the band痴 most shining example of
sheer beauty is in the instrumental track 'Susurrus'. With bouncy,
fun drumming and bass-and-guitar dynamics which roll and frolic
together, the song is as if candy to the ears. However, while the
band's ambience is deliciously sweet and smooth, it is far from
innocent, as it alone creates the false sense of security which is
devoured by the overwhelming crush AURAS bring to the table.

Just as the vocals command in the introduction, 'Cascade' opens the
floodgates, unleashing an epic track's worth of pent up aggression
with just enough spacey, interesting ambience to keep it from
getting claustrophobic. AURAS' heaviness-nagging persistently
throughout this track, along with many others-is a crushing
combination of deep, guttural vocals and pounding, earthy drums. The
drums, punchy and fill-laden roll a solid foundation for the bass to
place poppy, groovy and heavy riffs over ('Cascade' has more than
it's fair share of this). Meanwhile, the guitars reach a stunning
dialectic where one is a deep, groovy and subterranean chug and the
other is a riffy, technical lead. Where this setup allows for a
constant trickle of heaviness, this isn't always the case.
'Sciolist' and 'Cascade' both have climactic, unfathomably crushing
breakdowns, while the djenty, slamming groove in Panacea's title
track is also jarring and beautifully monotonous. The punchline
here-no pun intended-is that AURAS create a peaceful palace of
ambient, ethereal metalcore only to pull the hood over the
listener's eyes when they least expect it and deck them in the face.

I, more than most, understand being skeptical of the hype
surrounding technical/progressive/djenty deathcore. However, some
bands do it right-AURAS just so happens to be one. From the
wonderfully crafted instrumentation to the crushing-yet-fluid vocal
work, Panacea is, for lack of a better way to put it, one Hell of an
album. The listener will find their blood pumping and their head
bobbing from the subtle setup in 'Emerge' or the stunning, beautiful
climax of 'Panacea'-and every moment in between.

FFO: The Dali Thundering Concept, Volumes, Entities, Bermuda.


01 Emerge 0:55
02 Sciolist (ft Kyle Anderson of The Afterimage) 3:20
03 Aporia (ft Aaron Marshall of Intervals & Chris 3:30
04 Chimerical 5:00
05 Susurrus 1:56
06 Cascade 4:54
07 Panacea 3:49

TOTAL SiZE.: 7 Files/47.42MB/23:24 min

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самый крутой Епи который я слышал за весь свой факин ляйф!
даже щас с друганом банду собрали чтоб похожее крошить. thumb.gif

Я вот хотел поинтересоваться! а у них инструменталы есть к последнему релизу помимо Adverse Condition ?
Об альбоме
Новый альбом Heliospectrum выходит 30 сентября
Предзаказ на тунце

1. Waterstone
2. The Ripple Effect
3. Eloquence
4. Stars Abound
5. Cosmic Black
6. Dream Elixir
7. Chronos Fear
8. Spiral
9. Infinite Influence
10. Solar Pulse

Auras - Waterstone - 2016

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1. Waterstone

iTunes Plus AAC M4A ~256 Kbps | 9.15 Mb.

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Auras - Heliospectrum (2016)
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Bitrate: 128 Kbps
01- Waterstone
02- The Ripple Effect
03- Eloquence
04- Stars Abound
05- Cosmic Black
06- Dream Elixir
07- Chronos Fear
08- Spiral
09- Infinite Influence
10- Solar Pulse
Auras - Heliospectrum

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Artist: Auras
Album: Heliospectrum
Release Date: 30 September, 2016
Bitrate: lossless [flac] / 320kbps [mp3]


01. Waterstone
02. The Ripple Effect
03. Eloquence
04. Stars Abound
05. Cosmic Black
06. Dream Elixir
07. Chronos Fear
08. Spiral
09. Infinite Influence
10. Solar Pulse

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