Austin Peralta - Maiden Voyage

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1 Passion Dance
Composed By - McCoy Tyner
2 The Shadow Of Your Smile
Composed By - Johnny Mandel
3 Maiden Voyage
Composed By - Herbie Hancock
4 Green Dolphin Street
Composed By - Bronislaw Kaper , Ned Washington
5 Spain
Composed By - Chick Corea
6 N.Q.E. (Naguib Qormah Effendi)
Composed By - Austin Peralta
7 Someday My Prince Will Come
Composed By - Frank Churchill
8 Balaqeeti
Composed By - Austin Peralta
9 Naima
Composed By - John Coltrane©.zip
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На аватарке молекулы белка миозина шагают по актиновой нити, таща за собой шар эндорфина во внутреннюю часть теменной коры головного мозга (прекунеус), отвечающую за счастье.
Вот и славненько...
если джаз не интересует,можно проходить мимо.это хард боп вроде,вариации на других композиторов

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anyone ?
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artist ........ Austin Peralta
title ......... Endless Planets
release date .. 2011
label ......... Brainfeeder
cat. no ....... BFDNL0014
url ...........
rip date ...... 08-02-2011
genre ......... Jazz
quality ....... 320 kbps (average) / 4410Hz
time .......... 40:29
size .......... 99,79 MB
source ........ WEB

track list

01. Introduction: The Lotus Flower 2:16
02. Capricornus 8:14
03. The Underwater Mountain Odyssey 6:38
04. Ode To Love 6:41
05. Interlude 1:16
06. Algiers 13:37
07. Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles 1:47

release info:

Austin Peralta (son of groundbreaking skater, Stacy) makes his
recorded debut outside of Japan on a fiercely confident
Brainfeeder release. It's a marked step away from anything Fly
Lo's label have previously offered, entering the contemporary
jazz arena with Peralta commanding an ensemble including The
Cinematic Orchestra and Strangeloop on electronic manipulation,
Zane Musa on alto saxophone, Ben Wendel on tenor and soprano
saxophone, vocals from Heidi Vogel and percussion from Zach
Harmon. Like we say, he's already released two albums for the
Japanese label Eighty-Eight's (four years ago, when he was only
16), but this is a bold introduction to a whole other world,
one inhabited by Daedelus, The Gaslamp Killer and Lorn among
others and should be considered a brave but assuredly
sophisticated purchase by its followers.

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Endless_Planets - тоже вариации или собственного сочинения композиции?

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собственного сочинения
Альбом отличный, на Algiers особенно обратить внимание советую.
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Austin Peralta

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