Ayo Dot & The Uppercuts

Alt.Rock / Rap / Rock / USA / Alternative Hip-Hop
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Ayo Dot & The Uppercuts are an electrifying, high energy hiphop-rock band, delivering soul-wrenching riffs and heavy bass lines with catchy choruses. Their self proclaimed acoustic trap puts them in a stratosphere far removed from your run of the mill hip hop band. You'll be hard pressed not to bob your head to the sounds emanating from this ever dynamic crew

Ayo Dot (MC)
Whitney Killian (Vocals)
Jeff McNamara (Drums)
Jordan Haas (Guitar)
Jake Amster (Bass Guitar)

Ayo Dot & the Uppercuts - That $h_t - The [EP] (2018)
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Bitrate: 320 Kbps
01 - Space Ghost
02 - That $h_t
03 - One by One
04 - Own Supply

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