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2014 - Broke With Expensive Taste (iTunes)

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01 Idle Delilah
02 Gimme a Chance
03 Desperado
04 JFK (feat. Theophilus London)
05 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
06 Wallace
07 Heavy Metal and Reflective
08 BBD
09 Ice Princess
10 Yung Rapunxel
11 Soda
12 Chasing Time
13 Luxury
14 Nude Beach A-Go-Go
15 Miss Amor
16 Miss Camaraderie

2012 - 1991 (EP)

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1. 1991
2. Van Vogue
3. 212 (Feat. Lazy Jay)
4. Liquorice

2012 - Fantasea (Mixtape)

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1. Out Of Space
2. Neptune (Feat. Shystie)
3. Atlantis
4. Fantasea
5. Fuck Up The Fun
6. Ima Read
7. Fierce
8. Chips
9. Nathan (Feat. Styles P)
10. L8R
11. Jumanji
12. Aquababe
13. Runnin'
14. US
15. Paradiso
16. Luxury
17. Azealia (Skit)
18. Esta Noche
19. Salute

2016 - Slay-Z (Mixtape)

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01. Along The Coast
02. Big Talk feat. Rick Ross
03. Can't Do It Like Me
04. Queen Of Clubs
05. Riot feat. Nina Sky
06. Skylar Diggins
07. The Big Big Beat
08. Used To Being Alone

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Юное гарлемское дарование возглавила NME Cool List 2011 и номинирована на BBC Sound of 2012.

212 [320kbps]
L8R [128kbps]
губы ващеее) ждем продолжения
мощная конкуренция для rye rye)
"сээра, были твои губы сладкими как вино"
don't need to miss sunday morning cartoons to know i'm good and wholesome too.
Azealia Banks - Liquorice (produced by Lone)
Both Liquorice and the previous track, Grand Scam, were limited to 100 downloads on soundcloud. Need them both re-uploaded, if anyone had the chance to get em.

much appreshhhhh
Azealia Banks - P-U-S-S-Y ft. 77KLASH (Machinedrum Remix)
Нарики в двенарике ловят парики,
Рвут пакетики, насыпают на руки.
Потрошат папирки, делают в бутылке дырки
Угарают, пьют разные напитки.
1. Azealia Banks - Barbie Shit (3:21)
2. Azealia Banks - Gimme A Chance (2:27)
3. Azealia Banks - The Chill$ (2:38)
4. Azealia Banks - Us (PALISADEHILLSRMX) (3:19)
5. Azealia Banks - Us (2:48)
6. Major Lazer, Mr. Vegas, Jovi Rockwell & Azealia Banks - Can't Stop Now (K.L.A.M. Remix) (5:15)
7. Azealia Banks - Slow Hands (DeRON DUBSTPRMX) (3:25)
8. Azealia Banks - Grand Scam (Lyrical Exercise) (1:42)
9. Ladytron - Seventeen (Azealia Banks Remix) (3:40)
10. Azealia Banks - Runnin' feat. Lunice (3:28)
11. Azealia Banks - Hood Bitch (2:58)
12. Azealia Banks - Slow Hands (2:58)

Нарики в двенарике ловят парики,
Рвут пакетики, насыпают на руки.
Потрошат папирки, делают в бутылке дырки
Угарают, пьют разные напитки.
Scissor Sisters Vs. Krystal Pepsy (Feat. Azealia Banks) - Shady Love

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Her music has made everyone from Kelly Rowland to Gwyneth Paltrow to Mumford & Sons (an incongruous bunch, no?) lose their shit. And rightfully so, make no mistake Azealia Banks is amazing. While most would wallow in self-pity if a contract with XL went nowhere. Banks instead decided to release a big fuck you, and record one of the songs of the year - ‘212’. It’s bubbling-over pent-up ferocity needed no press release. The irresistible, needle-in-the-red, ascending sonic partnered with explicit lyrics that expressed a love for oral sex didn’t ask but commanded attention. Needless to say the music industry came a’ knocking.
However, not to rest on the laurels of one Internet smash, she recently dropped pro interracial dating follow-up ‘Liquorice’. Lone’s ‘Pineapple Crush’ acts as the backdrop to another rapid-fire rap and a mellifluous hook proving that girl can actually hold a note (she’s an ex theatre geek from Manhattan’s La Guardia school of performing arts). While it may lack the aggressive bite of its predecessor, levels of addiction remain just as high, and it’s sure to feature on many club playlists.
With this all being said, understandably people already want a piece of the Azealia pie; Kanye recently met up with her, a collaboration in the works…maybe? And with a Paul Epworth produced debut due out early next year, Banks looks set to carry on commandeering our attention with her dirty-as-pig-shit lyrics and irrepressible flows until further notice. And here’s hoping she never stops doing so, we love us a girl who talks dirty and has the music to back it up with.

By Antonio Rowe
Azealia Banks is going to release a new single called “NEEDSUMLOVE” on Monday January 16. It is produced by Sepalcure member Machinedrum.
In other news, Banks is also working with Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti for the video to “Liquorice”. It is said to be filmed in Paris.
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Azealia has just signed to the biggest music label in the planet. Let's see how that goes for her.

Pitchfork article
http://hypetrak.com/2012/01/azealia-banks-bambi-2/ Ребята!!! - этот трэк БОМБА) thumb.gif
Скоро альбом! thumb.gif

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