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As rare as flawless gems, booty with brains and defrosting filet mignon, it is not often that a band breaks out with a powerful sound deserving of an entirely new genre. That is exactly the case, however, with Boston five-piece collective BAD RABBITS and their debut offering, Stick Up Kids EP, where funk-charged bass hold hands with electric falsetto while gripped in a bear hug of energy not heard since early 1980s salad days of hardcore punk. Dubbed “New Crack Swing,” the wonderfully addictive and truly original Stick Up Kids EP find the BAD RABBITS band cohesively bringing R&B, rock & roll, soul and funk together for an epic house party soundtrack that jams from start to end, without parents, cops or empty keg cups in sight.

2009 - Stick Up Kids (EP)
01 Booties
02 Neverland
03 She's Bad
04 Stick Up Kids
05 Girl I'm Like Damn! (feat. Travis McCoy)
06 Advantage Me
07 Can't Back Down

320 kbps / 57 mb

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Bad Rabbits - Doin' It (official video 2013)

альбом в тунце уже висит. Ребзя, есть че скачать-то?
Bad Rabbits - American Love (iTunes Version) (2013)

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Genres: R&B/Soul, Music
Released: May 14, 2013
℗ Bad Records 2013
Quality: AAC M4A 256 k/s

01 We Can Roll
02 Can't Fool Me
03 Dance Moves
04 Get Up and Go
05 Take It Off
06 Dirty
07 Fall In Love
08 Doin' It
09 Sayonara
10 Royal Flush

оооооой спасибо!!!
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во флаке American Love есть у кого?
Bad Rabbits - Dusted EP (2014)
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MP3, 312 kbps

    Can't Back Down
    Fall In Love
    Stick Up Kids
    Advantage Me
    We Can Roll

Bad Rabbits - American Nightmare (2016)
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Время: 0:45:57
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 105.50 Мб

01. Stalker
02. Original
03. Clouds
04. Game of Chess
05. Too Late
06. Save Yourself
07. Flames
08. Wwyd
09. The Wire
10. My Song
11. Faceless
12. Push

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