Becky! Internet Mail 2.29.00

Список изменений:
Ver.2.28.01 -> Ver.2.29 (2006/12/06)
• When address list is sorted in the address book, the tool tip will pop up on disabled Up/Down button, so users will know why they are disabled.
• Becky! now works with ipv6 server. (Haven't tested, but it should)
• The folder option "Move replied messages to this folder instead of Sent box." will also work with the messages sent by Reminder.
• In LDAP search, LDAP attributes for "Name" and "Mail Address" as well as "Note" will be configurable in the Address Book property dialog.
• When color labelled message is selected, the background color will be always used as the text color instead of the default text color.

BUGFIX: Some regular expressions had wrong match.
  e.g."a.bc" matched "" (wrong)
  "a[^a]+ef" didn't match "abcedef" (wrong)
BUGFIX: In Reminder folder, sorting on "Scheduled Date" did not work.
BUGFIX: On Direct Edit mode, "Save As" command did not save changes.
BUGFIX: When a folder was dropped on the folder, which has sub folders and was not expanded since the program was started, the filtering rule for the dropped folder was not carried to the new location.
BUGFIX: Small icons for attachment files were not displayed in a proper small icons, but "shrunken" large icons.
BUGFIX: An error message box on label editing on the tree view caused deadlock sometimes. To avoid that, the error message will be displayed on the status bar instead.
BUGFIX: A message was not printed properly with "Meiryo" Japanese font in Windows Vista.

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