Ben Monder

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Ben Monder: guitars
Ben Street: bass
Jim Black: drums

Silent Neighbors;
Thethird Eyebrow;
In Memoriam;
I'll Remember April;
Late Green

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бикус, можно найти.


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Ben Monder - Amorphae

Ben Monder - guitars
Pete Rende - synthesizer
Andrew Cyrille - drums, percussion
Paul Motian - drums

1. Tendrils
2. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
3. Tumid Cenobite
4. Gamma Crucis
5. Zythum
6. Triffids
7. Hematophagy
8. Dinosaur Skies

Creating a distinctive voice and approach on a musical instrument is as difficult as it is rare. Guitarist Ben Monder has long been admired for his personal sound, remarkable command of the guitar, and stylistic versatility. His new recording, Day After Day (a two disc set), provides a look at two distinct sides of his artistic nature, the highly analytical, structural side and the more freely improvisational side, through a series of interpretations of cover material.


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Ben Monder - Day After Day (2019)

Ben Monder - guitar
Matt Brewer - bass
Ted Poor - drums

01. Dreamsville (6:30)
02. Emily (8:20)
03. O Sacrum Convivium (3:37)
04. My One and Only Love (3:53)
05. The Windows of the World (7:38)
06. Never Let Me Go (6:42)
07. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set (8:26)
08. Galveston (7:23)
09. Dust (6:14)
10. Long, Long, Long (6:41)
11. The Guitar Man (7:09)
12. Goldfinger (5:59)
13. Only Yesterday (6:13)
14. Just Like A Woman (4:53)
15. Day After Day (6:18)

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