GUSTAV HOLST - Die Planeten op. 32 Suite
Performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra
Bernard Herrmann (conductor)

1. Mars (8:32)
2. Venus (9:53)
3. Merkur (4:24)
4. Jupiter (8:52)
5. Saturn (9:23)
6. Uranus (6:49)
7. Neptun (8:02)


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incl. "It's Alive" (Composed by Bernard Herrmann. Released in 1974. Edition FSM released in March 2012) link
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THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, Volume 2 (Limited Edition of 3000 copies)
Original Television Soundtrack
Music Composed by Bernard Herrmann
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Booklet + Disc 1 + Disc 2

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It's Alive (1974) (2012 issue) 320 CBR
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1. Bernard Herrmann - Main Title (2:12)
2. Bernard Herrmann - The Delivery, Something Small (3:41)
3. Bernard Herrmann - See You In The Morning, Father Returns, Cry Baby (4:13)
4. Bernard Herrmann - Murdered Boy, Fishing Trip, The Milkman Goeth (3:37)
5. Bernard Herrmann - Frank Visits Basement (1:09)
6. Bernard Herrmann - Raid On The School (1:04)
7. Bernard Herrmann - At School, Something's In The Room (1:32)
8. Bernard Herrmann - Your Kid Goes Here (1:01)
9. Bernard Herrmann - Two Policemen, Another Victim (2:14)
10. Bernard Herrmann - Frank Refrigerates The Milk (0:44)
11. Bernard Herrmann - Restless Night, Where's Lenore, Someone's Thirsty (3:36)
12. Bernard Herrmann - Where's Chris Or Someone (1:33)
13. Bernard Herrmann - Empty Fridge, Father Stalks Baby (2:25)
14. Bernard Herrmann - Father Continues Search (0:50)
15. Bernard Herrmann - Father Searches For Baby (2:38)
16. Bernard Herrmann - Charley's Dead (1:26)
17. Bernard Herrmann - The Big Search (1:18)
18. Bernard Herrmann - More Searching, Frank Waits (1:26)
19. Bernard Herrmann - Still More Searching, Police Pick Up Mother (1:13)
20. Bernard Herrmann - Father And Child, Father Protects Child (3:00)
21. Bernard Herrmann - Father Keeps Running With Child (1:56)
22. Bernard Herrmann - Kill It, Sad Reunion, End Title (1:55)
23. Bernard Herrmann - Restless Night (alternate), Where's Lenore, Someone's Thirsty (3:23)
24. Bernard Herrmann - Father Continues Search (alternate) (0:42)

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Erik Satie and his friend Darius Milhaud (1972) 320 CBR
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Erik Satie
1 Gymnopedies III & I *
2 Les Adventures de Mercure
3 La Belle excentrique: Grand ritournelle/Valse du mysterieux baiser dans l'oeil
4 Jack-in-the-box: Prelude/Entracte/Finale
Darius Milhaud
5 Saudades do Brasil: Ov/Sorocaba/Botafago/Leme/Copacabana/Ipanema/Gavea/Corcovado/Tijuca/Sumare...

The London Festival Players, Bernard Herrmann (conductor).

Recorded at Decca Studio No.3, West Hampstead, London, England on October 17-18, 1972.

Produced by Raymond Few.
Engineer: Arthur Bannister.
Mastering: George Bettyes.
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Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) 2015 issue, Kritzerland
This edition contains the complete material, recorded by Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman and Lionel Newman.
Released only on a rare LaserDisc and on the 'Bernard Herrmann at Fox' CD-Set before, the complete original score gets finally its own original, limited release, with a spectacular sound improvement.

MP3 320kbs -!9RBCWYIY!JO2vYcRdvH2OO98KJvLiQelHdD1zhvUCYot0qqLFQWs
Lossless WAV -!tAB2XRSA!wGgVyNPkOiXlasrEPkpNu3zaeoUL-ZuysQEtF0Mu318
Scans included.

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Спасибо!! Thanks you again, good sir! Another wonderfully complete offering. You've made my week twice over.
North By Northwest (1959) (2012 issue)
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FLAC ->!Rg1U0YzC!U6108GpIBE1KbQ2OJOGNu34Ow59Q1FZ-ikfVVk-xVak
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All Bernard Herrmann Scores in PDF
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Bernard Herrmann - Outer Space Suite (1983)
mp3 / V0 /

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perpetuumbeats presents:
Bonus Track For Japan - Vol. 1-37
Bernard Herrmann’s iconic Taxi Driver score set for expanded vinyl release

“You talking to me? Well I’m the only one here.”

Bernard Herrmann’s chilling score for Martin Scorsese’s iconic 1976 classic Taxi Driver is finally getting the long overdue deluxe treatment thanks to the lovely people at Waxwork Records.

2016 is the 40th anniversary of the movie, and Waxwork are celebrating in lavish style with a luxurious double vinyl pressing of the expanded version of the score, which has never before been released on wax.

A CD version appeared back in 1998, boasting 18 tracks to the original’s 10, adding ‘Diary of a Taxi Driver’ (complete with the unforgettable Robert De Niro voiceover) and extensive liner notes. While the original version of the soundtrack was already reissued by Music On Vinyl in 2012, this feels like the definitive edition.

You can hear a snippet below, and marvel at the gorgeous black, yellow and white vinyl.

TAXI DRIVER double LP coming soon. Complete film score vinyl debut and original soundtrack. Notes by Martin Scorsese

— Waxwork Records (@waxworkrecords) April 4, 2016
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