в прошлом году фрайзелл выпустил альбом с композициями джона леннона. очкарика я терпеть не могу, но фрайзелловское исполнение его композиций послушать не только можно, но и нужно

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Bill Frisell - All We Are Saying

01. Across the Universe
02. Revolution
03. Nowhere Man
04. Imagine
05. Please Please Me
06. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
07. Hold On
08. In My Life
09. Come Together
10. Julia
11. Woman
12. # 9 Dream
13. Love
14. Beautiful Boy
15. Mother
16. Give Peace a Chance

Silent Comedy?
Bill Frisell – Sign Of Life Music For 858 Quartet (2011)

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Bill Frisell – Sign Of Life Music For 858 Quartet (2011)


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I love Welle:Erdball and i wanna go funky!!
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Bill Frisell - Silent Comedy

Bill Frisell - guitar and loops

01. Bagatelle (3:11)
02. John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! (8:51)
03. Babbitt (3:38)
04. Silent Comedy (2:02)
05. Lake Superior (4:34)
06. Proof (3:55)
07. The Road (5:20)
08. Leprechaun (3:41)
09. Ice Cave (6:38)
10. Big Fish (5:26)
11. Lullaby (3:14)


Bill Frisell, one of the most influential and respected guitarists in the world today takes a serious step toward the avant-garde to create a solo guitar CD unlike anything you’ve heard before. Filled with complex harmonies, bizarre voicings, rich orchestral sonorities, intense screams, delicate phrasing, wild noises and an incredible simultaneity, Silent Comedy raises the bar on what is possible from a solo guitarist. You will never think of Bill Frisell in the same way again—revelatory and absolutely riveting!

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Bill Frisell - Sign of Life

Bill Frisell - guitar
Jenny Scheinman - violin
Eyvind Kang - viola
Hank Roberts - cello

01. It's A Long Story
02. Old Times
03. Sign Of Life
04. Friend Of Mine 1
05. Wonderland
06. It's A Long Story
07. Mother Daughter
08. Youngster
09. Recollection
10. Suitcase In My Hand
11. Sixty Four
12. Friend Of Mine 2
13. Painter
14. Teacher
15. All The People, All The Time
16. Village
17. As It Should Be


очень красивый альбом из линейки фрайзелловских работ в т.н. американской традиции - "дисфармера", "бьютифул дримерс", "гост таун" и т.п.
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Bill Frisell - Big Sur

Bill Frisell - guitars
Eyvind Kang - viola
Hank Roberts - cello
Jenny Scheinman - violin
Rudy Royston - drums

01. The Music Of Glen Deven Ranch
02. Sing Together Like A Family
03. A Good Spot
04. Going To California
05. The Big One
06. Somewhere
07. Gather Good Things
08. Cry Alone
09. The Animals
10. Highway 1
11. A Beautiful View
12. Hawks
13. We All Love Neil Young
14. Big Sur
15. On The Outlook
16. Shacked Up
17. Walking Stick (for Jim Cox)
18. Song For Lana Weeks
19. Far Away


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Artist : Bill Frisell
Album : Big Sur
Label : Okeh Records / Sony Masterworks
Genre : Jazz
Street Date : 2013-06-18
Quality : 233 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 113.99MB
Time : 64:25 min
Url : http://www.amazon.com/Big-Sur-Bill-Frisell...l/dp/B00C5WR6JE


1. The Music Of Glen Deven Ranch 3:45
2. Sing Together Like A Family 4:21
3. A Good Spot 0:52
4. Going To California 3:16
5. The Big One 2:43
6. Somewhere 1:31
7. Gather Good Things 5:31
8. Cry Alone 3:17
9. The Animals 1:39
10. Highway 1 4:51
11. A Beautiful View 4:04
12. Hawks 4:40
13. We All Love Neil Young 1:39
14. Big Sur 3:05
15. On The Lookout 2:01
16. Shacked Up 4:11
17. Walking Stick (For Jim Cox) 4:10
18. Song For Lana Weeks 4:14
19. Far Away 4:35

Bill Frisell's Big Sur, on Sony's resurrected Okeh imprint, collects 19
individual pieces in a suite commissioned by the Monterey Jazz Festival. He
spent ten days in retreat at Big Sur's Glen Deven Ranch, where he composed
most of it. His band on this date includes his 858 Quartet -- Jenny
Scheinman: violin; Eyvind Kang: viola; Hank Roberts: cello-- and his drummer
Rudy Royston; Kang and Royston are from his Beautiful Dreamers group, making
this an unorthodox string quartet with drums. Those drums not only keep
things grounded and earthy, they add force, dimension, and dynamics even on
the ballads. As is typical for Frisell's ensembles, it's not about soloing
so much for these players -- though all are given opportunities -- as the
strength of the work through the voice of the group, with Frisell's guitar
as the unifying factor, whether it's in the opening waltz "The Music of Glen
Deven Ranch," the slowly unfurling, darkly tinged ballad "Going to
California," or "The Big One," which references surf rock. There is a
five-note vamp the guitarist uses in several pieces here as a way of
bringing the listener back to the fact that despite the varying nature of
these pieces, they make up a significant whole. "We All Love Neil Young" is
a duet for Frisell and Kang with the violist taking up the "vocal" part as
the guitarist fills and weaves through his lines. The gradually unfolding
nature of "Highway 1" is an excellent and wonderfully quirky showcase for
Scheinman and Kang in dialogue, and for the staggered use of dissonant
harmony as Frisell's effects. The title track is a wonderful showcase for
Roberts, while "The Animals," though brief, offers fine interplay between
the violinist and violist as they weave through Frisell and Roberts with a
Celtic-tinged folk music. "Hawks" is the most driven thing on the record,
though it flirts with classical and folk music by turns, and in and out
statements by all group members, driven by Royston, offer a deft quickness
that gives the impression of flight. While the aforementioned tracks are
noteworthy examples, this hour-long work is at its absolute best when taken
as a whole. On Big Sur, Frisell delivers an inspired musical portrayal of
the land, sky, sea, and wildlife of the region with majesty, humor, and true

ifolder / turbobit
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Joey Baron featuring Bill Frisell - Just Listen

Joey Baron - drums
Bill Frisell - guitar

1. Surprise / Benny's Bugle
2. Trick Memory
3. Pick Apart
4. Night Howl
5. A Change Is Gonna Come
6. Cherokee
7. Mood
8. My Little Suede Shoes
9. Home On The Road / Follow Your Heart


Recorded Live 11/16/08 at Forum Bundeskunsthalle
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Bill Frisell - Guitar in the Space Age

01. Pipeline (7:06)
02. Turn, Turn, Turn (2:40)
03. Messin’ with the Kid (2:59)
04. Surfer Girl (4:14)
05. Rumble (4:56)
06. The Shortest Day (4:57)
07. Rebel Rouser (3:39)
08. Baja (3:37)
09. Cannonball Rag (2:56)
10. Tired of Waiting for You (6:02)
11. Reflections from the Moon (3:21)
12. Bryant’s Boogie (3:09)
13. Lift Off (2:17)
14. Telstar (3:15)


роковый альбом в той мере, насколько можно назвать билла рок-гитаристом smile.gif

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Bill Frisell & Fred Hersch - Songs We Know

Bill Frisell - guitar
Fred Hersch - piano

01. It Might as Well Be Spring (3:09)
02. There Is No Greater Love (4:48)
03. Someday My Prince Will Come (6:07)
04. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (3:48)
05. Blue Monk (5:31)
06. My One and Only Love (5:55)
07. My Little Suede Shoes (5:32)
08. Yesterdays (6:23)
09. I Got Rhythm (5:11)
10. Wave (6:35)
11. What Is This Thing Called Love? (4:26)

Bill Frisell - When You Wish Upon A Star (2016)

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01. To Kill A Mockingbird, Pt. 1
02. To Kill A Mockingbird, Pt. 2
03. You Only Live Twice
04. Psycho, Pt. 1
05. Psycho, Pt. 2
06. The Shadow Of Your Smile
07. Bonanza
08. Once Upon A Time In The West
09. As A Judgement
10. Farewell To Cheyenne
11. When You Wish Upon A Star
12. Tales From The Far Side
13. Moon River 0
14. The Godfather
15. The Bad And The Beautiful
16. Happy Trails

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Bill Frisell - When You Wish Upon A Star (2016)

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