Collected (2011)

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mp3 / VBR V0 / 67.8mb

01. Among the Ashes
02. Colossus
03. Word of Astaroth
04. Ace of Fools
05. Chat Noir
06. A Kid Called Dreamer
07. Cottbus Outro
08. The Letter
09. Die, Testosterone, Die
10. Orange Disease
11. Actus Fidei
12. Phoenix

You, Me, & The Violence (2012)

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mp3 / 320kbps / 76.4mb

01. Pilori
02. There Is Only One Chair In This Room
03. Cages
04. Guillotine
05. Walter Freeman
06. Last Last Chance
07. You, Me and The Violence
08. Grey Hair
09. Cold War Everyday
10. The Illusionist
11. Police & Thieves
12. Lovers Have Their Say


Это сообщение отредактировал loathsome
группа кайф)
акустический проект вокалиста Birds In Row:

This Is Me. – This (Song) Is (For) Me EP (2011)
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01. Gambade
02. Lonewolf
03. Doe
04. Going Down
05. Waiting Around to Die (Townes Vand Zandt Cover)

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Акустические записи, кстати, очень даже ничего.
Why THIS IS ME? are paralell project?
Master Blog on Blogosphere
The Lost Patagonian Selk'nam
The project of the vocalist
The project of the vocalist

ah ok, i don't know this info...
Master Blog on Blogosphere
The Lost Patagonian Selk'nam
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F o r e v e r I m m o r t a l
H o s t s P r e s e n t s :

Artist .: Birds In Row
Album ..: Cottbus
Year ...: 2011

Ripped .: 2011/07/23 Source .: Vinyl
Retail .: 2011/04/00 Lang ...: English
Genre ..: Hardcore Size ...: 41.36 MB
Label ..: Throatruiner / Ripper .: TEAM FiH

Encoder: LAME v3.98.4 -V0 --vbr-new
Quality: 267kbps/44.1KHz/Joint Stereo
Grabber: Adobe Audition 3.0

Track: Track Titles: Length:

01- Among The Ashes 4:26
02- Colossus 1:35
03- Word Of Astaroth 3:18
04- The Ace Of Fools 2:05
05- Chat Noir 2:27
06- A Kid Called Dreamer 3:35
07- Outro 3:08

Time: 0h 20min

release notes
Too straight forward and too filthy to get back to the
so-called hardcore fanbase that bloomed on Modern Life Is
War's grave, too kind to belong to the crust/sludge scene,
the three hardworkers from BIRDS IN ROW seem to avoid their
city as much as labels.Then you can still wonder where do
they take place between Modern Life Is War, Kylesa or
Cursed. The first ones for the guts unpacking and their
heartbreaking spleen, the second for their punk roughness
and their abilities to enlight dirt and the last ones for
the urging adrenalin discharges.But it is certainly not
that. It is hardcore as it is supposed to be played.
Period. With passion, deprived of any splendor and made so
they can go stuff some asphalt half of the year.And yet,
according to the 3000 miles they're dealing with in a
twelve months time, if you haven't seen them less than 20
miles from your home, it can only mean two things : you
have no friends, or no taste at all. And if there's not
much we can do about the first reason, we can sure work on
the other one.

split release between: Vitriol, Throatruiner, Swarm Of
Nails and Brain Ache
hand numbered out of 500

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TEAM FiH 2011

Life Demise Released From Living
Cleansed From The Pain Reborn
In The Arms Of The Dark Divine
Life Demise I Fade Into Eternity
Darkest Angel Lead Me On...

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Birds In Row - A Kid Called Dreamer HD live
Я хочу их в России
А акустический проект тем временем очень понравился, куда больше, чем сабж.
My band: Conclusions
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Awe have the pleasure to announce that we are working on our first album, which will be recorded on January, and released by our favorite label on Earth, Deathwish.
Если бы их Дезвиш не забрал, прошел бы мимо группы, я почти уверен) Не изменяют своим принципам, которыми руководствуются при выборе групп для лейбла thumb.gif
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ma1evich а по-моему как раз изменяют tongue.gif

и тут лейбл Vitriol Records переиздал их обе епишки на одном виниле
цифровую версию скачать можно с бэндкэмпа
ну почему?) Бэннон в интервью писал, что они берут группы со своим почерком и которые им нравятся) И у них действительно очень много интересных групп там побывало)
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