Collected (2011)

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mp3 / VBR V0 / 67.8mb

01. Among the Ashes
02. Colossus
03. Word of Astaroth
04. Ace of Fools
05. Chat Noir
06. A Kid Called Dreamer
07. Cottbus Outro
08. The Letter
09. Die, Testosterone, Die
10. Orange Disease
11. Actus Fidei
12. Phoenix

You, Me, & The Violence (2012)

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mp3 / 320kbps / 76.4mb

01. Pilori
02. There Is Only One Chair In This Room
03. Cages
04. Guillotine
05. Walter Freeman
06. Last Last Chance
07. You, Me and The Violence
08. Grey Hair
09. Cold War Everyday
10. The Illusionist
11. Police & Thieves
12. Lovers Have Their Say


Это сообщение отредактировал loathsome
нет. у них еще и тур будет с какой-то группой скоро.
с агатой кристи
"Finishing recording with @amaurysauve. Stoked ! #birdsinrow #deathwishinc"
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картинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователем¯\_(ツ)_/¯
В октябре сплит с WAITC
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These last months have been too quiet release-wise - guess it's time to solve this.

[THRT050] BIRDS IN ROW/WAITC «Split» 10"
Out Oct.30th - pre-orders & tracks premiere up soon.

"The most "local" split you can get - written, recorded, designed, pressed and released in Laval, France. A perfect pairing between two loud and abrasive three-pieces, both tracked and mixed at La Senelle by Amaury Sauvé.

At this point Birds in row should need no introduction, spreading their trademark tense and heartfelt hardcore/punk to every single corner of the globe with a P.A. system all along these last six years. These three new anthems make no exception, encapsulating all their savoir-faire whether it comes to raging heaviness or to more powerfully melancholic tracks. This is the band's first installment in a string of splits that will see the light in the future.

Following a bunch of EPs, this split marks WAITC's brutal first steps on vinyl. Founded in 2012 (and formerly known as We Are In The Country) this young band has refined its sound over the years, delivering what could be described as an angst-ridden, noise-infused reinterpretation of Ebullition-era screamo. With their distinctive nervous riffing and triple vocal assault perfectly served by an harsh, in-the-red production, these three tracks are directly establishing the band as a force to be reckoned with."

1 - Birds In Row — Can't Leave
2 - Birds In Row — Can't Lie
3 - Birds In Row — Can't Love
4 - WAITC — Empty Decade/Saturnism
5 - WAITC — Veiled Ax
6 - WAITC — Empty Mailbox

по новому треку с каждой стороны
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живы,здоровы и еще более мрачны. замечательно. трек заряженный
Впереди целое лето.
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Сразу и альбом еще выходит.
Предзаказ на альбом -
Предзаказ на сплит -
Birds In Row выпустят альбом «Personal War» в октябре
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Французские хардкорщики Birds In Row выпустят свой новый альбом, получивший название «Personal War», 30 октября.

Релиз состоится на лейбле Deathwish Inc.

“Personal War“:
01 – “Intro”
02 – “Torches”
03 – “O’Dear”
04 – “Weary”
05 – “Worried”
06 – “Snakes”
07 – “Marathon”

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