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The Nin9 includes ten new tracks which were all recorded during the year 2009 and are filled with the emotional charge of Blackdaylight’s personal feelings and experience from this “crazy year”, as he describes it. The artist presents finest melodic trip hop with shuffled beats, beautiful melodic layers and string instrument sections that combined together bring this sonic form of the emotion into your ears and souls. The Stigae Collective is extraordinarily happy to release this LP and to wish Blackdaylight happy birthday and good luck for the new year!
Blackdaylight – The Nin9 [2009]

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01. Last Time Past Time [hearthrob]
02. After Our Discontent [live]
03. Arousal Modulation [live]
04. Saboreando Me [live]
05. Whiskey & Ginger [live]
06. Nouveau Vertigo
07. (While She slept) He Dreamt
08. Into The Oblivion Of Acheron
09. October Rain
10. Climate Of Chaos
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что же будет дальше.....
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Если в слове хлеб допустить четыре ошибки, получится слово пиво.
Не знаю почему, но мне деаделус напоминает, в целом альбом приятен и грамотен, спасибо еще раз за релиз
Blackdaylight - Psilocybin & Cynicism [Kreislauf 146] - 2013
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released 11 September 2013

01. (Can’t Quite Fix It)
02. It Drifts By Bits (Live)
03. Exhale
04. Lo-Fi & Lovin’ Your Touch
05. reVAMPED (Don’t Get Your Style Pushed Back)
06. Startrack
07. R E H E A T E D
08. Finite Lunes (Radius Infinite Sols Remix)
09. Whatever Denetia Wants
10. Moonlight In Your Eyes
11. Tears On The Path (Finite Reloaded)
12. A Better Way (Live) (name your price)

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