альбом крутой, который стал продолжением всего его личного творчества, отлично входит в линейку развития его стиля. Еще более волшебный, чем предыдущий, но тот понравился некой кислинкой за счет подробной детализации звуков.
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1. Blockhead - Bush League with Aesop Rock (3:12)
2. Blockhead - Snake Oil (Instrumental) (2:30)
3. Blockhead - Unstuck (Instrumental) (4:09)
4. Blockhead - Wonderful (Instrumental) (3:30)
5. Blockhead - Superpredator (Instrumental) (2:46)
6. Blockhead - Fall Back (Instrumental) (3:07)
7. Blockhead - Groundhogs Day (Instrumental) (2:19)
8. Blockhead - Everybody Knows (Instrumental) (2:57)
9. Blockhead - Police Came to My Show (Instrumental) (2:51)
10. Blockhead - Nomento (Instrumental) (3:37)
11. Blockhead - Washington Redskins (Instrumental) (2:44)
12. Blockhead - Tupac Jackets (Instrumental) (2:41)
13. Blockhead - Source Awards (Instrumental) (2:18)
14. Blockhead - Strawman (Instrumental) (3:28)
15. Blockhead - Cheap Shoes (Instrumental) (3:09)
16. Blockhead - Gazpacho (Instrumental) (2:57)
17. Blockhead - Keloid (Instrumental) (3:19)
18. Blockhead - Robespierre (Instrumental) (3:57)

Known Unknowns is the critically-acclaimed follow up to Blockhead & billy woods 2013 collaboration Dour Candy. Now Backwoodz is making the instrumental version available; featuring production by Blockhead & his longtime collaborator Aesop Rock, who contributed two beats. Known Unknowns is an album that people are calling one of 2017's very best and the production is a big reason why.
released August 3, 2017

All tracks produced by Blockhead (J. Simon) for toneslapmusic (SESAC) except #1 & #15 produced by Aesop Rock (I bavitz) for 21 Bazooka Salute (SESAC)

All songs mixed and mastered by Willie Green @ The Greenhouse Co.
Assistant Engineer: Cedric Wilson
All cuts by DJ Mo Niklz

Artwork by Shane Ingersoll

Is There a Place for Instrumental Hip-Hop in 2017? An Interview with Blockhead
интервью на русском

Это сообщение отредактировал Up_in_smoke - 17.11.17 в 1:30
мда, какой-то размазанный и сырой стиль, который автор пытался сделать ламповым.
любительское интервью с мастером.
REQ: Interludes After Midnight (2012) and Uncle Tony's Coloring Book ?
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_Massaooramaan - 8 Bar Wasp Swarm
_Logos - Atlanta 96 (Rabit Remix II)
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Forgot I posted this a while back. A recording of a live set i did around 2012. Good way to kills 30 minutes on a Saturday.
Blockhead ‎– Funeral Balloons (2017) FLAC

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1. The Chuckles
2. Bad Case Of The Sundays
4. Zip It
5. Gobsmacked
6. Your Mom Is Mad High
7. Festival Paramedics
8. Cop Rock
9. Uncleback
10. Macgruber
11. Escape From NY
12. Funeral Balloons

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Blockhead: The Art of the Sample
by Blockhead

So, I've been hinting about a new project a little bit and it's finally out today. Well, to be truthful, it's not brand new. In fact, it's been done for a while (and streaming on one website for months) but it's finally available to stream and purchase today. I just wanted to talk about it a little cause it's not the typical Blockhead release.

Blockhead: Art Of the Sample
My new album is a fun side project I did with the good people over at De Wolfe records. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a music library that has been doing music for film, radio and television for nearly 100 years. They make original music that gets plugged into all sorts of things and has been heard all around the world. If you're a producer, you have very likely sampled them and you don't even realize it. Well, I was fortunate enough to have them allow me make an album entirely out of their back catalogue. That's SO much music. In fact, so much so, that I already have another volume almost done. So this should be an ongoing thing.

What I made is my own library record. These are not typical Blockhead songs. They're more stripped down and focused for the purpose of being used in tv and film. So, don't expect 6 minutes songs that constantly change. This is not that. That was not the focus of the album. Think more along the lines of "Blockheads broke beats" , which was my first album ever on Mush records.

Anyway, so that is the story! This was a fun side project for me to do and I'm really happy it's finally out there on a mass level. For those curious about physical copies, there will be a vinyl release by the good people at Young Heavy Souls. That's expected to drop in June and will be a pretty limited run (1000 copies). I expect to have a preorder link for that in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.
Anyway, peep the new album!

Digital Download:
Blockhead - The Art Of The Sample [2017] 320

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01. Silky Serene
02. Jellyfish
03. Seven Tease
04. Invisible Man
05. Coastline Cruising
06. Black Silhouette
07. Eyes Open
08. Posse
09. Frank's Brother
10. Skip
11. Take a Drag
12. Blessing in Disguise
13. And the Winner Is
14. Gleam

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