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mp3 / 320 kbps / 85.4 mb

01. Witch of Endor
02. Fear No Evil
03. The Last Legion of Sorrow
04. Say Goodbye to the Sun
05. The Witching Hour
06. Black Magic
07. Trisect
08. Beyond the Door
09. Souls On Fire
10. Don't Breathe A Word


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01. What's Haunting You
02. At The Well Of Nazareth
03. The Transit Begins
04. Shiver
05. Color Me Blood Red
06. Night Of The Long Knives
07. The Source
08. Science Fiction
09. Flesh Of The Lotus
10. Path Of Sorrows

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2013 года хороший альбом.
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на самом деле группа довольно туповатая teeth.gif
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Fresh off signing with Napalm Records/Spinning Goblin, Blood Hammers has revealed that the new album will be entitled "Under Satan's Sun". The album will be issued in North America on June 10th (May 30th G/A/S, FIN & Benelux, June 2nd UK & Rest of Europe, June 4th ESP/SWE/NOR). It will be available as a regular CD, limited edition vinyl gatefold and digitally.

Their first singled entitled "The Town That Dreaded Sundown" is available for streaming at this location. Limited editions of the 7" single are available for purchase as well through Napalm Records' website. The A side features "The Town That Dreaded Sundown" and the B Side is a non-album track called "Glimpse" which will only be available on this release. The single is available in both white and red vinyl.

"Under Satan's Sun" contains the following track listing:

1. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
2. Spearfinger
3. Death Does Us Part
4. The Moon Eyed People
5. Second Coming
6. Welcome To The Horror Show
7. Under Satan´s Sun
8. Dead Man´s Shadow On The Wall
9. The Last Alarm
10. Necrommancer

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Мелодии по HIM'у, но в целом, нормально. smile.gif
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01. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
02. Spearfinger
03. Death Does Us Part
04. The Moon Eyed People
05. Second Coming
06. Welcome To The Horror Show
07. Under Satan´s Sun
08. Dead Man´s Shadow On The Wall
09. The Last Alarm
10. Necrommancer


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Цитата: (loathsome)
на самом деле группа довольно туповатая  teeth.gif

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ARTIST.....: Bloody Hammers
TITLE......: Lovely Sort of Death
GENRE......: Rock
RIP DATE...: 2016-08-04
RUNTIME....: 46:47
TRACKS.....: 10
SIZE.......: 109m
QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III
URL........: play.google.com


01. Bloodletting On The Kiss 04:54
02. Lights Come Alive 04:15
03. The Reaper Comes 04:33
04. Messalina 04:50
05. Infinite Gaze To The Sun 05:11
06. Stoke The Fire 04:05
07. Ether 04:33
08. Shadow Out Of Time 05:19
09. Astral Traveler 04:27
10. Catastrophe 04:40

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