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Artist: The Black Lillies
Title Of Album: Runaway Freeway Blues
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Attack Monkey Productions/ North Knox Records
Genre: Bluegrass
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 49:33
Total Size: 118 MB


01 The Fall
02 Gold and Roses
03 Ramblin' Boy
04 Goodbye Charlie
05 Smokestack Lady
06 Catherine
07 Ruby
08 By The Wayside
09 All This Living
10 Baby Doe
11 Glow

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This is a most impressive 2CD set that features no less than 40 tunes by as many artists. The fact that all of the musicians here are basically from the Washington D.C. area (or became popular in and around that city) makes this anthology even more noteworthy. It is a very ambitious project, and is done up beautifully with very attractive digipak packaging and an excellent 40 page booklet that features a very good set of notes by country music  historian Ivan Tribe, plus a page of notes for each of the artists who appear here (along with photos of each). The set is a solid reminder of just how much significant Bluegrass activity there was in the area in and around  Washington and northern Virginia back in the 1950s through the 1970s. The list of banjo pickers here is amazing—here is a list of just some of the names that most Bluegrass fans will recognize: Bill Emerson, Eddie Adcock,  Walt Hensley, Chris Warner, Tom Adams, Dick Smith, Keith Arneson, Murphy Henry, Kevin Church, Roni Stoneman and last year’s IBMA banjo picker of the year Mike Munford. And oh yes, there a track by Pete Kuykendall (SAWMILL SHUFFLE) a duet with Michael Cleveland on fiddle!. But this project is not only about Bluegrass banjo, it contains some great old-time banjo work by Reed Martin, Joe Hermann, Paul Brown, Mark Schatz, and Stephen Wade as well. The overall quality of the music is excellent, and there are some neat little gems like Victor Furtado’s GHOST ON HIPPIE HILL (an intriguing clawhammer tune). In addition, you will find a list of good musicians in backing roles here - David McLaughlin, Marshall Wilborn, Jesse Brock, Michael Cleveland, etc. This set is highly recommended for anyone who loves 5-string banjo! (Note: in our early copy the notes are out of synch with the order that the tunes actually appear - this may be corrected on future pressings). Tunes include SUGARFOOT RAG, DEAR OLD DIXIE, ANGELINA BAKER, BALTIMORE FIRE, HAZEL CREEK, BIRD BATH, LICKITY SPLIT, etc.

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V/A - The Patuxent Banjo Project (2014)

Hot Burrito Breakdown - Mike Munford
Going Home - Roni Stoneman
Sugarfoot Rag - Tom Adams
The Ghost on Hippie Hill - Victor Furtado
Paddy on the Turnpike - Don Bryant
Things in Life - Randy Barrett
Hazel Creek - Murphy Henry
Bird Bath - Mark Delaney
Marching Through Glenville - Bill Runkle
Allegretto con Melanzane - Ira Gitlin
Farewell Blues - Kevin Church
Ninety Degrees - Mark Schatz
Lickity Split - Chris Warner
Dazed - Tim Kruzic
Cumberland Gap - Paul Brown
Goldfield - Bill Blackburn
Cedar City Blues - Eddie Adcock
Banjoland - Tom Neal
Scramble - John Brunschwyler & Brennen Ernst
Dear Old Dixie - Dick Smith

Blue Grass Stomp - Fred Geiger
Man Gave Names to all the Animals - Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Follow the Leader - Merl Johnson
Dying on the Field of Battle - David McLaughlin
Lori Ann - Scott Walker
Phoebe's Lullaby - Gina Clowes
Bolen's Bounce - Marc Bolen
Once I Had an Old Banjo / Billy in the Low Ground - Stephen Wade
My Little Home in West Virginia - Bill Emerson
Angelina Baker - Joe Zauner
Crossing the Blue Ridge - Billy Wheeler
The Drunken Fiddler - Reed Martin
Cripple Creek - John Farmer
Rocky the Wonder Dog - Keith Arneson
Sawmill Shuffle - Pete Kuykendall
Big Sciota - Doug McKelway
The Baltimore Fire - Joe Herrmann
Purple Creek - Casey Henry
Upper Elk Creek - Walter Hensley
My Old Home in Baltimore - Russ Carson

Laura Baird - I Wish I Were a Sparrow (2017)
With a musical timeline dating back to her early childhood, Laura Baird is an exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, best known for her projects with her sister, Meg, as The Baird Sisters, and guitarist Glenn Jones.
Baird’s own sound stems from the Appalachian folk tradition, and she connects to it via family lineage—her great-great uncle I.G. Greer’s folk recordings for the Library of Congress are a large influence. Also woven in are classical composers like Bach and Satie, and modern day musicians such as Opal and Yo La Tengo.

With this debut solo album, I Wish I Were A Sparrow, Baird plays odes to the traditions from which she learned, combining Appalachian balladry and the roughness of old field recordings, but there is also a dose of dreaminess and solitude that captures sleepy central New Jersey. This is where she departs from tradition, leaving the communal origins of folk music to capture the singular self. The lyrics also present an amalgam of old and new, with half of the songs, including “Dreadful Wind and Rain” and “Pretty Polly,” being passed down from the folk tradition, and the other half, including “Wind Wind “and “Love Song From The Earth To The Moon,” coming from Baird’s own hand. While the most salient part of her previous Baird Sisters project was the melding of familial voices and various instruments, Baird’s solo effort is centered around the combination of her virtuosic banjo playing and prominent but airy vocals.

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Greensky Bluegrass - All for Money (2019)

01. Do It Alone (4:32)
02. Murder Of Crows (4:59)
03. What You Need (6:53)
04. Ashes (3:30)
05. Courage For The Road (9:03)
06. Collateral Damage (3:16)
07. Like Reflections (5:04)
08. Cathedral Eyes (3:48)
09. Wish I Didn't Know (3:50)
10. It's Not Mine Anymore (5:16)
11. Do Harm (3:03)
12. All For Money (7:38)

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