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Bochum Welt - Good Programs (To Be Coloured in Yellow) (BMG Chrysalis / BW 235 CD) (2013) 320 CBR
1 Gauloise Scented
2 Marylebone
3 Crescent (Reprise)
4 The Garden (And The Chateau)
5 Laurel Canyon
6 Crescent Heights
7 Heart2Heart (Emu2 Mix)
8 Suddenly Spring
9 Hills On Fire (Obx)
10 Point Dume
11 Rc4

Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
а можно куда-то в другое место перелить? (мега или зиппи предпочтительней), а то при клике на рекламе, выдает ошибку

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Can someone re-up ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy) in 320??

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Can someone re-up ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy) in 320??

bochum welt - ghost 2014
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BW - Program 11 : FLAC/320

Rip of the track Mélodie D' Aoùt taken from the rip of Les Dances D' Été appearing in the following re-ups.
In trading I received a CD-r containing Les Dances D' Été and all but Mélodie D' Aoùt of Program 11.
Burning discs to capacity was an issue and it was reasoned that 1 rip of Mélodie D' Aoùt sufficed.
Included for continuity otherwise I probably would not have shared the rest.

Bochum Welt - Phial EP : FLAC/320
Bochum Welt - Les Dances D' Été : FLAC/320
Bochum Welt - Scharlach Eingang : FLAC/320 (provided by delta4)
Bochum Welt - R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) : FLAC : 1/2, 2/2 ::: 320

R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) contains all 8 tracks of Desktop Robotics, all 4 of Feelings On A Screen and 6 of the 8 tracks comprising Module 2 plus variants of the other 2.

still active:
Bochum Welt "Feelings On A Screen", "Module 2" FLAC
Bochum Welt - Good Programs (To Be Coloured in Yellow) 320
Bochum Welt ‎– 2013.Good Programs (To Be Coloured In Yellow)

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01. Gauloise Scented (03:45)
02. Marylebone (02:31)
03. Crescent (Reprise) (02:08)
04. The Garden (And The Chateau) (02:46)
05. Laurel Canyon (03:36)
06. Crescent Heights (02:22)
07. Heart2Heart (Emu2 Mix) (03:05)
08. Suddenly Spring (03:16)
09. Hills On Fire (Obx) (02:37)
10. Point Dume (02:38)
11. Rc4 (02:22)

320 70.94 Мб
FLAC 145.88 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
Цитата: Bochum Welt
"April" (clear blue vinyl + digital distribution) will be released worldwide by !K7 - published by BMG Chrysalis - on April 22nd in conjunction with Record Store Day.
The album collects BW tracks never released before on vinyl, plus alternative / unreleased takes

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Please please re-up:

BW - Program 11: FLAC
Bochum Welt - Phial EP : FLAC
Bochum Welt - Les Dances D' Été : FLAC
Bochum Welt - Scharlach Eingang : FLAC
Bochum Welt - Module 2 : FLAC

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Rephlex-affiliated electronica legend Gianluigi Di Costanzo aka Bochum Welt and !K7 will be releasing a clear blue vinyl edition of his new LP 'April' for Record Store Day 2017. ‘April’ is a broad exploration of ambient and downtempo electronics that collects and re-edits a selection of old works as well as offering up brand new music - and sees the first release on vinyl of all tracks compiled here. You can check out a preview here!

Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
Bochum Welt - Module 2 (1996) 320
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password: funkysouls.com
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Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.

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