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Here you have it, the artwork and track list for our upcoming album GENERATION TRANQUILIZED. This is a co-release between two labels that we respect and like a lot, Burning Heart Records and Pirates Press Records. So proud to be working with them on this one. The album will be available on CD/LP and digital.
Nov 25th US
Nov 28th Europe
Nov 28th Worldwide Digital Release

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предзаказ на Pirates Press Records
Даешь линк!
капс запрещен
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ARTiST: Bombshell Rocks
TiTLE: Generation Tranquilized
LABEL: Burning Hearts
RDATE: 2014-11-29
QUALiTY: 283kbps/4410kHz
MODE: Joint Stereo
SiZE: 66,28 MB
PLAYTiME: 32:32 min


01. One Shot 1:43
02. Poison Radio 2:31
03. Without Destination 3:56
04. Shine Same Light 2:15
05. This Time Round 3:25
06. Glow Is Fading 3:02
07. Sick Town 3:16
08. Generation Tranquilized 2:29
09. Scars And Tattoos 2:02
10. Southbound 3:15
11. New Journey 1:21
12. One Vision 3:17
Less WEB, More CD
12 лет ожидания? что ж, оно того стоило. на репите!
9 же...а как же альбом с гитаристом на вокале?по мне так он шикарный!
9 же...а как же альбом с гитаристом на вокале?по мне так он шикарный! 

с гитаристом на вокале нещитово )
новый альбом ничёшный.
но как по мне, пластинка 2006 года уделывает его в сраку, как и всё остальное их творчество вместе взятое.
Punk Hardcore Oi! Merch
послушал альбом - ассоциация одна - rancid smile.gif ознакомлюсь с 2006м годом...))
"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".
Новый альбом на репите. Никаких откровений, просто отличные мелодии, через песню - хит. Неожиданно для себя - отправляется в топ года.
I was a young boy that had big plans
Now I'm just another shitty old man
I don't have fun and I hate everything
The world owes me, so fuck you
Bombshell Rocks - This Time Around (EP) (2015)

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01. This Time Around (03:26)
02. Coming Apart (02:39)
03. This Time Around (Acoustic) (03:08)
04. Shine Some Light (Acoustic) (02:40)

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Bombshell Rocks - 'This Time Around' (2015)

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: 27.86 MB
Length: 00:11:50
Tracks: 4

01. "This Time Around"
02. "Coming Apart"
03. "This Time Around (Acoustic)"
04. "Shine Some Light (Acoustic)"

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ARTiST ...: Bombshell Rocks
TiTLE ....: This Time Around
LABEL ....: Burning Heart / Pirates Press
GENRE ....: Punk
RDATE ....: 2015-07-29
QUALiTY ..: avgkbps/48 kHz
MODE .....: Joint-Stereo
SiZE .....: 12,9 MB
PLAYTiME .: 11:30 min
URL ......: n/a


01. This Time Around 03:20
02. Coming Apart 02:35
03. This Time Around (Acoustic) 03:01
04. Shine Some Light (Acoustic) 02:34

Limited edition EP. Featuring the new single and video song
"This Time Around", from the Bombshell Rocks comeback album
"Generation Tranquilized." Also includes the unreleased
album-session song "Coming Apart" and two acoustic songs
"This Time Around" and "Shine Some Light."
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