Trailer Limon “Special Dedication: The B​-​Sides”

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star slinger gotta fit in this section quite well:
Teams vs. Star Slinger - Teams vs. Star Slinger EP (2011)
Star Slinger - Rogue Cho Pa EP (2011)

groovy shite!

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BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble - Captain Coolout
Cohoba - Space Love
Fitz Ambro$e - Bo$$Yaght
Ghost Mutt - Wizards Sleeve
Mndsgn - 254


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royalty - royalty plz!
такая тема прикольная нарисовалась) приятно) thumb.gif

этот бит настолько хорош, что я даже хотел зажать и не заливать...

Tall Black Guy - She Too Nice
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тема православного нестареющего папы данной темы.
при моральной поддержке mr.solid
Soul Clap - EFUNK - the mixtape

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Label: Double Standard
Format: CD, Compilation, Mixed, Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic, Funk
Style: Synth Funk
Quality: MP3 320 CBR
Size: 192 MB

1.Everybody's Freaky Under Natures Kingdom" (feat Space Freak aka The E-Stinka)
2.Paul WHite - "Hustle" (Bullion remix)
3.Genevan Heathen Got The Efunk Blues"
4.Soul Clap - "Funk Sex"
5.Gadi & The Clap - "Beautiful Thang"
6.Soul Clap - "Action Satisfaction"
7.Efunk - "In The Dark" (feat The Interplanetary Women)
8.The House Doctor"
9.Efunk - "Gangstaville"
10.Faze-O - "Riding High"
11.Too Much Snow White"
12.Midnight Star - "Operator"
13.Snoop Dogg - "Secrets" (feat Kokane)
14.Checker Cabb - "By My Side" (Efunk edit)
15.Bad Rabbits - "She's Bad" (Gadi & The Clap's Efunk mix)
16.Soul Clap - "Extravaganza"
17.DJ Dreddy - "Body Kiss"
18.2000f & J Kamata - "You Don't Know What Love Is"
19.Everybody's Freaky Under Natures Kingdom" (feat Space Freak aka The E-Stinka - part 2)
20.Efunk - "Low Ride"
21.Pieces Of A Dream - "Mt Airy Groove"
22.Schatrax - "I Love You More"
23.Daz Nazziz - "Daz Nazziz"
24.Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos - "G Thangs"
25.Gotta Find A Way"
26.Without Music"
27.Just One Night - "Feel So Good"
28.Le Clap - "Efunk Anthem"
29.Get Low (Incoming Bitch!)"
30.Soul Clap - "3 Wheel E-Motion"
31.Zapp - "Computer Love"
32.Slick Rick - "Teenage Love"
33.Boozoo Bajou - "Sign" (Dagger DX remix)
34.DJ Kon - "Kondino 1997"
35.Mary J Blige - "Be With You"
36.Who Am The Efunk Worm?"
37.Miles Davis - "Mystery" (Efunk edit)
38.Soul Clap - "Noneadat White Star" (feat G-Titty)
39.Dam Funk - "Hood Pass Intact"
40.First Love - "Party Lights" (Liquid Pegasus edit)
41.Megadon - "He Can't Love You"
42.Sect - "Sectsy"
43.Dam Funk - "Searchin' For Funk's Nature"
44.Efunk - "Mothership Freeup"
45.Fritz & Chop's Parental Advisory"

Exclusive alert! Our friends the mighty Soul Clap stopped by the shop & hooked us up with this stellar mixtape featuring 45 tracks of well known bangers, edits & exclusive cuts (Of which 10 tracks from the mix have been recorded). As the guys themselves say - "Almost every year since we started going to WMC 9 years ago we've created a special mix to showcase the current sound of Soul Clap. We usually make some simple cover art, do about 100 copies and give them to new friends and old, but then came 2010. With a release scheduled on Crosstown Rebels and our two biggest gigs at WMC we decided it was time to take it to the next level and put together a 45 track mix, complete with full cover art and chock full of exclusive tracks, edits and drops from some of our closest homies which just may include some major names in techno" - Say no more!! Do not sleep on this one, the tracklist is nuts! Tracks from Gadi, Soul Clap & Schatrax rub shoulders with cuts from Faze-O, Dam Funk & Zapp!! Limited as! (CD comes in Plastic Sleeve with full artwork & tracklist)

MP3 320 CBR




wicked sick'n'cheap tunes out now

Museum Of Future Sound 3

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едемехе блокбастер
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Tom Noble & Whitemare - Liger Music - Volume 2‎

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1. Hottest - Really Love You Baby
2. Slimline - Get It Up
3. U Neak - Honey Baby
4. Tom Noble - Funk Mystikz
5. Marcel Evans - Will You Show Up
6. Jady Current - Standing There
7. Image - You're My Only Desire
8. Holt Bros. - Do What You Wanna Do
9. Tom Noble - Fun Company
10. Dwight Sykes & Jahari - Rock Steady
11. Schyl Perry - Intro
12. T.J. Hustler - Tell Me Why
13. Spontaneous Overthrow - Party
14. Ed n Sted - Under Consideration
15. Million Dollar Ecstasy - Greed
16. Ed n Sted - Between Righteousness
17. Al Smith & Ken Brown - Universal Love
18. Al Smith & Ken Brown - Love For Two
19. Otis G. Johnson - God Love

MP3 320 CBR




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