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Box Codax - Only An Orchard Away

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Alexander Ragnew and Nick McCarthy have been together in their woodside studios finishing the debut Box Codax album 'Only An Orchard Away' which is released August 7th.
With a whole host of influences, mostly long forgotten musical styles, Box Codax have created a strange form of antiquated elctronic music.
damn, heard about it just today, but now I see its down since a long time smile.gif

if anyone feels right, I would be glad to see that piece of music up again.
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может у кого другого есть.
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Box Codax - Only An Orchard Away (2006)

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VBR kbsp, 28,9 mb

1. Pollockshields Girls
2. Dogs to the Beaches
3. I swam with the Otter
4. Naked Smile
5. Like a Rock
6. Do it with Charm
7. Rat Boy
8. Missed her Kiss
9. Unemotional Man
10. The Game
11. Red Wine in Tunis

Гитарист Franz Ferdinand выпустит сольный альбом
Ник Маккарти объявил о выпуске второго диска своего сайд-проекта Box Codax. Пластинка коллектива, получившая название Hellabuster, поступит в продажу 9 мая. Помимо Маккарти в состав Box Codax входят его жена Мануэла Гернедель и немецкий поэт Алекс Рагнев.
Box Codax / Hellabuster / GOMMA151CD / 2011
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ARTiST: Box Codax
TiTLE: Hellabuster
GENRE: Alternative
LABEL: Gomma
ENCODER: Lame 3.98.4
YEAR: 2011
QUALiTY: vbr 248kbps
MODE: Joint-Stereo
PLAYTIME[ 49:19 min
REL.DATE[ 05.14.2011
SiZE: 87,6 MB

T R A C K L i S T

01 Hellabuster 04:11
02 Seven Silvers 04:45
03 Radical Plains 03:10
04 Choco Pudding 02:48
05 Pour Moi 04:02
06 I Won't Come Back 03:08
07 Charade 03:12
08 Nothing More Than Anything 04:32
09 Sandy Moffat 03:05
10 Inanimate Inamorato 04:12
11 My Room 04:21
12 No Trains 03:57
13 Dawning 03:56

TOTAL: 49:19


2nd great album of Franz Ferdinand's Nick
McCarthy solo project including 13 brilliant
Alt-Pop songs. Mixed & produced by Mike Fraser
(!), Metronomy, Munk, Telonius & Box Codax !
Few who heard their first record would have
expected this loose outfit that convenes in
the ultra-rare and highly irregular gaps
between Franz Ferdinand's activities to
outgrow the limited ambitions of a side
project, let alone to create such a glittering
ball of sheer pop invention as their second
album Hellabuster. Large chunks of Hellabuster
where produced in Nick and Manuela's former
hometown Glasgow, where the many talents of
Pabs Debussy aka Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul
Thomson were in easy reach. Pabs provided
beats and programming on Seven Silvers, I
Won't Come Back, Hellabuster and Nothing More
Than Anything. More recording on the latter
three numbers as well as Sandy Moffat and
Choco Pudding was done at Joseph Mount of
Metronomy's home studio. Jonas Imbery and
Mathias Modica from Munich-based label Gomma
Records had their hands in Seven Silvers and
Pour Moi, while for the songs that required an
extra dose of rock (Hellabuster, I Won't Come
Back) none other than AC/DC's long-serving
engineer Mike Fraser took control of the
mixing desk. For each of the songs on
Hellabuster a video will be made by one of the
band's many artistically inclined friends.

njoy! teeth.gif
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Box Codax - Inanimate Inamorato (2011)

Box Codax - My Room (2011)

Box Codax - Seven Silvers (2011)

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