Amphetamine Virus / Syphilis Sauna - Skullrot
Label: Reactionary
Catalog#: React:03
Format: CDr, Mini
Country: US
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise, Drum n Bass, Breakcore
Bitrate: V2(VBR)

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01. Amphetamine Virus - Fuck All Yall
02. Amphetamine Virus - Fuck All Yall (With A Pointy Stick Mix By Syphilis Sauna)
03. Syphilis Sauna - Harshluv
04. Syphilis Sauna - Harshluv (Yan Yan's All Up In Yo Glitch Mix By Amphetamine Virus)
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Big up, tuff respect, thx!)))
Baseck - Dodelijk In Detroit
Label: Self-Released
Catalog#: none
Format: CDr, Limited Edition, Mixed, Promo
Country: US
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Breakcore
Notes: Extremly limited CDr release.
Comes with a unique single-eyeslit mask. Semi-ski mask style, but made with a light-weight fabric.

1. Dodelijk In Detroit (52:13)


unfortunately this is all the info i found about this release. no tracklist...
Maruosa Vs. Doddodo есть у кого?

Желательно во .flac
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Various - Savage Lands

Label: Coreline Media Projects
Catalog#: CORELINE001
Format: CD, Split, Cardsleeve
Country: UK
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Rhythmic Noise, Breakcore
Credits: Artwork By - D. Walker
Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote) Rate It
Submitted by: interbreeding

1. Hypnoskull 23 Inches Of Steel (Tribekillah Mix) (3:20)
2. Hypnoskull Slashkore Of Death (5:36)
3. Hypnoskull Urban Tribe Killah (4:08)
4. Hypnoskull Breakwars (The Boss Remix) (4:01)
5. Hypnoskull Fuck You, And Fuck Your Moral (3:13)
6. Caustic Tweak To This (3:27)
7. Caustic You Fuck Jailbait (Feat. Experiment Haywire) (4:07)
8. Caustic Making The Law (3:35)
9. Caustic Bad Juju (4:09)
10. Coreline Four Times In 15 Years (4:33)
11. Coreline They Shall Have No Peace (4:32)
12. Coreline Hello Yorkshire (6:02)
13. Coreline We Are Nameless (4:10)
14. PCP Principle Stalker (5:07)
15. PCP Principle Hate Text (5:45)
16. PCP Principle Cold.Alone.Afraid.Dead.(08) (4:36)
17. PCP Principle Epilogue (4:45)



Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good
Label: Sociopath Recordings
Catalog#: SRmp3 065
Format: mp3
Released: 2008.3.03.
Bitrate: 192 kb/s
Style: Chiptune, Breakcore

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01. Dirt Don't Hurt
02. Boo
03. Vaudeville Horror
04. Red Sheets, White Lies
05. Level Skip
06. Sunday Morning on Mars
07. Smartass
08. Life
09. Electronic Music is Still a Joke
10. Jamais Deux
11. A Quick Death
12. Forty Thousand Feet High
13. 2-9
14. Farewell, My Little Basquiat.
15. Stupor


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Various - Ministry Of Shit

Label: Spasticated Records Australia
Catalog#: SPAS003
Format: CD
Country: Australia
Released: Jun 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakcore

01. Mark N - I Love Faeces
02. DSP Wanker - Lost In Glottal Stops
03. Knifehandchop & Kevin Blechdom - Superstars
04. skkatter - Please Take My Head Out Of This Bucket Of Ice
05. Wobbly - Let Me Know
06. Ascdi - Splatisfaction
07. AC/3P - Oi!
08. Girl Talk - Lets Run This
09. Toecutter - Shit On Me
10. Dsico - I R*cked Britney (Moonwalk Style)
11. 7u? - Premature Dementia
12. Manny Phalanxx - Hear Me Roar (Where's The Fukkin' Cheese)
13. Animal - Liberty Re^x (seXy SpOt Mix)
14. Curse of the SmallCock - Untitled
15. Trotters - Ice Ice Bacon



thanx goes to GogiM @
Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good
ШИК есть ченить еще ?
Hey, yo, can yo' give me a break I'm just going
to roll another spliff, haha
Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good

неплохо rolleyes.gif
Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good

хрень какая-то..
не в обиду запостившему
Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good

Sociopath Recordings
с сайта этого лейбла можно все релизы качать..

ШИК есть ченить еще ?

срочно надо какие нибудь релизы!! помогите пожалуйста!!
отличный 8-битный breakcore
друзья, есть ли у кого Krumble - Ghost Town / Angel City? unsure.gif
Why did the lion get lost? Because the jungle is massive
i subscribe to whatever rare_hunter said. + if anyone has any Znootpoch releases please upload them. ph34r.gif
Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good невротно круто smile.gif

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