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Aguilas and Cobras (2009)
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Label: Six Degrees, # SDR1162
Quality: VBR ~200 kbps
Link: multiupload | i
01) Con el Cuete
02) Ayer y Hoy
03) Aguilas and Cobras
04) Tell Her She's Lovely
05) Framed by Death
06) Another Fire
07) Olvidalo
08) Flea (Interlude)
09) Slinky
10) Pole Position
11) Family Show
12) C 130
13) Chanclas de Ninja
14) Nawlins
15) S.F.L.A. - Con el Cuete (Reprise)

Adrian Quesada is a busy man. When he’s not performing psychedelic salsa jams with Grammy-nominated Austin outfit Grupo Fantasma or playing backing-guitar for Prince (yes, the artist once again known as Prince), he and his fellow Fantasma-mates are bringing the Latin-funk with critically-acclaimed Brownout and the more laidback but no-less-funky Ocote Soul Sounds. The new Brownout record, Aguilas and Cobras (Eagles & Cobras) features their trademark "hardcore latin funk" coupled with generous amounts of psychedelic experimentation and anchored by driving latin percussion and lots of electric guitar interplay. This crew of musicians has deftly avoided the "retro" and "revival" tags with pride, never falling into generic coоkie-cutter funk mold. Aguilas and Cobras continues to carry the afro-latin funk torch into the future by creating fresh grooves which are timeless, honest and filled with their own unique vibe... more info

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Brownout - Homenaje (2008)

mp3 256kbps | 82 MB | 46:12 min
This predominantly instrumental side project of Austin's Grupo Fantasma ratchets up the funk and adds an occasional cool, dreamy edge to make the tongue-in-cheekily named Latin collective Brownout nearly as irresistible as their more established musical relative. The eight-piece features a three-man horn section that brings jazzy spice to the already sizzling salsa-funk mix. Things start out promisingly with the sensual "Brown Wind and Fire," which sounds like the soundtrack to a love scene of a '70s blaxploitation flick, but lays the foundation of what follows. The filmic quality of this music stays intact as the album progresses yet the intensity increases, peaking with a version of Manu Dibango's "African Battle" that explodes with Afro-Cuban percussion and the horn section tearing into the melody with passion, heat, and -- like the rest of the disc -- sharp arrangements. Santana references are unavoidable, but this is more authentic and less guitar-centric, with greater emphasis on a group dynamic. These guys are obviously having a blast playing music they clearly love and the feeling is contagious, as on the closing "Chafa Khan Artistry," a jam that captures all the excitement and collaborative joy of nailing a groove for the fun of it. All selections but the Dibango track are originals and share the '70s undercurrent, even though there is little self-consciously retro about Brownout's approach. But since the album's title translates to "homage," the group evidently intends to pay tribute to its influences. A few smoky, ominous tunes such as the psychedelic wah-wah guitar-based "They Don't Know," one of the disc's only tracks featuring vocals, and the crawling "You Already Are" alter the vibrant mood, but basically this is an upbeat party that cranks the percussion and horns for a joyous eruption of Latin jazz-funk played with chops and crackling enthusiasm. It's every bit as vital as Grupo Fantasma and one of the few instances where a band's offshoot registers with just as much creativity and invention as the original outfit. -- AMG

01. Brown Wind And Fire
02. Homenaje
03. Laredo 77
04. African Battle
05. Con El Brownout No Se Juega
06. Latin Asscape
07. Barretta
08. Chema's Contraband
09. They Don't Know
10. The Sexican
11. El Narco
12. You Already Are
13. Chafa Kahn


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Brownout - Aguilas and Cobras (2009)

mp3 VBR~202kpbs | 73MB | 54:15 min.
Before forming the Latin rock/salsa band Grupo Fantasma, guitarists Adrian Quesada and Beto Martinez, bassist Greg Gonzalez, trumpeter Gilbert Elorreaga, sax player Josh Levy, trombonist Leo Gauna, drummer Johnny Lopez, and conguero Matthew "Sweet Lou" Holmes were in all in an Austin, TX, funk band called the Blimp. In 2003, shortly before Grupo's Movimiento Popular came out, Quesada suggested starting up a funk outfit again, mostly with the intention of simply playing covers and having fun. Culling inspiration from groups like Santana, Earth, Wind & Fire, and P-Funk, and calling themselves Brownout, the octet members realized they sounded good enough to release a 7" in 2005 on England's Freestyle Records, a single that ended up doing so well -- and garnering so many follow-up requests -- that soon a 12" was issued too. This was all enough to convince the friends that Brownout should be a serious thing, and their full-length debut, Homenaje, was released in January 2008. That same year, Brownout won an Austin Music Award for Best Latin Contemporary Band (beating out themselves, as Grupo Fantasma, for the honor) and made appearances at the annual SXSW festival.

Brownout, the Austin, TX-based, largely instrumental alter ego of Grupo Fantasma, gets deep into the Latin funk on this second full-length. While opening track "Con el Cuete" is reminiscent of Jorge Santana's group Malo in its mix of complex rhythms, punchy horns, and rock guitars, other tracks seem closer in spirit to bands like War and Mandrill, as well as '70s movie soundtracks. The only track that fails on the album's entire first half is "Tell Her She's Lovely," a drifting psychedelic love song that really seems out of place, and falls short of the group's capabilities. The majority of this album is funky as hell, instrumentally impressive (with solos fitting seamlessly into the grooves), and shifts through a variety of moods, from the cinematic drift of "C 130" to the keyboard-soaked almost-rock of "Slinky" and the high-speed cop-show energy of "Chanclas de Ninja." Aguilas and Cobras is an excellent Latin funk album that will quicken the hearts of fans of retro grooves -- basically, if Malo's debut and the Fania All-Stars' Latin-Soul-Rock are touchstones in your record collection, you're gonna love this. -- AMG

01 - Con el Cuete
02 - Ayer y Hoy
03 - Aguilas and Cobras
04 - Tell Her She's Lovely
05 - Framed by Death
06 - Another Fire
07 - Olvidalo
08 - The Flea (Interlude)
09 - Slinky
10 - Pole Position
11 - Family Show
12 - C 130
13 - Chancias de Ninja
14 - Nawlins
15 - S.F.L.A. - Con el Cuete (Reprise)


Brownout - Aguilas and Cobras (2009)
Sweet. Thanks
Brownout - Aguilas and Cobras: Remixed and Regrooved (2010)

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Funk, Hardcore, Latin | MP3 VBR V0 Kbps | 58:01 min | 103 MB
Label: Six Degrees | Release Date: December 7, 2010


01. Slinky (Tal M. Klein Remix) [05:21]
02. Olvidalo (J-Boogie Remix feat. Deuce Eclipse) [05:47]
03. Pole Position (Senor Oz Remix) [04:08]
04. Con El Cuete (Second Sky and Thomas Blondet Remix) [03:50]
05. Ayer Y Hoy (Ray Lugo Kokolo Remix) [03:22]
06. Chanclas De Ninja (Mexican Dubwiser Remix) [03:46]
07. Olvidalo (Jeremy Sole Remix) [05:02]
08. Aguilas And Cobras (Afrolicious Remix) [05:47]
09. Slinky (Anthony Mansfield Remix) [04:46]
10. Pole Position (Grant Phabao Remix) [06:18]
11. Slinky (CaZ Remix) [04:13]
12. Olvidalo (J-Boogie Drumapella Remix) [05:36]
Brownout oozy anyone???

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Artist : Brownout
Album : Flaximus
Label : Kept Records
Genre : Funk
Street Date : 2012-00-00
Lineage      : Music Hall USB-1
Quality : 247 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 16.55 MB
Time : 08:55 min
Url :


a1. Flaximus 4:03
b1. I Won't Lie 4:52



Brownout deliver a one-two punch of slick brass horns, fuzz-tinged guitars
and hypnotic rhythms, making this Kept Records release sound like it was
born in a sun-baked psychedelic desert.

“Flaximus” is a killer instrumental number that rumbles from hard hitting
Latin funk through to bottom heavy psych-rock, while on the flipside, “I
Won’t Lie” delivers a shot of ensemble vocals, with guitars loaded to the
gills and no nonsense percussion, creating a groove that is set to pull you
straight into the heat of the desert-psych-funk sounds of

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Brownout - Oozy (2012)

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Funk, Latin | MP3 CBR 320 kBit/s | 45:47 min | 104 MB
Label: Nat Geo Music | Released: April 23, 2012

01. Flaximus [04:02]
02. Stormy Weather [03:34]
03. Ando y Dando [04:06]
04. I Won't Lie [04:49]
05. Jpt [03:46]
06. Oozy [04:57]
07. Meter Beater [05:09]
08. What You Did [03:10]
09. Rub a Dub [04:42]
10. Fs1 [03:09]
11. Poor You [04:17]

Adrian Quesada, Beto Martinez (guitar);
Josh Levy (baritone saxophone);
Gilbert Elorreaga (trumpet);
Mark Gonzales (trombone);
John Speice (drums, bata, shekere);
Matthew "Sweet Lou" Holmes (congas).

Brownout - Homenaje (2008)

Перезалейте, пожалуйста, Homenaje, Aguilas and Cobras
Punk Rock In USSR ||
"Plus he only listens to pop punk which he claims is punk! And he has this 'I'm too cool for any other music' attitude but little does he know is that pop punk is for teenagers."
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Tracklisting :
A. Brownout - I Won't Lie (Grant Phabao Remix)
B. Brownout - Flaximus (Renegades Of Jazz Bboy Edit)

Label : Kept Records / Paris DJs

Only 300 copies pressed, 100 available in a strictly limited "Vinyl Is Good For You" boxset

5 days left only to grab this beauty !!

Listen to the digital single here :
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Artist : Brownout
Album : Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath
Year : 2014
Genre : Funk/Psychedelic Rock
Codec : LAME 3.99
Quality : mp3
Bitrate : 320K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
ID3-Tag : ID3v2.3
Hoster :


1. - The Wizard (feat. Alex Marreo) [4:34]
2. - Iron Man [3:59]
3. - N.I.B. (feat. Alex Marreo) [5:50]
4. - Black Sabbath [6:12]
5. - Hand of Doom (feat. Alex Maas) [7:44]
6. - Into the Void [6:28]
7. - Planet Caravan (feat. David Jimenz) [7:10]

Total Playing Time: 42:00
Total Size : 97,2 MB




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Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath WEB FLAC

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