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Brownswood Bubblers Six // Teaser
Brownswood Bubblers Six!!! WANTED_!

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TiTLE...[ Brownswood Bubblers Six
GENRE...[ Lo-Fi
LABEL...[ Brownswood
CAT-NO..[ 060DD
ENCODER.[ Lame 3.97
QUALiTY.[ 320kbps
MODE....[ Full Stereo
YEAR....[ 2010
REL.DATE[ 11.12.2010
SOURCE..[ WEB (320k)
PLAYTIME[ 64:44 min
TRACKS..[ 15
SiZE....[ 148,5 MB

T R A C K L i S T

01 Great Weekend - Let's Do It Again (Over & Over) 03:46
02 Raphael Gualazzi - Reality & Fantasy 04:51
(Gilles Peterson Remix)
03 Javelin - Intervales Theme 03:39
04 Grooveman Spot - Happy (feat. Kissy Asplund) 04:04
05 MdCL - Hope (feat Rahel) 05:01
06 Quadron - Average Fruit 04:28
07 Pursuit Grooves - Pressure 03:18
08 Elou Elan - Sunday Times 05:16
09 Half Seas Over - Here On The Plains 04:02
(Iambic Remix)
10 Nick Rosen - Ancestral Echoes 05:08
11 Taylor McFerrin - A Place In My Heart 04:55
(feat. RYAT)
12 Pedestrian - Hei Poa 05:11
13 Submotion Orchestra - Finest Hour (Planas Remix) 05:37
14 Gang Colours - No Clear Reason 03:43
15 Ghostpoet - Liiines (Demo Version) 01:45
TOTAL: 64:44

A nice little release from the Brownswood camp here, presenting the 6th in their increasingly influential and musically varied Bubblers series. Proceedings open with a killer contemporary disco funk bomb from Great Weekend, who will be familiar to fans of the Wurst imprint. "Let's Do It Again" is characterised by heavy sunshine synth action and some truly harmonious vocals, and sets the tone for the 14 tracks that follow. Brownswood boss Gilles Peterson delivers a rare remix, adding some vintage Herbert-esque clicks n cuts to Raphael Gualazzi more of this please Gilles! Elsewhere there's the brilliantly rickety snap of Javelin's "Intervales Theme" interspersed with bass heavy bumps like the Kissy Asplund featuring Grooveman Spot track and atmospheric future garage flex from acts like Pedestrian and Gang Colours. Another stellar chapter in the ongoing Brownswood story.

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Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Lefto And Simbad Present Worldwide Family Volume 1 [2CD]
Year Of Release: January 18, 2011
Label: Brownswood
Genre: Beat, Electronic
Quality: mp3 | Joint Stereo
Bitrate: VBR kbps | 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 01 h 52 min 40 sec
Total Size: 165.83 mb

01. Uphigh Collective feat. Delvis - Blend (Revised)
02. Damage Is Done - Meeting Point
03. Exile - Rake
04. Dela & The Headlesshunters - London Town
05. grooveman Spot - Take Back
06. Brassroots - Good Life
07. 74 Miles Away feat. AHU & Mile - Same Dream Again
08. I.N.T. - Raw Funk
09. Karlmarx - Mists
10. Onra - The Perfect Match
11. TOKiMONSTA - Park Walks
12. Trilogy - Automata

01. Airhead - Stilt Beetles
02. Illum Sphere - One For Dimlite
03. Steve Lynx & Hellrazor - I Don't Think So
04. Andreas Saag - Nobody Here
05. Greymatter & Klic - Thinking About You
06. Harrison Blakoldman - Full Speed!!!
07. Afrikan Sciences & Kebbi - 5 Spot
08. Ave Blaste & Cosmo Rodriguez - Glow In The Dark
09. Kemeticjust feat. Terrance Dow - I Got Life
10. Cooly G - Gritting
11. Zed Bias & Eddy Ramich - Lost Elevator
12. Seiji - The King
13. Kalbata - Silver Balls
14. KU BO - Twist Up
15. Chuck Maurice & Simbad - Summer Badness


VA / Lefto & Simbad Present Worldwide Family Volume 1 / BWOOD061CD / 2CD / 2010
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TiTLE: Lefto & Simbad Present Worldwide Famliy Volume 1
LABEL: Brownswood
ENCODER: Lame 3.97
YEAR: 2010
QUALiTY: vbr 198kbps
MODE: Joint-Stereo
PLAYTIME[ 112:55 min
REL.DATE[ 12.28.2010
SiZE: 162,0 MB

T R A C K L i S T ..


01 Uphigh Collective feat. Delvis - Blend -Revised- 04:06
02 Damage Is Done - Meeting Point 01:59
03 Exile - Rake 02:09
04 Dela & The Headlesshunters - London Town 04:23
05 grooveman Spot - Take Back 04:41
06 Brassroots - Good Life 03:55
07 74 Miles Away feat. AHU & Mile - Same Dream Again 04:01
08 I.N.T. - Raw Funk 04:08
09 Karlmarx - Mists 03:09
10 Onra - The Perfect Match 03:19
11 TOKiMONSTA - Park Walks 03:15
12 Trilogy - Automata 05:16


01 Airhead - Stilt Beetles 03:29
02 Illum Sphere - One For Dimlite 02:27
03 Steve Lynx & Hellrazor - I Don't Think So 03:34
04 Andreas Saag - Nobody Here 05:16
05 Greymatter & Klic - Thinking About You 05:04
06 Harrison Blakoldman - Full Speed!!! 02:32
07 Afrikan Sciences & Kebbi - 5 Spot 08:03
08 Ave Blaste & Cosmo Rodriguez - Glow In The Dark 05:07
09 Kemeticjust feat. Terrance Dow - I Got Life 06:17
10 Cooly G - Gritting 04:51
11 Zed Bias & Eddy Ramich - Lost Elevator 05:33
12 Seiji - The King 04:36
13 Kalbata - Silver Balls 03:03
14 KU BO - Twist Up 04:16
15 Chuck Maurice & Simbad - Summer Badness 04:26


R E L E A S E N O T E S ..

Kicking off 2011 in fine style, Worldwide
Family is a new series from Brownswood
Recordings that will see label head Gilles
Peterson hand over compiling duties to trusted
friends of the label in our perpetual pursuit
of the perfect beat. And who better to launch
this new venture into orbit than two of our
closest cohorts: Lefto and Simbad. Both gents
are globetrotting DJs, respected selectors
(with web-like worldwide connections) and the
two are firm friends. Whats more, they have
repped Brownswood from the beginning.
27 tracks deep, Worldwide Family Vol.1 sets
the bar sky high for future instalments.
Reaching out to their respective global
networks, Lefto and Simbad have each compiled
a stellar selection of exclusive jams that sum
up their individual and inimitable styles.
Tags: Hip-Hop Beats Soul Dubstep
Release/catalogue number: BWOOD061CD
Release date: Jan 3, 2011
Taking control of CD1 is our Belgian homie, DJ
/ producer / promoter / broadcaster Lefto.
Yes, its an odd moniker, but check this
Lefto is a nickname from his tagging days
lve tt which refers to his rep as an
early riser. And boy does it ring true! Lefto
is consistently a couple of steps ahead of
your average early adopter. He doesn't wait
for the next shit to land in his lap he
actively seeks it out. Just take a peek at his
playlists for Belgiums foremost national
radio station Studio Brussels. However, dont
assume that hes only working futuristic
angles no sir. Firmly rooted in jazz and
hip-hop, he sharpened his diggin sensibility
working at the now legendary Music Mania
record store in his hometown Brussels. Lefto
is forever moving forwards, but hes always
got one ear in the past. Famed for his
gloriously eclectic DJ sets, he skips
effortlessly between dope hip hop, funk
breaks, neck-snapping beats, future bass,
classic reggae, bruk riddims and some of that
wild bossa fire all with an easy flick of
the crossfader and a flurry of cuts.
Following up on CD2 is Simbad, a young French
DJ/producer whose deep set knowledge and
experience belies his years. Turning heads
with his debut album Supersonic Revelation
in 2008, he touched on retro soul, house and
hip-hop but still succeeded in twisting the
minds of the techno and electronica
communities worldwide. His DJ sets celebrate
the same approach carefully weaving those
strands together into one warm, groove-ridden
thread just check his mixes for FACT and
Brainfeeder. Practically nomadic, he is
constantly travelling between London, Tokyo,
New York and Puerto Rico to DJ and work with
like-minded souls such as Ron Trent, Robert
Owens, Gonzalez, Tony Allen, Bugz In The Attic
and Talvin Singh. Then there are his studio
collaborations alongside dance music legends
Zed Bias, Atjazz, Phil Asher and Karizma and a
fat back catalogue of remixes for such
prestigious labels as Freerange, Defected, Raw
Fusion and, of course, Brownswood.

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Ghostpoet "Carry Me Home" single + remixs, anyone? cheers
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Elan Mehler - Scheme For Thought
Label:Brownswood Recordings
Format:Vinyl, 12"
Genre:Electronic, Jazz
Style:Abstract, Future Jazz, Experimental

1 Scheme For Thought
2 Scheme For Thought (Daisuke Tanabe "His Scissors Mix")
3 Scheme For Thought (Daisuke Tanabe "Distance Mix")


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Genre ....... : House
Label ....... : Brownswood Recordings
Catnr ....... : BWOOD050DD

Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Duration .... : 00:12:06 (27.9MB)
Ripdate ..... : 24-01-2011
Store ....... :

Tracklist ... :

1. Cash And Carry Me Home (Alex Patchwork Remix) 4:21
2. Cash And Carry Me Home (Gang Colours Remix) 4:09
3. Cash And Carry Me Home 3:36

Release Notes
One of the latest signings to Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings is
Ghostpeot, the man from Coventry.

Delivering a mixture of UK Funky and Rap this could be HipHouse's formula for
2011. Great vibes.

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Ghostpoet – Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam
Label: Brownswood Recordings (BWOOD057DD)

1. One Twos Run Run Run 4:01
2. Us Against Whatever Ever 4:29
3. Finished I Aint 4:20
4. Longing For The Night (Yeah Pause) 3:48
5. I Just Dont Know 3:36
6. Survive It 4:23
7. Gaaasp 5:29
8. Cash And Carry Me Home 3:37
9. Garden Path 2:51
10. Liiines 4:50

Cant find Ghostpoet's topic (
finally, thx!

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Genre ....... : Electronic
Label ....... : Brownswood Recordings
Catnr ....... : BWOOD057DD

Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Duration .... : 00:41:24 (95.2MB)
Ripdate ..... : 04-02-2011
Store ....... :

Tracklist ... :

1. One Twos Run Run Run 4:01
2. Us Against Whatever Ever 4:29
3. Finished I Ain't 4:20
4. Longing For The Night ( Yeah Pause) 3:48
5. I Just Don't Know 3:36
6. Survive It 4:23
7. Gaaasp 5:29
8. Cash And Carry Me Home 3:37
9. Garden Path 2:51
10.Liiines 4:50

Release Notes
Rarely does a British debut album forge such a fully formed, genuinely unique
direction that attempts to slot it into established scenes prove almost entirely
fruitless. But Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam, the full-length bow of
late-20s wisdom dispenser/producer Obaro 'Ghostpoet' Ejimiwe, achieves such a
feat. You probably have to go back to Original Pirate Material, in fact, for
similar impact.

Dubbing himself "a lad with a lisp with some stories to tell", the truth is a
mite more complex, as hinted by the record's tricksy, somewhat over-self-aware
title. His recent relocation from Coventry to London will doubtless ensure
plentiful parallels with famed West Midlands to Big Smoke migrant Mike Skinner.
But while sharing a knack for anxious streams of consciousness peppered with
endearing everyday Brit culture references, Ejimiwe's subtleties outstrip The

Anybody who's had the misfortune to visit Coventry will agree the city is
sufficiently depressing to breed levels of urban dread last equalled in Tricky's
heyday. From stuttering, held-together-with-Sellotape-and-elastic-bands intro
Onetwos onward, Ejimiwe's sleepy delivery owes little to any other UK rhymers,
however, despite an air of a bedsit Roots Manuva, eyebrow-cocked
self-deprecation and all. It's a fact he notes himself on I Just Don't Know,
declaring "Other MCs want to talk about crime / But that ain't me..." before an
off-kilter chorus that catches you so off-guard that gleefully humming along is
the only logical response.

The album builds to a fascinating climax, the whisky-fuelled Cash and Carry Me
Home succinctly encapsulating all the hungover loathing and creeping worry that
follow an out-of-control drinking session, while Liiines is truly
spirit-elevating with its "Life is too short to store up grudges" refrain.
During the latter Ejimiwe complains that "I keep on writing, writing / But them
folk ain't biting, biting". Such indifference, though, is about to change.

Hipster-hating hip hop aficionados may take one look at Ejimiwe and run a mile.
Don't be dissuaded by his fashionable hat and spectacles: Peanut Butter Blues
and Melancholy Jam throws its headgear into the ring as an early contender for
2011's finest out-of-leftfield long-players.


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