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Bruno Spoerri started out playing saxophone in many local jazz groups from duo to big band, arranging and composing for different groups and the Radio Bigband before switching in 1964 to a career as sound recordist and staff composer for a Swiss film production.
Spoerri has composed film music for feature films, many short films, documentaries and over 500 commercials including embryonic pre-Nintendo sprite-themes for the Germanic equivalents of It’s A Knock Out and various Takeshi’s Castle style fantasy sporting events - as well as educational robot sex films and art school cinematic anomalies.
In addition he has worked with members of legendary Krautrockers CAN, composed music for engineering companies and made motivational music for industrial sites and factories utilising concrete techniques, primitive sampling techniques and contemporary experimental psych-rock and funk musicians.

Bruno Spoerri - Glückskugel (2006)
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Funky electronic sound library genius from Bruno Spoerri -- a Swiss 70s composer who cut some incredible work for obscure industrial sources! Bruno's music is heavy on analogue electronics -- sometimes used sparely and spacily, but other times in a very rhythmic fashion that's strongly in keeping with the machines, products, and processes his tunes were used to promote! And apart from one great reissue 45 years back on Jazzman, most of Bruno's work has never been heard (at least consciously) by a larger audience -- and this excellent LP marks the first time that most of these tunes have ever been made available to the public at large! As with other titles on the Finders Keepers label, there's a mania here that runs through the entire set -- a "something's different" sort of feel that really makes the record an instant treasure -- yet one with enough of a groove to also appeal to those who dug the funk on Bruno's Jazzman 45! Titles include "Lilith Singing In The Dark", "Soft Art Theme", "Lilith The Dance", "Les Electroniciens", "Oederlin", "Gluckskugel Title", "Drillin", "Lilith On The Way" and "Wer Gwunnt". (Limited Edition.)  © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

Label: Finders Keepers Records
Catalog#: FKR006CD
Format: CD
Country: Europe
Released: 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Krautrock, Musique Concrète


01. Glückskugel - Title (1:07)
02. Glückskugel - The Race (2:20)
03. Oederlin (4:08)
04. Les Electroniciens (4:36)
05. Soft Art Theme (4:37)
06. Lilith - Singing In The Dark (1:48)
07. Lilith - The Dance (4:32)
08. Lilith - On The Way (3:26)
09. Drillin' (3:18)
10. Wer Gwünnt? (Who Wins?) (1:50)

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Bruno Spoerri - Iischalte (Switched-on Switzerland) (1974)
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All tracks being covers or variations of traditional music from Switzerland...

Label: CBS
Catalog#: S 80418
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1974
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Electro


01. Steiner Chilbi
02. Le Ranz des Vaches
03. Stägeli Uf, Stägeli Ab
04. D'Aeschlemer
05. Dr Rhythmus-Jodel (für d'Bea)
06. Frohes Wiedersehn
07. Schäfli-Schottisch
08. Echo vom Brünig - Bim Edi z'Brienz
09. Riemestalder Chilbi
10. Canzoni Ticinese
11. O Läck Du Mir
12. La Fanfare du Printemps

Bruno Spoerri - Voice Of Taurus (1978)
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Thanks to a variety of electronic instruments from the pre-digital era and with the support of drummer Walter Keiser and Curt Treier, Bruno Spoerri generated the ingenious and epochal work “Voice Of Taurus”. Humorous synthesizer parts weave themselves into cosmic disco sounds, yet they are not completely disco. Inevitably, some cinematic sequences emerge again and again, backed by a space jazzy background. This is a milestone for the Swiss electronic music.

Label: Gold Records
Catalog#: 11 061
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Switzerland
Released: 1978
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Krautrock, Prog Rock
Credits: Drums - Curt Treier, Walter Keiser
Producer - Bruno Spoerri


01. Hymn Of Taurus
02. Galactic Acid
03. Saucers Of Montreux
04. Hallo World
05. Meditation
06. Space Cantata
07. Cosmotoxology
08. Saxellite
09. Quiet High

Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri - Toy Planet (1981)
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Can dissembled in the late 70s, with its members pursuing various solo projects. Keyboardist Irmin Schmidt's first solo endeavor was teaming up with Swiss composer and saxophonist Bruno Spoerri. Their resulting album, Toy Planet, is a quirky effort mixing stripped-down, accessible tracks with more experimental ambient landscapes.

Label: Spoon Records
Catalog#: SPOON 011
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 1981
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient


01. The Seven Game
02. Toy Planet
03. Two Dolphins Go Dancing
04. Yom Tov
05. Springlight Rite
06. Rapido De Noir
07. When The Waters Came To Life
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ron ept eftone Bruno Spoerri - Glückskugel (2006)
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Bruno Spoerri - Teddy Bär / Lilith (2013) CACHE05
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Teddy Bär
01. The Award
02. The Silliest Tune
03. Brief Encounter
04. Smalltalk
05. Arrest Of Groucho
06. Baby Baby
07. Sweet Smell Of Success
08. Too Much Smell
09. Silliest Tune (Vocal Version)
10. Big Reception
11. Reanimation Of A Filmmaker

12. Singing In The Dark
13. Winding Down
14. Strange Sounds
15. The Dance
16. Singing In The Closet
17. Seduction
18. Prepare For The Show
19. Walking
20. Train
21. Going To Work
22. Fanfare
23. On The Way


A set of gloriously eccentric cues recorded by electronic jazz visionary Bruno Spoerri for

Kurt Aeschbacher's experimental film Lilith (1978) and Rolf Lyssy's comedy Teddy Bar (1983).
Exploring quirkier, more varied territory than last year's Dead-Cert excavation, AX+BY+CZ+D=o,
the two scores featured here will particularly delight fans of Gluckskugel, the 2007 Finders Keepers
comp that first brought the Swiss composer to the attention of us mere mortals. Musically-speaking,
the only rule is that there are no rules: concrete tape experiments are woven into and out of
traditional song-structures, vocals are strafed with industrial field recordings, and Spoerri uses
his favoured Lyricon wind synth and arsenal of specially customised modular synths to generate
sounds by turns soothingly pastoral and chillingly alien. Highlights come in the stacked space-funk
of 'Baby Baby' and 'Smalltalk', the blowsy synth-blues of 'Arrest Of Groucho', the eldritch folk-jazz of
'Too Much Smell' and the Mos Eisley slap-grooves of 'Big Reception', while unsettling dronescapes and
treated vocal incantations like 'Strange Sounds' and 'Singing In The Dark' pursue an altogether darker
muse. The music for Lilith has never been released before, and the music for Teddy Bar, remastered
for this release with the addition of a bonus track, is unspeakably rare - need we say more?

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