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Captain Ahab is an electropop duo based in Los Angeles, California. They refer to their sound, a DIY take on dance music, as ravesploitation. The band is made up of Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson. A typical Captain Ahab live performance consists of playback of recorded beats from a computer and vigorous singing by both members of the band. While performing, members of Captain Ahab are usually partially undressed, covered in sweat, and constantly forcing themselves into physical contact with members of the audience. While their lyrics are satirically misogynistic, their live performance is thoroughly homoerotic.



Captain Ahab

After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams

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Label: Deathbomb Arc, Ravesploitative
Format: mp3
Country: US
Released: apr 2006
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Non-Music, Pop
Style: House, Synth-pop, Happy Hardcore
Bitrate: 192-225 kbps
Size: 105 mb


1 The Power Motherfucker
2 Ride
3 Girls Gone Wild
4 Where My Dogs At?
5 I Can’t Wait For Summer
6 Malibu Beach Party
7 Firstime
8 Motivation!
9 Old Like You
10 Partybaby
11 His Sexy Moves
12 Fuck Me
13 U Want Me
14 Secrets Of The Universe
15 While You Were Sleeping

Amazon's Product Description

After a half-decade of Captain Ahab destroying crowds in Los Angeles with their anything goes "no electronic genre left behind" style, there is a definitive release to bring the insanity home. High in concept, poor in taste, and drowning in a jrn highschool girl's dreams, After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams is an epic tale of rebellion. A rebellion completely lacking in nobility and morality about learning to shave your snatch, steal a man, and show off your light-up sneakers. Captain Ahab's music has been featured in films Snakes on a Plane & Wrong Turn 2 and the tv show The Office.



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Captain Ahab - After The Rain My Heart Still Dreams

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Artist : Captain Ahab
Album : The End Of Irony
Year : 2010
Genre : Electronic
Quality : LAME 3.98 (320kbps) / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Date : 06-04-2010
Playtime : 55:36 min
Size : 10 Track(s): 127.4MB
Source : WEB
Cat.Num : DBA090
Label : Deathbomb Arc


01. Acting Hard 5:15
02. The Calm Before the Sword 7:01
03. Death to False Techno 6:36
04. I Don't Have a Dick 7:37
05. Rock & Roll Positive 3:08
06. Feel Anymore 5:55
07. Kill Me 3:44
08. The Loneliest Man 6:17
09. With My Own Two Hands (Club Mix) 6:00
10. Was Love 4:03

Release Notes:


For far too long we have loved things in the name of "guilty pleasures." What
is, and what is not cool can be so fickle. To protect ourselves, we have
reinvented irony to serve as a silly suit of armor that says: "I'm just kidding
around, so don't get all judgy-pants on me." Of course, this type of behavior
just made accusations of hipster-ness fly off the handle. When it really comes
down to it though, we all know that having fun shouldn't be a crime. That is why
Captain Ahab has declared The End of Irony. In fact, that's what their fucking
new album is called! It's called The End of Irony.
Do you love Powermetal even though it is just for thirtysomething LARPers? Well,
good for you! Shout it to the sky! Do you like shaking your ass to some
Electro-Clash even though your neighbor scoffs because you forgot it's called
Nu-Rave now. Well fuck names! Do you want to cuddle in the morning sunlight to
some 70's Soft Rock, but your sweetie-pie thinks you're making fun of him/her?
Dude, making love is awesome, and sometimes being sappy isn't a bad thing!
Captain Ahab knows how you feel. They love all these criminalized sounds and
many more, and they combine them in a way that irony would never permit. There
is serious commitment going on here. Commitment to making epic songs that defy
expectation, trends, and any sort of cool-factor. But we're not talking about
some lazy mash-up album, here. They have composed these songs from scratch. The
album creates a meticulous and sweeping cosmology that would satisfy even the
headiest of 70's prog heshers. Captain Ahab is fucking committed to freeing your
soul! No short cuts on this album. Is that a live guitar player? Yeah, duh!
Every band has one of those. So what do you think of this live orchestra then?
How about this master sitar player flown out from India to play in a room next
to a guy with a modular synthesizer the size of the WOPR. These songs are the
real deal, passionate and unafraid. They're the result of Captain Ahab's
dedication to their audience. If you are ready to be set free, then your lucky
day has come. All you need to do is LISTEN!

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Просто офигенный альбом... но мои рекомендации слушать начинать с третьего трека... ну а там втянитесь...
Captain Ahab - The Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (2010)
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01 - Intro
02 - After the Party
03 - How 2 Party (Part 1)
04 - I Don’t Have a Dick
05 - The Litany of Captain Ahab
06 - How 2 Party (Part 2)
07 - The End of Irony
08 - I Can’t Wait for Summer
09 - Bossy
10 - U Want Me
11 - Yet Another Song About the Butthole
12 - Was Love
13 - Death to False Techno
14 - Old Like You
15 - The Best Political Party Ever
16 - I Can’t Believe It’s not Booty 2010
17 - There is Stuff
18 - Feel Anymore
19 - Comedy in Provo (bonus track)

Free Download (MP3, 320 kbps)

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