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Captain, We're Sinking
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Captain, We're Sinking
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if someone interested it's my band list of year'13
A compilation album! This is everything we have done between our first album "The Animals Are Out" and our second album "The Future is Cancelled". Including Ep's, demos, and acoustic recordings.
Captain, We're Sinking - Captain, We're Sinking (2015)

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01. Let's Play Kill All The Humans
02. The Ballad of Ichabod Crane
03. Manners Are Their Own Reward, Gentlemen
04. Foster Brothers
05. Doctors
06. Roar Responsibly
07. It's a Trap
08. Crushed By Milwaukee's Best
09. Swing Your Kami Sword
10. Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge
11. Judge
12. KMD
13. More Tequila, Less Joe
14. Roar Responsibly
15. I've Got My Eyes Set On You
16. Are Said Skill Enough To Pay The Bills?
17. Me Smash, You Die
18. Watch Me Dance, Bobby Dodd
19. A Bitter Divorce (Space Jam Session)
20. Milwaukee's (Acoustic)


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Artist.....: Captain, We're Sinking
Title......: The King of No Man
Genre......: Punk
Rip date...: 2017-06-22
Runtime....: 37:12
Tracks.....: 11
Size.......: 87m
Auality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
Encoder....: LAME


01. Trying Year 03:29
02. Books 03:40
03. Don't Show Bill 02:18
04. Cannonless 03:09
05. Smash 2 02:45
06. The Future Is Cancelled Pt. II 03:53
07. Hunting Trip 03:36
08. Water 03:02
09. Crow (Little Wounds) 03:14
10. Dance of Joy 03:54
11. The King of No Man 04:12

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Captain We’re Sinking – The King of No Man (2017)
Punk Rock, Pop Punk
FLAC, Tracks
243,6 MB
01. Trying Year
02. Books
03. Don’t Show Bill
04. Cannonless
05. Smash 2
06. The Future Is Cancelled Pt. II
07. Hunting Trip
08. Water
09. Crow (Little Wounds)
10. Dance of Joy
11. The King of No Man
Прекрасный альбом! Конкурент за топ-1 с флэтлайнерс у меня! thumb.gif
Hulloh, friends! I guess we gotta do this here and now. We are no longer a band. Bum Out City, USA. We had a great time, doh! We are still the best of friends and we aim to keep it that way. Probably about half the reason why we are no longer going to continue with this band. We can't thank YOU ALL enough for the support, kind words, shows, conversations, floors to sleep on, food to eat and general shenanigans! We are all continuing with music with each other and without. We're very happy with what we've done with these 10 plus years as Captain, We're Sinking, but it's time to stop.


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