Casino Royal

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ARTIST........: Casino Royal
TITLE.........: 36:45
LABEL.........: Mastermix
GENRE.........: Electronic
QUALITY:......: 204 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
RIP DATE......: 2009-04-22
RELEASE DATE..: 2009-04-20

01. Deluxe Casino Royal 2:29
02. I Cant Get Free 4:04
03. Dont Play With Me 3:09
04. Now That Im Blond 3:11
05. Another Sunday Morning 2:50
06. Why Cant We Go Away 3:37
07. Cold Morning 2:44
08. Vouz MAimes? 3:57
09. Electric Bambolina 3:29
10. Im Looking Back 5:26
11. Lonely Player 3:50

Total 38:46

Release Notes:

Debut record from this new band that comes from Figueira da Foz.
Casino Royal make some beautiful electronic / lounge music that brings us to the
007 imaginary (the name of the band is not just a coincidence).
Enjoy it and support one the revelation bands 2009 is bringing to our ears!



Академический вокал напрягает немного. А музыка хорошая.
как раз за это и понравились, очень напомнили Ilya
шикарнейший богатейший лаунджок thumb.gif
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А мне Pink Martini напомнили.Только Casino Royal поинтересней.Another Sunday Morning волшебная композишн.

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Nature's got me high and it's
I'm with this deep eternal
From death until rebirth

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Ohhh nice tunes, something cool to relax, thanks for the share

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Artist : The Casino Royal
Album : Dolce Vita
Genre : Lo-Fi
Source : CDDA
Label : Mole
Date : 00-00-2009
Encoder : LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
Quality : 201kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 15
Time : 53:22 min
Size : 77.30 MB

1 Deluxe Casino Royal 2:59
2 The Spy 3:12
3 I Can't get Free 4:06
4 Cold Morning 2:46
5 Another Sunday Morning 2:52
6 Electric Bambolina 3:31
7 Vouz Maimez 3:59
8 It's Allright 3:11
9 Don't Play With Me 3:11
10 Now That I'am Blond 3:13
11 Lonely Player 3:52
12 Mr Millionaire 3:20
13 Take The Wind 4:05
14 Why Can't We Go Away 3:39
15 I'am Looking Back 5:26

"Itґs night. A sea of lights in- and outside in the casino shine her the way
into the inside of the mighty building. With her skintight silk dress strolls
past in money, diamonds, cigar smell and men gazing at her ...."

Big orchestra, blower and groovy percussion-sounds combined with a clear women's
voice - this is "The Casino Royal". "The Casino Royal" was founded in Portugal
by producer Pedro Janela. After a longer search, he decided on the singer Marisa
Mena as firm "voice" for the still young band. The first album "Dolce Vita" was
completely produced and recorded at Master Mix Studios in Portugal. The band,
today consisting of Pedro Janela (production, keyboards), Marisa Mena (vocals),
Mauro Ribeiro (guitar), Ricardo Ribeiro (percussion), Miguel Duarte (bass) and
Filipa Cortes (violin), is influenced very strongly by the "Easy-Listening"
sound. The voice of Fado-singer Maria Mena, cheeky, sexy or melancholy, embodies
a breath of Hollywood in the 50s and 60s and brings this atmosphere also on
stage during the live gigs of "The Casino Royal".

Inspired from the "Dolce Vita", to the luxurious life in the casino in which
women and men are surrounded by money, luxury and hedonistic plays, the first
album is to be understood as a perfect soundtrack for such a scenario. The film
aesthetics and the soundtracks of the 60s and 70s had strong influence on the
album "Dolce Vita" also. The idea and the red thread of "The Casino Royal" is
the creation of a female character which is involved constantly in "Little
Plays". Whether power plays between men and women in "Now that I'm Blond" or own
play addiction in the casino are described in the lyrics of "The Casino Royal".

All songs from the album "Dolce Vita" are an epic, discribing presentation of
circumstances. Step by step the listener can experience the pleasure of an
outstanding Portuguese band.
Petrucha, это совсем другая тема.

А хотя и тут сойдёт. teeth.gif
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The Casino Royal / From Portugal With Love / MOLE105-2 / CD / 2012

The Casino Royal - From Portugal With Love
RLS DATE: 10.01.2012
LABEL: Mole Listening Pearls
URL: n/a
SiZE: 92,17 MB
TYPE: Album
QUALiTY: avg.kbps, 44,1kHz, Joint, LAME
TOTAL LENGHT: 51:44 min



01 intro (from portugal with love) 01:46
02 my moon 03:32
03 love you just you 04:00
04 gino ragazzo bravo 04:32
05 old toy 03:39
06 white shoes 03:46
07 tres letras apenas 03:50
08 you will give me that kiss 02:25
09 mon chri don't go (disco version) 04:22
10 casino west 03:12
11 mon chri don't go 04:16
12 ilusao virtual 04:39
13 femme fatale 03:43
14 giallo 04:02

njoy! teeth.gif
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