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Echoes From The Attic (2005) (EP)
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01. My Clothes Don't Fit Me No More
02. Goodbye The Sky
03. Play
04. The Airscrew Part 1
05. The Airscrew Part 2
06. One Million Whales


320 kbps


Mountain Tops Are Sometimes Closer to the Moon (2007)
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01. Flags
02. Too Late for a Porn Movie
03. Shift / Kill
04. One Million Whales
05. Clocks
06. Song for Alda
07. Our Longest Winter
08. Peter Star (My Father-in-Law’s Secret)
09. Farewell She Whispered


320 kbps


Here Dead We Lie (2010)
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01. Like Wolves
02. For The Fallen
03. Anthem For Doomed Youth
04. Four Lost Soldiers
05. The Departure
06. Fifty Years Under The Tent
07. No Prayers, No Bells, No Homeland
08. Death For Treason


320 kbps




Christophe Thys : guitars
Mike Colart: guitars
Gauthier Vilain: guitars, samples & voices
Pascal Thys: bass
Xavier Waerenburgh: drums & keyboards
Arnaud Bailly: sound engineer


"Founded in autumn 2004, cecilia::eyes, composed of Christophe Thys (guitars), Xavier Waerenburgh (drums and keyboards), Pascal Thys (bass guitar), Michael Colart (guitars) and Gauthier Vilain (guitars & samples), is a subtle mixture of instrumental and dark music, with a taste for slow and noisy tunes... Listening to cecilia::eyes, is above all being ready to penetrate the oneiric universe that it calls upon. Rather comparable universe, in its evolution and its emotions, to the one of Mono, Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Having itself gradually freed from its references, the group managed to give breadth to its instrumental music, which sometimes escapes from the rigid contours of post-rock and deals enough with the shoegazer scene of the Nineties (Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins,…), but with a sophisticated sound representative of the recent productions. It results in a majestic and mysterious unity, oscillating between melancholy and hope...A few months after the release of “Mountain tops are sometimes closer to the Moon”, cecilia::eyes welcomed the guitarist Gauthier Vilain who will complete the line up by reinforcing the character of the band and bringing a more personal touch (vocals, samples,…). After two years of composition, cecilia::eyes records its new album “HERE DEAD WE LIE” in winter 2009, in the studios of the label dEPOT214. This conceptual album creates its own post-romantic, dark and poetic universe, in the continuity of the previous one, with in backdrop the wounds caused during great world wars. Joel Grignard (Monsoon) is once again in charge of the coproduction while the mixing is entrusted to Rudy Coclet (Studios Caraïbes, Bxl). It will be out on April 16th, 2010...Very favorable reviews, an admission on the catalog of the « Program Rock » of the French community, and remarkable live shows at the sides of bands such as Apse, PGlost, iLiKETRAiNS, or A Silver Mount Zion and the Cranes, made cecilia::eyes a reference of the Belgian post rock catalog."

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2014 - Disappearance
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01. Bellflowers [8:22]
02. Lord Howe Rise [7:41]
03. Loreta [6:30]
04. Swallow the key [6:17]
05. Default Descent [9:35]
06. Isolated Shower [9:21]
07. Reign [6:38]


Reign прекрасен да и вообще весь альбом удался!
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Вконтакте|||Post-Rock,Shoegazing Fan...
один из лучших альбомов этого года, а в дискографии группы это определённо лучшая работа, к которой они очень последовательно пришли, развиваясь шаг за шагом с каждым новым альбомом - мне кажется, это очень легко услышать, прослушав их все последовательно - эта естественность в музыкальных идеях и мыслях всегда очень важна и очень хорошо слышна, именно из-за неё "Disappearance" так хорош!!!
Ого, спасибо! Вот это да! Ждал, как воздух, скорее слушать!
Мрачный, холодный построк. Слушать начал еще вчера и тридцати градусная жара сменилась тучами и грозой. Пошел дождь.
Бельгийцы молодцы выдали очень классный альбом. Может в топ-10 по итогам года вряд ли, но в целом не для раза прослушивания.
Сегодня прослушал еще раз. Мрачнота! Под дождик отлично!

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Artist..: Cecilia::Eyes
Album...: Disappearance
GENRE....: Rock
STYLE....: Post Rock
LABEL....: Depot 214
SCENE.....: 2015-02-01
BITRATE..: 245 kbps avg
STORE.....: 2014-05-12
ENCODER..: LAME 3.98.4 -V0
TRACKS....: 7
SIZE.....: 95.97MB
URL..: http://www.ceciliaeyes.be/


1 Bellflowers 8:23
2 Lord Howe Rise 7:41
3 Loreta 6:30
4 Swallow the Key 6:17
5 Default Descent 9:35
6 Isolated Shower 9:21
7 Reign 6:39

Total Playtime: 54:26

Today, it seems quite hard to find a really good underground post-rock band,
as post-rock is a genre that includes a number of bands that sound the same.
The structure of such bands’ songs seems to be settled as well: quiet part –
loud part – quiet part – loud part – quiet part – super loud part. No longer
are they letting the songs flow and allowing them to develop from a whistle
to a roaring thunder. Is it really that depressing? Is post-rock on its
downfall? Well, apparently, cecilia::eyes prove everything aforesaid wrong.
Their new album “Disappearance” is denying every bad thing I wrote about
post-rock before. This Belgian band consisting of Christophe Thys, Mike
Colart and Gauthier Vilain on guitars, Xavier Waerenburgh (currently replaced
by Nicolas Denis) on drums and keyboard, Pascal Thys on bass and Arnaud
Bailly as a sound engineer is a perfect example of a breath of fresh air in
creation of soundscapes.

To begin with, some time ago I became annoyed by some bands that are being
referred to as post-rock for their lack of innovation and repeating of
standards set by bigger bands like Explosions in the Sky or God Is An
Astronaut. I’m not saying that I don’t like EITS or GIAA, but listening to
loads of music that sound like them is surely not a pleasurable activity.
Cecilia::eyes are not this kind of band. Yes, they are instrumental, like
most post-rock bands, and they do use lots of effects and pedals (especially
delays!), like cliché post-rockers do, but they do it differently. Their goal
is not to overdo a delayed guitar plunking, but to increase the tension
slowly minute by minute. Therefore, structure of songs is one of the most
remarkable things that make this album special.

“Disappearance” contains seven compositions that can be compared to seven
rivers – they just flow. Just like rivers, they have the points in which we
can drift calmly with the mild current, but also the points when we are
overwhelmed by its power and have nothing to do but to give into it. Just
like in nature, the transition between these bipolar points is gradual and
smooth. We almost cannot feel the current of the sound as it slowly overtakes
us, allowing us to drown in harmonies. As the river consists of a single
stream, songs on “Disappearance” are usually based on one theme, to which
numerous tributaries are flowing in. There are no sudden transitions from
quiet to loud, instead, musical motives are slowly developed by adding more
and more sounds, until creating a dense wall of sound in the end. As for me,
such composition has a much bigger impact on the listener, as it requires
lots of focus and attention. In this way also, “Disappearance” can be
listened to in two ways: either as a background, filling the space, or with
full focus of the listener, which can get him into meditative altered states
and cut him away from reality. The album is significantly coherent which
increases its meditative qualities. Cecilia::eyes get their inspiration not
only from post-rock. Actually, you can hear more ambient, shoegaze and even
drone in their music. This eclecticism as well as skillful mixing of the
genres defines the album and its uniqueness among others.

Cecilia::eyes is an experienced band, functioning on the underground stage
since 2004. Therefore, their instrumentation is more sophisticated. They use
electronic sounds very keenly and very successfully. This is the backbone of
band’s spacious vibe, which can be compared to recent This Will Destroy You’s
sound on “Tunnel Blanket”. On the basis of electronic background, three
guitarists lay their tracks. Having three instruments of the same kind
creates a risk that some tracks might be unnecessarily added. Cecilia::eyes,
however, manage to use every guitar on record in a way that makes each of
them sound as an integral and necessary part of songs. The best example of
this, and also my top song on this record is “Loreta”. The rhythm section
fulfills its task perfectly, enveloping guitarists with a smooth, yet
decisive framing, and not allowing songs to fly away into space. Bass is very
minimal and limited only to necessary sounds (sometimes even a single sound
over the whole song like in “Swallow the Key”), however it does its job
properly. Drumming, being limited as well, corresponds to bass very well.
Each instrument used on the album has its place and is perfectly heard,
making a listener not miss any sound, which makes “Disappearance” a
masterpiece of production.

Being Cecilia::eyes’s fourth album, “Disappearance” is a proof that post-rock
can still be fresh, surprising and innovative. Cecilia::eyes avoided being
enclosed into post-rock clichés by experimenting with a number of similar
genres. “Disappearance” is packed with feelings: from anxiety to beauty, from
insecurity to enlightment. With this album cecilia::eyes present their
maturity as a band. “Disappearance” is another level of development of their
quite specific style. I can only hope that there will be more such levels in
the future.
The last time I heard from Cecilia::eyes, it was on the ‘here dead we lie’ LP,
released all the way back in 2010. Four long years have passed since that
wonderful record graced my desk and yet, as I predicted, it’s an album I’ve
been more than happy to return to time and again thanks to the varied and
intelligent music that lies within. A new album from the band, then, is
reason enough to celebrate and on ‘Disappearance’, Cecilia::eyes return with
seven more tracks of mysterious and engaging post rock.

Opening with the slow-burning, eight minute ‘Bellflowers’, Cecilia eyes
gently set the scene with layer after layer of shimmering guitar. It’s a
cinematic sound the band create, lurking somewhere between the soundtrack
work of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and Sigur Ros, and it benefits from a
rich, warm production job (courtesy of Joel Grignard) that allows the
achingly beautiful music to emerge from the speakers with the subtle clarity
it deserves. A band who prefer to do things in their own time frame or not at
all, Cecilia::eyes build the track, gradually introducing new layers into the
music until it becomes one huge pulsing canvas of sound that flashes with
intense light and emotion. It’s a wonderful way to start the album and it
sets the tone for the remainder of the record. ‘Lord Howe rise’ sees Xavier
Waerenburgh producing some beautifully understated percussive work that is
inventive yet unobtrusive as the rest of the band weave their web of sound
around the listener. The track builds nicely to a towering crescendo mired in
distortion, fading away only to build to an even grander conclusion before
collapsing towards the screaming guitars of ‘Loreta’, a track which comes on
like an amped-up Pink Floyd indulging in a collective ambient fantasy.
Opening with an ominous rumble of sub-bass, ‘Swallow the key’ is a dark,
slightly claustrophobic piece that throbs and creeps rather than soars and
provides some much-needed shade to the earlier track’s light.

One of the album’s longest tracks, ‘default descent’ is a ten minute
exploration of the psyche that takes in gently rippling guitars, drums that
pound in the deep with increasing levels of agitation and soaring riffs that
writhe and breathe as the band allow them increasingly free reign. ‘Isolated
shower’ is another lengthy piece that opens with a crackly sample and which
has the sort of somnambulant beat that powered early Mogwai remixes (think
‘kicking a dead pig’). It’s a mesmerising track that moves away from the
sonically dense soundscapes of its predecessor towards lighter pastures and
then extends its reach towards the sky as the band employ ever-expanding
riffs augmented by expansive leads swathed in reverb. The album’s final
track, ‘reign’, is a dense coda that sums up the album’s strengths and leaves
the listener haunted by the memory of the wonderful melodies contained

In my previous review I noted that in the years after Mogwai emerged,
post-rock became a crowded and rather bland genre. Cecilia::eyes avoid that
pitfall by building huge, emotive soundscapes that utilise familiar genre
tropes to tell a story that is all their own. The music is beautiful,
powerful and engaging and the album never once tests the patience or feels
overlong. Ultimately, ‘disappearance’ with its strong thematic device, dark,
mysterious artwork and sublime musicianship is an absolute treat that needs
to be heard to be believed. It may have taken the band four years, but the
wait was worth it, ‘disappearance’ is a stunning record.

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