2005 - The Inuit Sessions (EP)

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01. Act Appalled - 03:23
02. The Great Golden Baby - 04:13
03. Suspending Disbelief - 03:52
04. Handshakes At Sunrise (Demo) - 02:54

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2005 - Juturna

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01. Holding Someone's Hair Back
02. Act Appalled
03. Wish Resign
04. The Glorious Nosebleed
05. In Fear And Faith
06. The Great Golden Baby
07. Stop the Fuckin' Car
08. We're All Thieves
09. Oh, Hello
10. Always Getting What You Want
11. Meet Me In Montauk

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ALAC [narod]

2007 - On Letting Go

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ARTiST.... Circa Survive
TiTLE..... On Letting Go
LABEL..... Equal Vision Records
GENRE..... Rock
RiP.DATE.. 2011-09-10
STOREDATE. 2007-05-29
QUALiTY... 277 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo
TRACKS.... 12 / 45:29
SIZE...... 94.82 MB
RIPPER.... EAC Secure with LAME 3.98.4

1 Living Together 3:30
2 In The Morning And Amazing... 4:03
3 The Greatest Lie 3:42
4 The Difference Between Medicine And Poison 4:17
Is In The Dose
5 Mandala 3:23
6 Travel Hymn 3:12
7 Semi Constructive Criticism 3:22
8 Kicking Your Crosses Down 3:37
9 On Letting Go 4:03
10 Carry Us Away 3:20
11 Close Your Eyes To See 3:34
12 Your Friends Are Gone 5:26



so much for the 'tricky second album'. circa
survive laugh in its face, grabbing the gauntlet
with eagerness.

on letting go isn't just a strong follow-up to
juturna, it's a revelation. it's easily one of
the best albums of the year so far, a
sky-scraping realisation of circa survive's
talent and intelligence. beautiful, intense,
powerful - this is the sound of emo grown up and
old, wisdom accrued.

radiohead, muse, coheed and cambria, mew, the
mars volta - this record blends them all together
and emerges as an individual, borrowing bits of
prog and delicate indie and cranking up the
volume. former saosin vocalist anthony green
screeches high up in the register, set free like
never before, stretching for each note as though
his life depends on it. he's too passionate a
singer, too fired-up, to be called 'angelic', but
it's only the brooding, slashing riffs behind him
that keep his voice tethered to the earth.

circa survive's cover art again implies floating
through the air, and it's a perfect visualisation
of how you feel when listening to on letting go.
swept up into the clouds, racing over landscapes,
rocketing up, plunging down, hurled into
electrical storms.

structure is still prevalent, and songs like 'the
greatest lie' and 'the difference between
medicine and poison is in the dose' start easily
and then thunder into squealing choruses - this
is the sweetest pop, but with firecrackers
attached. the prog influence emerges more in
songs like 'kicking your crosses down' - which
flits between uncertain, eerie codas - but even
here there's a reassuring melody waiting around
the next corner.

if there's one complaint about on letting go, and
it's bloody hard to find one, the shrieking
combination of riffs and green's voice is utterly
unrelenting, which can get tiring and
headache-inducing, like a woodpecker bashing at
your temples. to that end, on letting go could
have been trimmed of a song or two, brought down
to ten tracks, and still triumphed. but heaven
knows which songs would go, because every single
one of them warrants repeated listens, secrets
crammed into every crevice.

in short, this is a masterpiece.

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2010 - Blue Sky Noise

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1. Strange Terrain
2. Get Out
3. Glass Arrows
4. I Felt Free
5. Imaginary Enemy
6. Through the Desert
7. Frozen Creek
8. Fever Dreams
9. Spirit of The Stairwell
10. The Longest Mile
11. Compendium
12. Dyed in the Wool
13. Get Out (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)
14. I Felt Free (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)
15. Dyed in the Wool (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)
16. Every Way (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)

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2010 - Appendage (EP)

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Artist: Circa Survive
Album: Appendage
Label: Atlantic Records
Playtime: 21:42 min
Genre: Rock
Rip date: 2010-12-01
Street date: 2010-11-30
Size: 31.89 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 190 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

"Appendage" is a follow-up to this year's "Blue Sky Noise". Some of these
songs are better than the album, really great stuff. Pick it up from the band
on tour or online.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Sleep Underground (Demo) ( 2:26)
02. Stare Like You'll Stay ( 4:38)
03. Everyway ( 4:17)
04. Backmask ( 5:31)
05. Lazarus ( 4:50)

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2012 - Violent Waves

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Исполнитель: Circa Survive
Альбом: Violent Waves
Год выхода: 2012
Страна: USA
Стиль: Alternative / Experimenal Rock / Indie
Формат: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps
Размер: 126 MБ
01. Birth of the Economic Hit Man (7:12)
02. Sharp Practice (4:11)
03. Suitcase (4:38)
04. The Lottery (4:44)
05. My Only Friend (5:53)
06. Phantasmagoria (4:13)
07. Think of Me When They Sound (4:38)
08. Brother Song (4:45)
09. Bird Sounds (3:48)
10. Blood from a Stone (3:58)
11. I'll Find a Way (7:18)

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@CBR 320 kbps [rusfolder]

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Circa Survive - 2014 - Descensus [V0]

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я. Диск

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ну фиг знает sad.gif
я хоть их и люблю, но ютурну и онлетингоу им не переплюнуть.
...David Can Still Beat Goliath...
Descensus {2014}
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1. Schema
2. Child of the Desert
3. Always Begin
4. Who Will Lie With Me Now
5. Only the Sun
6. Nesting Dolls
7. Quiet Down
8. Phantom
9. Sovereign Circles
10. Descensus



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- Release Info -

Artist: Circa Survive
Album: Descensus
Label: Sumerian
Playtime: 49:44 min
Genre: Rock
Rip date: 2014-11-21
Street date: 2014-11-25
Size: 101.42 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 269 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes -
At some point, it probably becomes fruitless to review new Circa Survive
records. The band are a model of sonic and psychic consistency, ever since
they brought us the explosive debut album Juturna in 2005 and through their
dabblings in psych-punk (2007s On Letting Go), 90s alt-rock (2010s Blue Sky
Noise) and expansive prog (2012s Violent Waves). It should come as no
surprise, then, that Circas fifth album, Descensus, falls in line as an
incredibly strong, innovative album in a catalog already littered with them.
In short: This shit rules.

Circa fans are among the most hardcore there are, whether it be because of
worshiping Anthony Greens otherworldly vocals, the gorgeous guitar interplay
of Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto or the lockstep-yet-off-kilter rhythm
section of Nick Beard and Steve Clifford. Those fans will find little fault in
Descensus 10 tracks (outside of the 54-second quasi-instrumental Who Will
Lie With Me Now, which feels like one of those weird sound experiments on
Christie Front Drives Stereo). You want a scorching barn-burner of an opening
track The chaotic, unrelenting Schema delivers in spades, with its first 10
seconds alone sounding like the perfect soundtrack to Armageddon. Like your
Circa a bit more playful and carnival-esque Look no further than the 5/4-time
Child Of The Desert, with Greens mild croon lulling the listener into a
false sense of security even as the instrumental begins to intensify until he
erupts with a devilishly powerful scream.

As a whole, Descensus feels much looser and organic than anything Circa have
done before, almost as if the band are finally comfortable in their own skin.
But instead of resting on their laurels, their shared comfort allows for a
previously undiscovered artistic progression; like on the gorgeously subdued
Phantom, a track driven by keyboards and soft brushstroke drumming, only
allowing for an occasional guitar line to enter the arena, to add unexpected
texture and nuance like Deftones covering Sade.

Nesting Dolls gets its narrative out of the way early, instead relying on a
monumental, Explosions In The Sky-esque buildup that, impressively, doesnt
detonate at its peak, choosing instead to level off after about four minutes
of a steady, emotionally resonant crescendo. When writing repetitive,
post-rock-influenced music, it can be considered the easy way out to insert
the rock out part at the endit takes a true artist to resolve it in a
less-expected (yet totally successful) way. Thats just one more piece of
evidence proving Circa Survive are far and away one of the best bands
operating today, and why Descensus is yet another gold star in a career
already full of them.

- Track List -

01. Schema ( 4:50)
02. Child of the Desert ( 4:50)
03. Always Begin ( 3:58)
04. Who Will Lie With Me Now ( 0:54)
05. Only the Sun ( 4:35)
06. Nesting Dolls ( 6:56)
07. Quiet Down ( 4:44)
08. Phantom ( 5:00)
09. Sovereign Circle ( 5:04)
10. Descensus ( 8:53)
отличный альбом - на уровне!
у тебя сердце с клыками
02. Child of the Desert ( 4:50)

бл*, я аж прослезился с этого трека. альбом крутейший! thumb.gif
пароль - мой никнейм. a password is my nickname.
Descensus - божественная песня! хотя альбом, скорее, не понравился)
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картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
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да, в подростковом возрасте наверное хорошо слушается.
из подобного меня завлекала банда DECODER, 3 года назад.

хотя, переслушал декодер, и сейчас вполне цепляет.
значит эта банда сама по себе не особо хороша.
Альбом не очень понравился. Только часть трэков. Вообще, имхо последние "Волны" и это слабее первых двух альбомов.
На концерте, кстати, играют первые два в основном. Шоу крутое, конечно же. До этого всегда видел их на фестивалях, а тут в клубе и немного прих..ел от увиденного.

Антоха, кстати, признался, что последние несколько лет героинил и употреблял всевозможное и вообще альбом чуть было не не вышел. Ибо на рихаб отправили парнишку. Но сейчас чист вроде Интервью
Фигасе! Думал, что он после первого альбома завязал... но тогда был кокаин, а сейчас колёса и вот уже до героина дошёл. Если, конечно, не ошибаюсь - почему-то такая инфа у меня в голове, а оригинальные интервью про запись Juturna не могу найти.
А я-то думал, что Грин весь классный, успешный музыкант, семьянин и все дела sad.gif никто не идеален.
Еще одно интервью

Новый альбом кроме синглов особо не впечатлил после нескольких прогонов. Может, под настроение не попал. Вернусь к нему как-нибудь.
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Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале
Открыл ещё одну песню - Sovereign Circle. При первых прослушиваниях альбома она прошла мимо. Но стоило включить отдельно от всех песен - и она раскрылась в полную силу.

На этом моменте произошёл перелом во мнении о песне:
Sovereign circle around the end delay
We live in servitude and can't forgive ourselves
We took the Antabuse, I feel nothing, who's to know?

Тот самый Antabuse

Классный гитарный звук и цепляющий переход после куплета - восторг! Это уже лучше, чем прошлый альбом teeth.gif

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Tanhx a lot biggrin.gif thumb.gif

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