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City Reverb are Chris Coco, Micky Bucherri, Nick Cornu, Adam Barry and Lew West. The band are poised to release their second single ‘City of Lights’. The track has been lifted from their debut album, ‘Lost City Folk’, which will be released on September 15th 2008.

Chris Coco’s main staple as a kid was New Order, Kraftwerk and Velvet Underground and this eclectic mix of music has been the foundation of his music making ever since, whether it be one half of the team who brought us cult Radio 1 show the Blue Room or producing seminal albums like ‘Next Wave’ which included collaboration with singer Nick Cave, author Iain Banks and actor Patrick Bergin. “For me ‘Lost City Folk’ is about being honest, OK I’m a DJ, a producer and processor of ther people’s work, but this time I’m doing something from the heart, making a record that I believe in about C21 life in my city,” explains Chris.

Micky Buccheri (vocals/ guitar/keyboards) is half Japanese, born in Tokyo and moved to London when he was two. “Moving so young to London I feel comfortable in both cities but strangely I don’t feel I completely belong in either.” After disillusionment studying art in Leeds, he moved to Brighton where he formed the Bare Skin Rugs – an Americana, soulful experience that got the attention of Coco when he was working on the Blue Room. Chris went on to invite Micky to sing on his critically acclaimed ‘Heavy Mellow’ album – the seeds of City Reverb were sown and Chris and Micky began writing.

Nick Cornu (guitar/Keyboards/anything else he can lay his hands on) studied guitar at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp, then went on to university to study studio physics and to ‘get into the sound’. “It was all a bit too much so I went to Sae Institute in Brussels which had just opened.” The trio set up various acoustic performances trying out new material, the addition of Adam Berry on bass and Lew West on drums completed the live experience….

….well almost. She One , social commentator and one of Britain’s finest street artists is the sixth and final member of City Reverb. Born in Hammersmith he was inspired by the mid 80’s DIY aesthetic of subway art. “I first saw graffiti on Malcolm McLaren’s Buffalo Gals. I was 14yrs old, living the post punk fallout, it was so exciting. For me audio and visual has always gone together. Each of City Reverb’s shows will be a different experience dictated by the space we’re playing in. I’m looking forward to the challenge of creating art in these spaces.”

Earlier this year the band released ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ a Limited Edition 7”. The single, which enjoyed key specialist play lead to City Reverb being booked up all summer at festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival, Green Man Festival and Camp Bestival which they’ve been transfixing every audience they play to ever since the hit the road.

‘City of Lights’, City Reverb’s evocative debut single will be released on September 1st, 2008. The band has selected such luminaries as the cosmic Prins Thomas and the subterranean tastemeister Trevor Loveys along with Reverso 68 , Dr. Strangelove , Larry Fives (Inland Knights) and Beards Of Paradise to bring their vibes to the remixes – watch this space for more details.

В начале статьи говорится о выходе сингла City Of Light, назначенном на сентябрь месяц. Уже вышел на виниле в двух частях, а так же в мп3 совсем недавно появился.
Вот он:
City Reverb - City Of Light (DUMB07) WEB 2008

Label ....... : Dumb Angel
Catnr ....... : DUMB07

Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration .... : 00:58:33 (134.MB)

01. City Of Lights (Radio Edit)
02. City Of Lights (Trevor Loveys Vocal Remix)
03. City Of Lights (Dr Strangelove Remix)
04. City Of Lights (Larry Fives Vocal Mix)
05. City Of Lights (Larry Fives Dub Mix)
06. City Of Lights (Reverso 68 Remix)
07. City Of Lights (Album Version)
08. City Of Lights (Trevor Loveys Dub Mix)
09. City Of Lights (Beards Of Paradise Remix)
10.City Of Lights (Prins Thomas Vocal Remix)

Part1 Part2

Что касательно альбома полноценного, то выход его назначен на январь 2009 года.
Называется Lost City Folk [and the Grace Reunion]
На их myspace можно послушатьчасть композиций. Там почти половина альбома уже есть.
Качество, естественно, так себе.
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CTYRVBDJSET (City Reverb DJ Set) Dec 2008

size 71Mb
quality VBR
tracklist n/a

Electronic, Mashup



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ARTiST..[ City Reverb
TiTLE...[ Time Side On
GENRE...[ Indie
LABEL...[ Default Label
ENCODER.[ Lame 3.97
YEAR....[ 2009
QUALiTY.[ 256kbps
MODE....[ Joint-Stereo
PLAYTIME[ 27:40 min
REL.DATE[ 05.18.2009
TRACKS..[ 04
SiZE....[ 50,7 MB

T R A C K L i S T

01 Time Side on (Mighty Mouse Remix)
02 Time Side on (Album Version)
03 Time Side on (Morris and Mckie Remix)
04 Time Side on (Soft Rocks Version)



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Artist : City Reverb
Album : Lost City Folk
Genre : Electronic
Source : CDDA
Label : Dumb Angel
Date : 02-09-2009
Encoder : LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
Quality : 193kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 12
Time : 55:23 min
Size : 76.95 MB

1 Everything Will Be Alright 3:34
2 City of Lights 4:04
3 Central Heating 5:45
4 Time Side On 5:11
5 When 4:32
6 Ghetto Glamour 4:08
7 Seventy Three 3:50
8 Star Power 4:14
9 Pinsharp 7:18
10 Hedonist 4:52
11 Lover's House (Acid House) 4:58
12 Drinking Song 2:57

Produced by Chris Coco and Richard Kayvan
City Of Lights, Time Side On and Hedonist also produced by Ben Burns

I love unexpected treats. Well I suppose everyone does , but how many would view
Lost City Folk the debut album by City Reverb as an unexpected treat? Well
anyone in their right mind would. It's great.
City Reverb is a band fronted by Chris Coco, Micky Buccheri and Audrey Nugent.
Coco, D.J., producer and musician calls the music of City Reverb "Robot Soul"
which is a pretty good description all things considered. Using influences like
New Order, Kraftwerk and Velvet Underground the band created an alluring
synthesis of electronic pop, synthesized soul and low key dance with odd little
stylistic quirks thrown in for good measure.
What do I mean by that? Well on the pulsing electro funk "Central Heating " a
hoary great guitar riff suddenly hove's into view like a bellowing grizzly on
the dance floor at Stringfellows. There's some oddly out of tune trumpet too.
"Star Power" develops round a lilting piano and sibilant percussion then goes
all rock solo for the last third . "Ghetto Glamour " is like The Pet Shop Boys
remixed by One Dove, a lovely somnambulant fusion. The luxurious down tempo
strains of "Everything Will Be Alright" and the regimented catchiness of "Time
Side On" are terrific as well.
"Seventy Three" ( complete with lyrical leg up from Stephen Duffy) is a warm
harmonious wallow in nostalgia- a more straight up version of Denim .Its the
little incremental details of the songs that make Lost City Folk such an
indulgence."Pinsharp" cuts across it's syncopated percussion with eerie
keyboards, peculiar bleeps and barfs and what sounds like treated brass. "The
Drinking Song" is a surprisingly affecting ballad. "Hedonist" has a keyboard
refrain over pitter patter rhythms so irresistible I find myself whistling it at
the most inopportune moments. Like on my bike when I'm pulling up a big hill and
seriously out of breath. Not a good idea.
The vocals are nothing to write home ,or indeed anywhere else ,about and one or
two songs are a bit ...well dull I suppose but overall Lost City Folk is like I
said a true treat. I bought this album on a whim and unlike a lot of my recent
choices it was an inspired decision. "Soon this song will break your heart "
they sing on Time Side On ". Not true much on this album will make your heart
swell with joy.


Очень понравился релиз.
да, вполне такой хороший релиз.
i`m not superman.
главное, до 3-й песни дотерпеть, а то уж больно шибкий там нью вейв)

Это сообщение отредактировал Bonifaci - 06.12.09 в 18:00
главное, до 3-й песни дотерпеть, а то уж больно шибкий там нью вейв)

красавчик)) biggrin.gif
первые два трека - синглы, которые за несколько лет насшибали всякие топы и т.п., но их главное перетерпеть.. тема, ага thumb.gif
мегаофигенный альбом! весь
City Reverb - Central Heating (Drumsound & Simon 'Bassline' Smith Vocal Remix) [m4a - 256kbps]

City Reverb - Everything Will Be Alright (Remix By Butch Cassidy Soundsystem) [128kbps]

City Reverb - Lovers House (Afterlife Remix) [128kbps]

City Reverb - Star Power (Rui Da Silva Remix) [128kbps]

City Reverb - Pinsharp (Trojan Soundsystem Remix)

City Reverb - Ghetto Glamour (The Time & Space Machine Remix)
CITY REVERB - The Alternative Remix EP

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Dumb Angel
14 December, 2008
Nu Disco / Downtempo

01. Ghetto Glamour (Time & Space Machine remix) 06:08
02. 73 (Senor Cornu remix) 05:23
03. Pinsharp (Trojan Soundsystem remix) 05:52
04. Time Side On (Soft Rocks remix) 07:28

City Reverb - "Lost City Folk" in FLAC/LOSSLESS.
CITY REVERB - The Alternative Remix EP re-up please

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