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Real name: nobody knows who he really is...
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2005 - Clutchy Hopkins - The Life of Clutchy Hopkins

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Label: Crate Digler
Catalog#: none
Format: CD, Album, Card Stock Sleeve
Country: US
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental, Downtempo

01. 3:06
02. 3:02
03. 4:08
04. 3:25
05. 2:15
06. 3:11
07. 2:07
08. 3:26
09. 3:34
10. 3:05
11. 3:14
12. 3:24

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2008 - Clutchy Hopkins - Walking sdrawkcaB

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Label: Ubiquity Records
Catalog#: URCD221
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 01 Feb 2008
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Instrumental, Downtempo, Contemporary Jazz

01. Sound of the Ghost
02. Song for Wolfie
03. Love of a Woman (feat. Darondo)
04. 3rd Element
05. Para Los Ninos
06. Horny Tickle
07. Percy on the One
08. Rocktober
09. Alla Oscar
10. Good Omen
11. Swap Meet Me at the Corner
12. Last Time for Your Mind

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2008 - Misled Children - Peoples Market

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Label: Porter Records
Catalog#: PRCD-4004
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 22 Jul 2008
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Instrumental, Downtempo

01. 3:25
02. 4:52
03. 1:52
04. 2:59
05. 2:53
06. 1:17
07. 3:35
08. 5:00
09. 1:14
10. 3:41
11. 3:00
12. 1:38
13. 3:24
14. 3:38

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2008 - Misled Children & Odean Pope - The Misled Children meet Odean Pope

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Label: Porter Records
Catalog#: PRLP 1000
Format: Vinyl, LP, Red Vinyl
Country: US
Released: 2008
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Instrumental, Jazz-Funk

01. Dadadun
02. Four Track
03. Foregone
04. Grimey
05. Laugh Track
06. Misled Kid
07. Odean Hopkins
08. Ruff Seven
09. Banannas Foster
10. Uno

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2008 - Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch of the Tiger

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Label: Ubiquity Records
Catalog#: URCD 235
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 21 Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul
Style: Downtempo, Funk

01. Full Moon
02. Two Steps Back
03. Things Change
04. Bill Blows It
05. So Easily, So Naturally
06. Leon Me
07. Dollar Short
08. When I Was Young
09. Across The Pond
10. Bad Influence
11. Till Next Time
12. Indian Burn

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2009 - Clutchy Hopkins meets Lord Kenjamin - Music Is My Medicine

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Label: Ubiquity Recordings
Catalog#: URLP244
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 21 Apr 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Downtempo, Hip Hop, Funk

01. The Old Spot
02. Brother John
03. Cold and Wet
04. Riff Raff Rollin
05. Lord Kenji
06. Dotsy's Leslie
07. Tune Traveler
08. Shadowfish
09. Gourds of the Desert
10. Turtle Rock
11. Heavy Hands

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2006 - Sleepers Never Dig, Diggers Never Sleep - Download
2006 - MF DOOM meets Clutchy Hopkins - Download

Password: funkysouls.com
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Clutchy Hopkins is an independant L.A. based hip-hop producer and DJ. He makes jazz inspired instrumental hip-hop music using only live instrumentation, no samples. In 2006 he released his debut album called "The Life Of Clutchy Hopkins".

Clutchy Hopkins is a multi-instrumentalist who recorded under various pseudonyms throughout his entire musical career; his recorded output consists of everything from field recordings of his travels to avant compositions, to jazz to funk. These recordings were up to this point unknown to the public. His father had been a recording engineer for Motown bands and had taught him intricate recording techniques when he was just a young boy. This knowledge Clutchy used to his advantage during his travels, working in recording studios from Bombay to Cairo. The information we gathered of him was from a small biographical manuscript that was found with his recordings under the care of a Mohave shaman who was a descendant of the Cahuilla Indian tribe who Clutchy had studied under. In this autobiography we find the writings of a musical gypsy who traveled the world investigating consciousness and its relation to music.

When Clutchy was just 20 years old he traveled to the Far East and was under the tutelage of Rinzai Zen monks in Japan for many years investigating silence and the rhythms of silence in music. Later, he studied Raja Yoga in India to master and articulate the movements of the body and its relation to sound. In his autobiography Clutchy relates his fascination with drums and their effect on consciousness so he decided to travel to Lagos, Nigeria to study with a master percussionist by the name Oba-lu-Funke. During his stay there he became a political revolutionary and gun-runner, and staged rebel missions to fight the oppressive government and its policies of Apartheid. During his intensive studies and travels, Clutchy was constantly recording music.

When he returned to the US Clutchy used his recording techniques to produce his own music and create instruments of his own. He has played with many groups primarily in the jazz, funk, avant setting. During his recording with other musicians Clutchy refused to contribute his name to the recordings, preferring to use a pseudonym or no name at all. He was purportedly good friends with Moondog and did some recordings with him; these recordings are yet to be found. His recordings span from the early 70s to the late 90s covering a whole spectrum of musical styles. After these recordings came to the surface, we have tried to contact the original source where these recordings were found unfortunately that source has since died. It is said by locals who knew him that Clutchy Hopkins returned to the Mojave Desert to finish his life out living in an underground cave; no one has heard from him since.

info from "cdbaby.com"

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    Artist---------- Clutchy Hopkins
    Album---------- The Life Of Clutchy Hopkins
    Releasd--------- 2006
    Label------------- Crate Diggler
    Bitrate------------ vbr
    Encoded by-------- Lame 3.90
    Size----------------- 44.9 MB


01. 3:06 [154kbps]
02. 3:02 [156kbps]
03. 4:08 [171kbps]
04. 3:25 [201kbps]
05. 2:15 [131kbps]
06. 3:11 [181kbps]
07. 2:07 [183kbps]
08. 3:26 [142kbps]
09. 3:34 [187kbps]
10. 3:05 [178kbps]
11. 3:14 [146kbps]
12. 3:24 [150kbps]


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весьма thumb.gif
i'm not abstract, i'm regular. you abstract!
дааа.. вот так начало дня! весьма - не то слово! единственное... как то пестни странно одинаково заканчиваются.. это действительно окончательная версия альбома? такое ощущение, что все песни попросту обрезаны..((
Ну ничего утверждать не могу, но на сколько мне известно это релиз группы "FTD" (Fuck The Dumb) и в .nfo файле к данному релизу ничего не сказано о том "демо" ли это или "промо" версия. Так что думаю это окончательный релиз. Да и по поводу окончания треков ... не все треки там заканчиваются банальным "затуханием" (6,8 и 10 к примеру), может просто автор решил, что концовка трека не то место, где стоит оригинальничать и выдумывать "велосипеды" smile.gif
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а что с тегами? иль мня глючид?blink.gif
какая чудесная музыка.. очень своеобразный продакшн! тему однозначно в хип-хоп.. thumb.gif
а что с тегами? иль мня глючид?blink.gif

а чо там с тегами ?
названий у треков попросту нету. (можно конечно переименовать в track 1, track 2 ... если кому так удобнее будет smile.gif )

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Щас послушаем,его совместный альбом с Мф думом вышкаthumb.gif

Большое спасибо GunMasterFlash

Слушайте честную музыку, не ведитесь на стереотипы, на моду. Прислушивайтесь к своему сердцу и будьте собой!
То что надо!!!
Супер , спасибо GunMasterFlash
Еще что-то в этом же духе кто что посоветует?
крутой мусчина! правдо трипхопом отдает , местами.
все хорошо так, в целом богатая мелодика для ентого жанра)), разве что инуструмент басоизвлечения весь альбом один и тотже (
Cardesignworks RuCustom
Музыку ещё не слушал, но описание однозначно фэйк, выдуманное воспалённым мозгом. Не музыкант, а Че Гевара с Кастанедой в одном флаконе!
Я б классифицмровал как Future jazz!

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