War Metal is the first full length album by Colorado based commando COBALT after having released the MCD "Hammerfight" in 2002. Citing the info these warriors are heavily influenced by the extreme War Metal scene in Canada and Australia. Fortunately they don't deliver just pure noise and chaos like REVENGE. The seven tracks of the album deliver a Black / Thrash blend with the emphasis on Thrash. Even the band has many extreme speed passages in their sound COBALT don't make the mistake to blast just around for speed's sake or raging one-dimensional. The metallic assault has clear structures and the fast paced eruptions come in the right moments. You have a lot of mid paced thrash riffing here with long instrumental parts which is all very much influenced by the 80s.

Cobalt - War Metal [2005]

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1- Hammerfight
2- Angelfangs
3- Raise The Hammer of War
4- World On Its Knees
5- Summoning of Napalm Mists
6- Lunar Warface
7- Empire of The Moth

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M.A.N - Obey, Consume, Reject
Colorado blackened avant-war metal duo COBALT have completed work on their most accomplished and ambitious release to date.  Entitled “Gin”, the duo of Erik Wunder and Phil McSorley (who is currently deployed in Iraq) have delivered what will undoubtedly be seen as one of the most monumental and crushing albums of 2009.
Following and building upon the groundwork laid down with their acclaimed “Eater Of Birds” masterwork (and of course the glimpse given earlier this year with the limited “Landfill Breastmilk Beast” EP which unveiled the new track ‘Stomach’), “Gin” follows Cobalt down a darker and rougher edged path, and ultimately carving out something even more unique, with more depth and substance.  Musically, with “Gin” (which once again features a guest appearance from ex-SWANS chanteuse JARBOE, more prominent this time), Cobalt have churned out not only a darker and equally epic and violent outburst, but a more surreal, angrier, emotional and ritualistic observation than its two predecessors (“Eater Of Birds” and their “War Metal” debut respectively).  Like a churning maelstrom ready to engulf and level all in its wake, “Gin” is an album that comes across as the outcast diseased blackened extreme metal cousin to SWANS, NEUROSIS, and KILLING JOKE. 
Touching upon subject matter that has physically affected the Wunder and McSorley, subject matter is that is real and pure where such themes as death, violence, despair and destruction find their way through the relenting prose covering subjects such as war, hard drinking, and hard sex, become inspired and interwoven by the writings of literary masters Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson, Cobalt portraying their meaning of life as “a springboard to fuck the universe.” 
With “Gin”, Cobalt are going to once again prove that they are pretty much in their own realm, untouched, and distant from all. 

To audially fist fuck you officially on March 17, 2009, tracklisting for “Gin” goes as follows:

1.    Gin
2.    Dry Body
3.    Arsonry
4.    Throat
5.    Stomach
6.    A Clean Well Lighted Place
7.    Pregnant Insect
8.    Two Thumbed Fist
9.    The Old Man Who Lied For His Entire Life
10.    A Starved Horror

An MP3 for the track “Arsonry” can be found within the MP3 section of the Profound Lore site

“Gin” is dedicated to Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson.
Cobalt - Gin (2009)
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Genre: Black Metal
Country: United States of America
Format: mp3@VBR(Lame 3.98/-V0)
Total Time: 57:46
Syze: 127 mb
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1. Gin 07:24
2. Dry Body 08:54
3. Arsonry 05:48
4. Throat 01:58
5. Stomach 06:44
6. A Clean Well Lighted Place 03:40
7. Pregnant Insect 06:02
8. Two Thumbed Fist 09:57
9. The Old Man Who Lied For His Entire Life 02:07
10. A Starved Horror 05:12

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Cobalt - Eater of Birds
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вот предидущий альбом, а то мож нету у кого... очень хороший кстати, просто гипнотизирует)

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Artist: Cobalt
Album: Gin
Label: Profound Lore Records
Playtime: 62:17 min
Genre: Metal
Rip date: 2009-03-16
Street date: 2009-00-00
Size: 108.36 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 227 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

silence left out, hidden track included. enjoy bitches!

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Gin ( 7:24)
02. Dry Body ( 8:54)
03. Arsonry ( 5:45)
04. Throat ( 1:58)
05. Stomach ( 6:44)
06. A Clean, Well Lighted Place ( 3:40)
07. Pregnant Insect ( 6:02)
08. Two-Thumbed Fist ( 9:57)
09. The Old Man Who Lied His Entire Life ( 2:07)
10. A Starved Horror ( 5:12)
11. Hidden Track ( 4:34)

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -



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Please, someone could re-up just hidden track on Rapida or megaup?? Thanx in advance!!
2 новые песни есть у ребят
давно блекуху не слушал , но данный сабж мне пришолся по душе.грамотно и чётко сё сыгранно)

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- Release Info -

Artist: Cobalt
Album: Slow Forever
Label: Profound Lore
Playtime: 83:53 min
Genre: Black Metal
Rip date: 2016-03-19
Street date: 2016-03-25
Size: 169.16 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 264 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes -

Cobalt are one of the most original and interesting black metal bands of
recent years. They make the sort of album where you would immediately
recognize different songs because there is so much musical variation, and
their music also just really sticks with you. Its been 7 years since their
last record, so its only fitting that they release a double CD packed with
some of their best work yet. Pick it up in a week from now

- Track List -

01. Hunt The Buffalo ( 8:48)
02. Animal Law ( 2:07)
03. Ruiner ( 6:32)
04. Beast Whip ( 9:13)
05. King Rust (11:14)
06. Breath ( 2:25)
07. Cold Breaker ( 6:44)
01. Elephant Graveyard ( 7:51)
02. Final Will (11:16)
03. Iconoclast ( 2:30)
04. Slow Forever ( 9:35)
05. Siege (Hidden Track) ( 5:38)
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