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Artist : Cold Cave / Prurient
Title : Stars Explode
Genre : Electronic
Year : 2010
Date : 04/2010
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 04
Label : Hospital Productions
Source : Vinyl
Encoder : Lame 3.97
Length : 23:27 min
Size : 33,1 MB

01.Gravitys Victory 11:46
02.Presomnal 06:58
03.Injured In Sleep 02:10
04.Stars Explode 02:33
23:27 min

From Boomkat:

When Cold Cave embarked on their first
UK tour in 2009 one of the most sought
after pieces of merchandise was an
exclusive split release with Prurient
limited to just 100 copies on Cassette.
Hospital Productions have mercifully
pressed up the tracks from the tape -
plus one additional cut exclusive to
this LP to satisfy the vinyl vulture's
appetite. In stark comparison to the
glam-electro melancholy of 'Love Comes
Close', this is a collection of
incredible bleak and isolated dark
ambience, almost entirely beatless
(except for one short passage laced with
doomy kicks) where vocals are noticeably
absent too, save a shadowy undertone of
malnourished groans and gloomy
exhortations. The mood is oppressively
dystopian and depressed, which should be
taken as a warning to anyone on the
brink of it! The first side, comprising
'Gravitys Victory' and 'Presomnal'
favours glassy tones and slow-bowed
drones evoking the the most bone
chilling, knee hugging, void-eyed
darkness we can imagine - and its just
absolutely beautiful. The other side
slips somewhere a little more opiated,
comforting and heavenly, although still
frosted with a hollow and uneasy
sensation. Exclusive track 'Stars
Explode' is the shortest and most
succinct, almost black metal in style,
but with chord changes that keep it tied
to the cold wave electro from whence
they stem. Do you really need to know
any more? We've only got a measly
handful of copies and once they're gone,
don't come crying to us. Highly

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Life Magazine


как-то захотелось посмотреть их клипы, но когда хотелось видео было либо недоступно, либо удалено, но если кто ищет и интересуется, или сталкивался с такой же проблемой, то вот клип на Life Magazine
Cold Cave - Life Magazine Remixes EP [Matador, 2010]
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01. Life Magazine (The Arthur Baker's Not Going Back Remix) 7:04
02. Life Magazine (An Optimo (Espacio) Mix) 6:23
03. Life Magazine (Pantha Du Prince First Flash Remix) 9:10
04. Life Magazine (Prurient Remix) 5:10
05. Life Magazine (Optimo (Espacio) Flexi Pop Remix) 5:28
06. Life Magazine (Delorean Remix) 6:12


pls re-upload Cold Cave - Love Comes Close (Matador Edition)?
download the new single: The Great Pan is Dead
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Cold Cave - Cherish The Light Years [2011 / V2 / 404 / 60 Mb]

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01. The Great Pan Is Dead
02. Pacing Around The Church
03. Confetti
04. Catacombs
05. Underworld USA
06. Icons Of Summer
07. Alchemy And You
08. Burning Sage
09. Villains Of The Moon



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офигенный релиз
Просто отличный. Есть ли у кого-нибудь FLAC?
Просто отличный. Есть ли у кого-нибудь FLAC?

Во флаке нет, но есть полноценный 320, не vbr.

Cold Cave - Cherish The Light Years [2011] 320

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Quality: Joint Stereo/cbr/320 kb/s
Size: 93 Mb

Download: MultiUpload
malleus, благодарю!
шикарный альбом - один из лучших в этом году! thumb.gif
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и обложка какая симпатичная
картинка, оставленная пользователемгаражный рок у нас - это реально!
отличный альбом.
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