Colourmusic-F Monday Orange February Venus Lunatic 1 Or 13-(Promo)-2008-VAG

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ARTIST: Colourmusic
TITLE: f, monday, orange, february, venus, lunatic, 1 or 13
LABEL: Worlds Fair
GENRE: Indie
GRABBER: EAC (Secure Mode)
ENCODER: LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
QUALITY: 209 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME: 0h 39min 24sec total
SIZE: 59.11MB
RELEASE DATE: 2008-09-09
RIP DATE: 2008-10-10

Track List:

01. Motherfather 2:35
02. Put In A Little Gas 4:02
03. The Gospel Song 2:57
04. Spring Song 2:53
05. Circles 3:10
06. Someday Speaks Loudly 3:06
07. Yes! 3:47
08. Rock & Roll Polar Bear 2:09
09. You Can Call Me By My Name 2:43
10. Fall Song 3:27
11. Winter Song 2:15
12. Try 3:26
13. Moolah 2:54

Release Notes:

When the founders of Colourmusic, British Nick Turner (then an exchange
student) and Okie Ryan Hendrix, first met each other at Oklahoma State
University in 1998, they agreed they didnt much care for the music the other
was then making. However, bored out of their minds, they decided they could
still try to write music together as long as it had nothing to do with what
they had been doing previously.

Basing their work on Newtons color theories, they called themselves
Colourmusic, using the British spelling to make Nick feel better about living
in Oklahoma. The remaining three members, Nicholas Ley, Colin Fleishacker and
Cry Suter, all Okies, eventually joined on, but Colourmusic didnt fully
coalesce until 2002, when they wrote Yes!, a rollicking, energetic song
that oscillates between driving 4/4 beats and tribal-influenced rhythms. Its
a piece that Ryan calls the best workout song ever, and it struck some
label interest, but its much more than that, showcasing the quintets
messily refined indie rock, their ability to write from a group perspective
and their innovative, yet catchy, melodies that work their way into your head
without you even knowing it.

This is all on display at Colourmusics wildly inventive shows, and its
while performing that the bands vivid personalities come through. In the
past theyve been known to have their hair and clothes cut off, allow
themselves to be painted, employ a motivational speaker, theatrically kill
off and then resuscitate British Nick, and, the backwards Okies most of them
are, try to hypnotize their audiences into sleeping with them.There was even
a year, the Roy Period, in which all five members of Colourmusic pretended
to be the same person, a Mr. Roy Biv, going as far as wearing similar
clothes, growing similar beards, and trying to date the same girl, a venture
which, to say the least, didnt end well.

Most recently, as the supporting act for British Sea Powers Do You Like Rock
Music? tour, Colourmusic painted their equipment and dressed themselves in
white, the only colour on-stage coming in the form of huge wheels. The set
won them accolades across the board, including from a Village Voice critic
who proclaimed the crowd at their 2008 SXSW show more into their music
which their manager Scott Booker sees as a cross between Os Mutantes, the Who
and Queen than with any band I had seenin Austin, including Lou Reed.

The lack of pigment in Colourmusics outfits is clearly the only muted thing
about them. The bands songs have been played on over 160 college radio
stations and have been licensed to the MTV Network for use on several
programs. In 2007 they appeared on the SXSW segment of The Tonight Show
guest-hosted by Wayne Coyne and were also declared one of the festivals top
10 bands by TeenVogue. Having already shared the stage with BSP, Silversun
Pickups, Nada Surf, and the Postmarks, among others, Colourmusic are ready to
conquer the world with their full-length debut, f, monday, orange, february,
venus, lunatic, 1 or 13, which will be released September 9, 2008.


спасибо smile.gif
Я Put in a little gas искала rolleyes.gif
да там ещё пара песенок классных есть кроме этой wink.gif

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Artist: Colourmusic
Title: Yes!
Label: Memphis Industries
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 225kbit av.
Time: 00:16:26
Size: 28.03 mb
Rip Date: 2009-10-01
Str Date: 2009-11-02

Track List:

01. Yes! 3:47
02. You Can Call Me By My Name 2:43
03. Put In A Little Gas 4:04
04. Spring Song 2:55
05. The Gospel Song 2:57


Release Notes:

The world's first ever Yorkshire/Oklahma based band, Colourmusic make
us very happy.
A jumping on bubblewrap kind of happyand it doesn't get much better
than that people.
Live they are simulatnouesly heavy and euphoric, like AC/DC covering
the Lips, with frontman Ryan Hendrix's coming on like a cult-leader -
spooky, uplifting and ever so slightly odd.
We'll be popping out an EP in Autumn with a full length out in 2010.

Check oddities videos and suchlike at
up? re-up? - лс!
ребятушки где клип "Yes" достать? очень хочется(

Colourmusic - My ___ Is Pink [2011 / V2 / 404 / 75 Mb]

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01. Beard
02. Jill And Jack (A Duet)
03. Feels Good To Wear
04. We Shall Wish (Use Your Adult Voice)
05. You For Leaving Me
06. Tog
07. Dolphins And Unicorns
08. Pororoca
09. The Beast With Two Backs
10. The Little Death (In Five Parts)
11. Fold Unfold
12. Mono
13. Whitby Harbour
14. Yes



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Colourmusic - You For Leaving Me (2011)
Клип очень оригинальный))) Скачаю)
да, видео просто супер! thumb.gif
а вторая серия будет?)))) спасибо)))
what a wonderful band!

any chance of getting a re-up of Colourmusic-F Monday Orange February Venus Lunatic 1 Or 13-(Promo)-2008-VAG ?

keen to hear more. thanks in advance.
Присоединяюсь к слезному please re-up f, monday, orange, february, venus, lunatic, 1 or 13 rolleyes.gif
Спящий в снегу забывает о боли, / То есть, не просто не чувствует, а / Вдруг отрывается воздухом воли/ И улетает, как моль от винта

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