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Artist ...... : Conquering Animal Sound
Title ....... : Kammerspiel
Genre ....... : Electronic
Label ....... : Gizeh Records
Catnr ....... : GZH27
Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Duration .... : 00:38:45 (88.8MB
Ripdate ..... : 07-02-2011
Store ....... :

Tracklist ...

1. Maschine 3:56
2. Wasp 3:47
3. Wildthings 2:59
4. Flinch 3:23
5. Cheer 0:45
6. Bear 5:13
7. Crawl 3:55
8. Tracer 4:01
9. Neanderthal 2:42
10.Giant 3:39
11.Ira 4:25

Release Notes:

Their debut album Kammerspiel is a ghostly collection of minimalistic beats, loops and fragile ambience, overlaid with Kampmans beatifully frail vocal. Its delicateness and woozy air mean that it is a record which is best absorbed late at night, preferably at the point last thing when your brain is at its sleepiest. In this context it becomes almost lullaby-esque, with Kampmans soft burr tailor-made for soothing away the mental aches of the daily cut and thrust

Too often records made up of minimal components are misinterpreted as being gloomy, but this is unlikely to be a fate which befalls Kammerspiel, given the sunlit glow which bathes its sounds. Opening song Maschines begins with a twinkling melody and builds gently like the breaking of the day, culminating in Kampman softly cooing You are home. As the album progresses, you come to see that the template of Maschines is in fact the blueprint for much of Conquering Animal Sounds work. Frequently their songs begin in timorous fashion, gradually layering more and more sounds on top as they build. Lets be clear though, this isnt to say that Kammerspiel is in any way guilty of being formulaic, because the band display a boundless creativity with the finer details throughout, a little snippet of tape hiss here, a dissonant hint of cello or a snatch of thickly-distorted vocal sample there, meaning youre never really fully aware of where theyre taking you at any point

In spite of its predilection for abstract noise, Kammerspiel is still at heart an album of songs and melodies which frequently follows the verse/chorus structure. Clearly, Conquering Animal Sound are more than just aimless experimentalists, because throughout there is a strong feeling that while you might not know what they are going to do next, they most certainly do. Probably the most naked song on the album is final track Ira, which dispenses with the effects, leaving the beauty and the melody of the song unadorned. Its an interesting taster of what Conquering Animal Sound might be like were they a little more conventional, and while Ira might be sufficiently pretty to stand on its own two feet, the contrast between it and much of the rest of the album illustrates the importance of the flourishes of the noises and samples

With Kammerspiel, Conquering Animal Sound have simultaneously managed to capture on record the full depth of their creativity and imagination, as well as the inherent beauty of their sound. It is a wonderful piece of work which deseves to be cherished, and gives us far more than we might reasonably expect from anyones debut album

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немного наивно, незамысловато, но мне понравилось (барышням продвинутым должно ещё более по душе прийтись). когда слушал, был уверен, что это чисто девичий проект, а здесь смотрю и чувачёк присутствует
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Conquering Animal Sound - On Floating Bodies (Album)
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Conquering Animal Sound - On Floating Bodies [2013]
Release Info
Label: Chemikal Underground Records (CHEM192)
Released: 15 Mar 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Experimental, IDM, Minimal, Pop
Quality: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz
Time: 45:09 min
Size: 104 mb
Incl.: cover
01. Ultimate Heat Death Of The Universe
02. The Future Does Not Require
03. Warn Me
04. No Dream
05. I'll Be Your Mirror
06. Gloss
07. A Noise Remains
08. Ipse
09. Mimese
10. Treehouse
11. Inner / Outer / Other
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Я модерирую когда захочу.
Явно улавливается соседство этих шотландцев с исландией откуда родом БЬОРК ....её поклонникам должно понравиться
В архиве нет 02. The Future Does Not Require.
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