Creative Waste

i am really surprised of this .... i never ever thought that i will even heard of a band from an arabic country ... this is vary weird!!! i havent tried them yet because the link is in sexuploader (my internet wont let me in anything that have SEX) so PLEASE! .. help me .. upload them to sendspace if you can... sad.gif

Creative Waste - Colonies (Demo) (2005)


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01 God of Excrement [01:36]
02 Monstrosity [03:04]
03 Saturation of Oblivion [02:55]
04 Reverend Palmers was a Good Man [00:25]
05 Autopsy Infringement (feat. Deathless Anguish) [05:11]

Deathless Anguish seems to be another saudian band ... vary WEIRD! blink.gif

by the way .. i found the stuff from here: (so you can take a closer look at the cover)

thanks to Master DoomBox for showing me the way biggrin.gif
DoomBox, Angelripper777 & corpsereviver Rulez! Highest Respect To Them And To All The True MetalHeads!!!

I am Searching For:
M.A.N - Obey, Consume, Reject
wargh..this is from arab ??? nicer to hear this news... thanksss:thumb:
Creative Waste - Slaves To Conformity (2012)
mp3 | 192kbps | 51mb

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01. Divide and Conquer
02. Kingdom of Fear
03. Slaves to Conformity
04. The Low Born
05. Detriment
06. Cradle to Grave (feat. Kevin Talley)
07. Defeatist
08. Ahfad Qabeel (Descendants of Cain)
09. Novus Ordo Seclorum (feat. Kevin Talley)
10. The Decisive Hour


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