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2006 - Daughtry
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01. It's Not Over
02. Used To
03. Home
04. Over You
05. Crashed
06. Feels Like Tonight
07. What I Want (featuring Slash)
08. Breakdown
09. Gone
10. There And Back Again
11. All These Lives
12. What About Now
13. Sorry (iTunes Bonus Track) [V0]

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2009 - Leave This Town
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01. You Don't Belong
02. No Surprise
03. Everytime You Turn Around
04. Life After You
05. What I Meant To Say
06. Open Up Your Eyes
07. September
08. Ghost Of Me
09. Learn My Lesson
10. Supernatural
11. Tennessee Line
12. Call Your Name

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2011 - Leave This Town: The B-Sides EP
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01. Long Way
02. One Last Chance
03. Get Me Through
04. What We Have Become
05. On The Inside
06. Traffic Light
07. Back Again

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2011 - Break The Spell
Deluxe edition
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01. Renegade
02. Crawling Back To You
03. Outta My Head
04. Start Of Something Good
05. Crazy
06. Break The Spell
07. We're Not Gonna Fall
08. Gone Too Soon
09. Losing My Mind
10. Rescue Me
11. Louder Than Ever
12. Spaceship
13. Who's They (Bonus Track)
14. Maybe We're Already Gone (Bonus Track)
15. Everything But Me (Bonus Track)
16. Lullaby (Bonus Track)
17. Never Die (Japan Bonus Track)

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2013 - Baptized
Deluxe edition
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01. Baptized
02. Waiting for Superman
03. Battleships
04. I'll Fight
05. Wild Heart
06. Long Live Rock & Roll
07. The World We Knew
08. High Above the Ground
09. Broken Arrows
10. Witness
11. Traitor
12. 18 Years
13. Undefeated
14. Cinderella
15. Battleships (Acoustic)

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* 2007 - AOL Music Sessions (Live)
* 2007 - Stripped, Raw & Real
- Crashed (Acoustic)
- Crawling Back To You (Acoustic)
- Home (Acoustic)
- It's Not Over (Acoustic)
- Life After You (Acoustic)
- No Surprise (Acoustic)
- Outta My Head (Acoustic)
- September (Acoustic)
- Start Of Something Good (Acoustic)
- Waiting For Superman (Acoustic)
- What About Now (Acoustic)

MP3 128-320 kbps || Zippyshare
- Feels Like The First Time [Foreigner Cover]
- In The Air Tonight (Live) [Phil Collins Cover]
- Madman Across the Water (Stripped) [Elton John Cover]
- Nutshell (Live) [Alice In Chains Cover]
- Oh Holy Night (Acoustic)
- Photograph [Def Leppard Cover]
- Poker Face (Acoustic) [Lady Gaga Cover]
- Possum Kingdom (AOL Sessions) [The Toadies Cover]
- Radioactive (Acoustic) [Imagine Dragons Cover]
- Rebel Yell (Live) [Billy Idol Cover]
- Rocket Man (Acoustic) [Elton John Cover]
- Runnin Down A Dream (Live) [Tom Petty Cover]
- She Talks to Angels (Live) [Black Crowes Cover]
- Sunday Bloody Sunday (Acoustic) [U2 Cover]
- Suspicious Minds (Acoustic) [Elvis Presley Cover]
- Waitin' for the Bus - Jesus Just Left Chicago (Live) [ZZ Top Cover]
- Wanted Dead or Alive [Bon Jovi Cover]

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Video mixes
- Crawling Back to You
- Feels Like Tonight
- Home
- It's Not Over
- No Surprise
- Outta My Head
- Over You
- Rescue Me
- What About Now

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Cadence - All Eyes On You (1999)
Chris Daughtry - vocals
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01. Human
02. Tired Eyes
03. Throrn In My Side
04. All Eyes On You
05, Corner
06. Alive
07. Tainted Blood
08. Grip
09. Gravity
10. Drive

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Absent Element - Uprooted (2005)
Chris Daughtry - vocals
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01. Breakdown
02. Conviction
03. Weaker Side
04. So I Lie Awake
05. Seven 4
06. Let Me In
07. Keep Me Close

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Это сообщение отредактировал lpXaNdRpr - 05.12.13 в 21:21
Это сообщение отредактировал loathsome
Жаль, что при такой мощи голоса Криса, взрывных треков за всю их историю чертовски мало.

Хочется больше песен типажа What I Want, Renegade, Drown In You и т.д.
но с каждым разом уклон в поп индустрию с целью оставаться на плаву и быть прибыльными.

Вот и новые Torches и Go Down хоть и попсово хитовые и запоминаются. Но ждёшь явно другого.

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Artist : Daughtry
Album : It's Not Over...The Hits So Far
Label : RCA
Genre : Rock
Street Date : 2016-00-00
Quality : 268 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 101.47MB
Time : 50:13 min
Url : http://www.daughtryofficial.com/


1. It's Not Over 3:35
2. Home 4:15
3. Over You 3:26
4. What About Now 4:11
5. Feels Like Tonight 4:00
6. No Surprise 4:30
7. September 4:03
8. Life After You 3:27
9. Crawling Back To You 3:45
10. Waiting For Superman 4:27
11. Long Live Rock & Roll 3:36
12. Torches 3:32
13. Go Down 3:26


It's Not Over...The Hits So Far is the first greatest hits album from
American rock band Daughtry. It features most of the mainstream singles
released from the band's first four studio albums, with two new songs.
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Daughtry - Discography V0/V2

Daughtry-Daughtry-2006-MP3 Filestore
Daughtry-Leave_This_Town-2009-ApoLLo Filestore
Daughtry-Leave_This_Town-(Bonus_Tracks)-2009-TKoCP Filestore
Daughtry-Break_The_Spell-2011-CR Filestore
Daughtry-Break_The_Spell-(Deluxe_Edition_Bonus_Tracks)-2011-C4 Filestore
Daughtry-Baptized-(Deluxe_Edition)-2013-H3X Filestore
Sometimes... Reality, is the Strangest fantasy of all...
Хвала небесам, нас ждет рок-альбом от Дотри! thumb.gif
On April 20, 2016, Chris Daughtry posted a video on Instagram of him tracking guitar. Chris has also posted pictures of him in the studio recording vocals. He said that the new album will be more rock focused saying that "It's not such a dramatic departure from what we did on the first three albums, as opposed to the last record, where it was very pop-driven production." On May 21, 2016, while performing at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, Chris said: "I regret to inform you that other than the two songs that's on the greatest hits we don't have anything new to play yet. However I do promise you this, we are working on the fifth album and there are guitars on it. Take that how you want, but it is a rock record so ..."
вместо попсы будет поп рок thumb.gif biggrin.gif
Daughtry - Daughtry (2006) Reup sad.gif

Это сообщение отредактировал xxl23 - 01.04.17 в 5:20
Would anyone please re-up "Absent Element - Uprooted (2005)" and "Cadence - All Eyes On You (1999)" ???
Трек Back Bone - результат совместной работы Криса Дотри и Скотта Стивенса.
Стивенс нам уже знаком - Крис сотрудничал с ним во времена работы над альбомом Baptized (трек Undefeated). Ну и в написании материала для новой пластинки Daughtry он тоже поучаствовал (подробнее: https://vk.cc/6OHBvQ)

Песню под названием Back Bone группа добавила в свой концертный сетлист совсем недавно. Этот трек должен дать фанатам представление о том, каким будет пятый студийный альбом группы.

Источник: https://vk.com/daughtry_club
Пара новых песен:

Возвращением к корням не пахнет - похоже, будет Baptized II ph34r.gif
Ну и говнина же! facepalm.gif Первая песня это даже не "Baptized II" это вообще Киркоров какой-то death.gif Не люблю это слово, но неужели они сами не слышат того зашквара, что делают?

Похоже, надо искать новую группу с качественным вокалом и музыкой в стиле пост-грандж. Или как там ещё назвать то, что они играли первые два альбома.
Может кто находил чего стоящего?
"We barricade forever that which hides inside of us all."

[Dark Tranquillity]

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