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Photo by Richard D. James © 2017
2016 - NYZ - ALG 118B (Computer Club, DISK 04)
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1. NYZ - SCL::ISR (0:22)
2. NYZ - Little Gramma (2:16)
3. NYZ - CP Tootle (2:04)
4. NYZ - Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::1234.. Testing (2:24)
5. NYZ - Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::A Critical Biography (5:01)
6. NYZ - Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::We Will Rebuild Your Life (2:56)
7. NYZ - NMI kz34t (9:24)
8. NYZ - ALG RLD (6:20)
9. NYZ - MPE ORR60 (5:18)
10. NYZ - TT kzM PSTones (4:50)
11. NYZ - MPE R60 (3:45)
12. NYZ - MPE DRN60 (5:54)
13. NYZ - SCL::RTI (0:47)

2017 - NYZ - FLD RCDR (Entr'acte, E219)
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1. NYZ - FLD RCRDST:ohmy.gifn Walden Snow (20:20)
2. NYZ - CPM DRNL (11:58)
3. NYZ - Lindisfarne Refuge Hut (6:06)
4. NYZ - FLD RCRDST::FM80PcellorgNSW (4:38)

2017 - NYZ - MCRTNL (Entr'acte, E220)
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1. NYZ - MCRTEO (5:14)
2. NYZ - MTNAM 9 SRi::klunktabunkta (1:16)
3. NYZ - MTNAM 7 SRi::station=>MONO (3:18)
4. NYZ - MCRTEO (5:14)
5. NYZ - MTNAM 3::XNOTNL (8:02)
6. NYZ - MTNAM 1::FM60PmacroCellular (2:38)
7. NYZ - LM 8101MT (5:02)
8. NYZ - MTNAM 6 SRi::stationONE is ON (2:06)
9. NYZ - MTNAM 2::FM60PP3 (6:28)
10. NYZ - GRAYMATTA (5:25)
noyzelab @noyzelab

ayup non-tape-type folk, i'm now finishing up a remaster of @the_tapeworm NYZ - XNOTNL album for imminentish digital release at https://noyzelab.bandcamp.com/ 
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There’s nothing stripped-back about minimalist electronic label FLUF’s output over the last few months. This new one from NYZ is the Swedish label’s ninth digital EP release since the end of September, and a recent interview on Loose Lips with label head tuuun – Irish producer Steve McEvoy – had a footnote that FLUF had already released two EPs since their chat.

Amid the daily deluge of convoluted press releases from labels, bands and festival promoters, FLUF’s emails are a palate-cleanser – usually one line about the release, in Courier typewriter font. This latest one is “from that purveyor of finely-crafted synthesis NYZ, also known as artist/scientist David Burraston. It’s sharp in all the right places”.

Burraston, aka Noyzelab, Dave Noyze and Bryen Telko, is an award-winning Australian sonic theorist and synth artist who’s been working in tech exploration and electronic music since the 1970s, but this latest release has more in common with Dopplereffekt’s high-concept particle physics voyages than the analogue romanticism of Jean-Michel Jarre or Tangerine Dream. Burraston is also the man behind the insanely detailed Syrobnkers! interview conducted over several months with Richard D James around the release of Aphex Twin’s Syro album in 2014.

As with all other FLUF releases, it’s a double A with a sequential number rather than an actual title, and AA0009 also shares with its predecessors a clinical disregard for electronic music trends. Track one, 0009A hangs on a panning slithery synth rasp that shape-shifts and fizzes over its five minutes. To kinda paraphrase The Orb, it feels like a huge ever growing pulsating insectoid brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld — when all the humans are finished.

Track 2, 0009AA, is a droning, hypnotic tractor beam of hive mind interference that will either knock you out like a white noise lullaby, or give you an arm-scratching fear. You won’t be dancing to it anyway.
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2008 - Dave Noyze - Generative Compositions 1998 - 2006 (cataclyst, clyst001)
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1. Dave Noyze - Bhang : An Open Lassie (2:10)
2. Dave Noyze - Acorn (7:40)
3. Dave Noyze - Bit Player (4:15)
4. Dave Noyze - Lectomy Menkota Redux (6:42)
5. Dave Noyze - Last Orders At Jock Macgnoshy's Inn (2:44)
6. Dave Noyze - Dali Lamatron (6:08)
7. Dave Noyze - Shaven & Smell / The Doors Of Reception (6:26)
8. Dave Noyze - Pierre Detsche Mark V (6:21)
9. Dave Noyze - Unknowable Determinism In Music (11:26)

NYZ - 0009A - spectrogram (35s)
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DAVID BURRASTON - WAGGA HAM SHACK 50 copies ltd tape OUT NOW on @imprec Cassauna imprint + soundcloud preview ==> http://importantrecords.com/imprec/sauna42 

Noyzelab - TTMSubtree _Limited Dual-Disk Second Edition_ on Psøma Psi Phi @slowlid **OUT NOW** => https://pspsph.bandcamp.com/album/ttmsubtree
NYZ - XNOTNL (2017)
tos87 >>> "бедный неудачник"
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UK PEEPS!! warmup yer cold paws with NYZ - PPLZ SYNF from those ace folks @normanrecords "..as close to a work of art as a record can get.." [ULTRA LTD 4CD-R set on Psøma Psi Phi] https://www.normanrecords.com/records/16977...4-nyz-pplz-synf … @slowlid preview track is here =>
https://pspsph.bandcamp.com/album/pplz-synf - Buy Digital Album name your price
1. BBpaperfaceDRN1 29:58
2. BBpaperfaceDRN3 21:28

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DAVID BURRASTON - WAGGA HAM SHACK cassette Cassauna/Important Records. Wagga Ham Shack is an extensive, ambient recording of the Wired Lab's Global Communications Radio Club installation held at the Wagga Wagga Fusion Multicultural Festival in Oct. 2015. The incredible analog/digital sounds of short wave radio Ham's mix with David Burraston's accompanying synthesizer work to create an incredibly useful ambient environment. Edition of 50 packaged in handmade, letterpress printed sleeves.

NYZ - AA0009 digital FLUF (also available via Boomkat). Top of the morning to you all. We have a new AA! It's from that purveyor of finely-crafted synthesis NYZ, also known as artist/scientist David Burraston. It's sharp in all the right places.

NYZ - XNOTNL cassette (The Tapeworm) + REMASTERED DIGITAL @NOYZELAB RELEASE. After a happy chance meeting at an event in the National Portrait Gallery in London, NYZ was invited to make a tape for The Tapeworm. On returning to Australia he went into the studio, digging up some recent-ish pieces from the last few years, and also making a handful of new ones. The music on this tape is a mix of Cellular Automata sequencing hooked up to various synthesis/FX methodologies including: Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation, Sampling, old school hardware DSP and ROMplers. Musically this tape covers a range of different tunings and intervals, designed to take you on journey through the obscurities of NYZ's approach to experimental sound and music making.

NYZ - PPLZ SYNF cassette/CD-R (Psøma Psi Phi). David Burraston returns to Psøma Psi Phi with possibly his most expansive release to date - PPLZ SYNF. A gigantic 3.5 hour work consisting of seven pieces created using an ongoing self-build (as Burraston notes) of the Serge/CGS Paperface analog synthesizer, in conjunction with a custom built modular rig. Laid to digital disk space at Burraston's Noyzelab studio in August, PPLZ SYNF is a monolith of drone synthesis that absorbs the listener into some kind of greater collective metaconsciousness. It is both an impressive exercise in longform drone music, and an immersive and hypnotic atmosphere that confounds the mind, transfiguring your surroundings from its unique and singular perspective. A monument, literally and figuratively, in the sound field, etched and erected by a master of the craft.

NYZ - FLD RCDR & MCRTNL (Noyzelab) & dual CD (Entr'acte). FLD RCDR : Real and imaginary field recordings, compiled and synthesized in the 21st Century by David Burraston at Noyzelab. The pieces on this album have been formulated over a period of around five years. The main idea for this album was to make sound pieces that would  appear to be a collection or mix of ‘live’ recordings. MCRTNL : A series of micro- and macrotonal generative compositions: recorded, 
compiled and synthesized in the 21st Century by David Burraston at 
Noyzelab. This is a collection of pieces designed to take you away 
from the world of 12-tone equal without getting bogged down in any
deep, confusing theories about anything whatsoever.

Noyzelab - TTMSubtree cassette/CD-R (Psøma Psi Phi). Noyzelab is one of several active aliases of David Burraston, a synthesist and sonic tinkerer with far too many references to list. All you need to know is that Burraston explores possibilities in not just sound, but also programming, mathematics and nature. TTMSubtree was also presented as an installation at Adelaide Railway Station as part of Unsound Adelaide 2017.

NYZ - DSP TRX : limited 4xCD-R has been announced here and is expected fairly shaprish! All tracks realised with my custom DSP programs on a Tiptop Audio Z-DSP module, processing/mangling a hyper-minimal modular setup.

NYZ - FORMANT DIS OI : limited cassette release on DISFORMATION. All releases are anagrams of the label name, quite appropriate for this release as it was realised using FM/Formant synthesis and cellular automata MIDI sequencing/control techniques.

NYZ - CLLR TMTA : new Spring release on Entr'acte.. hold tight!

I have also been working with Allon Kaye at Entr'acte to publish the legendary Aphex Twin interview SYROBONKERS! in print form this year!! You heard it here first!!

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Just did an interview at 2AAA-FM in Wagga Wagga about my FREE Sound Design workshop @WaggaArtGallery this Sat 17th.  Details => https://www.facebook.com/events/183883955557569/
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Psøma Psi Phi just released DSP TRX by NYZ
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New CDs from Ge-stell - @noyzelab and Lee Fraser, design by @QubikDesign
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