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DAVID FORD - I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused
2005 (debut cd) Having split just over a year ago from his long time band Easyworld, David Ford has re-emerged with a collection of nine songs which set him apart from every other solo musician out there. Thus, comparisons are hard to draw - although the best attempts could perhaps find parallels with the more sultry days of Ryan Adams' career, crossed with the more beautiful and tuneful days of Bob Dylan's youth. However, to try to categorise a talent such as Ford's by connecting him to other artists is to pay a disservice to his first solo opus.An album of nine extended piano and acoustic guitar led tracks is a brave move for somebody with a full band pedigree such as Ford, who within recent memory has inspired crowds of sweaty youngsters to dance, push and occasionally even crowd-surf whilst with his old band Easyworld (purveyors of mostly pop punk efforts). Such a departure from past endeavours is warranted almost immediately after engaging with "I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused" for the first time however. Opening with the beautiful six and a half minute long future single "I Don't Care What You Call Me" before blending seamlessly into rousing recent single "State Of The Union", the lyrics and passion come instantly to the fore. The breathtakingly stunning mixture of piano, guitar and mouth organ form the foundations for these two tracks (and the next seven to follow) in a way lesser artists can only dream of. Indeed, it only seems right to mention that Ford plays every instrument on the record, most of it having been self-produced in his own house as he set about rebuilding a career for himself post-Easyworld

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David Ford - Let The Hard Times Roll (2010) 256 kbps

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01. Panic
02. Making Up For Lost Time
03. Waiting For The Storm
04. Surfin' Guantanamo Bay
05. To Hell With The World
06. Stephen
07. Nothing At All
08. Sylvia
09. Meet Me In The Middle
10. Missouri
11. She's Not The One
12. Hurricane
13. Call To Arms
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Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused (2005)
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ARTiST: David Ford
ALBUM: Let The Hard Times Roll
BiTRATE: 183kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Original Signal Recordings
GENRE: Indie
SiZE: 61.10 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 44min 37sec total
RiP DATE: 2010-04-01
STORE DATE: 2010-04-20

Track List

01. Panic 3:45
02. Making Up For Lost Time 3:00
03. Waiting For The Storm 4:45
04. Surfin' Guantanamo Bay 2:21
05. To Hell With The World 4:09
06. Stephen 3:19
07. Nothing At All 2:14
08. Sylvia 2:58
09. Meet Me In The Middle 3:50
10. Missouri 1:30
11. She's Not The One 3:38
12. Hurricane 4:18
13. Call To Arms 4:50

Release Notes

British troubadour David Ford is set to release his third album Let The Hard
Times Roll on April 20, 2010 via Original Signal Recordings

Let The Hard Times Roll is Ford's third and boldest album, containing some of
the most upbeat, rocking songs he's ever written, like the genuinely boisterous
She's Not The One." The album represents the era in which it was created, so
there's an underlying tension that runs throughout, as on opener "Panic," all
strained nerves in its urgent bass groove, blistering electric guitar, and piano
that keeps time like a wound clock the pensive lament "Waiting For The Storm
and dissatisfied barroom choral "Nothing At All." Already known for his searing
political anthems ("State Of The Union" off 2006's I Sincerely Apologise For Any
Trouble I've Caused "Requiem" off 2008's Songs For The Road), the sultry,
swaying backroom stomp "Surfin' Guantanamo Bay" and the solemn accordion and
banjo-based elegy "Stephen" are among his most scathing and pointed indictments

Yet relief and hope also weave through the album - in songs like the melodic,
rolling ease of "Making Up For Lost Time" and the stately and inspiriting "Call
To Arms" - which underline the fulfillment found in fundamental pursuits like
love, friendship, honesty, music, and community. And there are a few love songs,
too - the haunting, desolate beauty of fan favorite, piano and strings ballad
To Hell With The World" and the blithe swing of "Sylvia" - with charming, dark
edges only Ford could pen

In keeping with his reputation as a remarkable one-man band, Ford plays nearly
every instrument on, produced, and engineered (with the help of James Brown,
who's worked with Foo Fighters, Brendan Benson, Placebo) Let The Hard Times
Roll, in addition to writing all the string arrangements and designing the
artwork. The album was recorded throughout all of 2009 in a variety of settings,
although not one of them a studio. All but one track were laid to tape in an
industrial estate empty unit in Eastbourne, England the concise, homesick
Missouri" was recorded in a room at the Rodeway Inn motel in Warrensburg, MO,
while on a solo tour in 2008. Bits and pieces of piano parts and chorus vocals
were also captured in a former convalescent hospital's family quarters in
Southern England


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David Ford - Let the Hard Times Roll (2010)

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Время: 44:52 Min
Формат: Mp3
Качество: 320 kbps
Размер: 107 Mb


01. Panic (3:46)
02. Making Up for Lost Time (3:01)
03. Waiting for the Storm (4:45)
04. Surfin' Guantanamo Bay (2:22)
05. To Hell With the World (4:09)
06. Stephen (3:19)
07. Nothing at All (2:14)
08. Sylvia (2:58)
09. Meet Me in the Middle (3:50)
10. Missouri (1:30)
11. She's Not the One (3:39)
12. Hurricane (4:19)
13. Call to Arms (5:00)

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Artist: David Ford
Album: I Sincerely Apologize For All The Trouble I've Caused
Bitrate: VBRkbps
Label: Independiente
Genre: Rock
Size: 63 megs
Playtime: 0h 45min 50sec total
Rip date: 2005-10-07
Store date: 2005-10-03

Track List:

01. I Don't Care What You Call Me 6:30
02. State Of The Union 4:32
03. What Would You Have Me Do? 4:25
04. Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck) 6:17
05. A Long Time Ago 3:02
06. Don't Tell Me 4:24
07. Katie 4:06
08. If You Only 4:18
09. Laughing Aloud 8:16

Release Notes:
-------- full of romantic doom as anything you'll hear this year: one to watch -
Uncut magazine

A debut of astonishing quality - Derby Evening Telegraph

intimate and passionate...a tour de force of snarling agitpop...will delight
fans of Mike Scott, Ryan Adams and David Gray - Sunday Times

.....his music hooks you and keeps you coming back for more... batters you into
submission with melodies and a remarkable voice - The Sun

Occasionally reminiscent, often romantic and sometimes regretful, but mainly
very very good - Disorder magazine






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easyworld "kill the last romantic" [2004]

- kill the last romantic
- 2nd amndment
- drive
- til the day
- a lot of miles from home
- celebritykiller
- all i can remember
- tonight
- when you come back i wont be here
- saddest song
- you have been here
- goodnight


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easyworld "this is where i stand" [2002]

- armistice
- try not to think
- 100 weight
- junkies and whores
- this is where I stand
- stain to never fade
- demons
- by the sea
- bleach
- you and me
- you were right


p.s. единственное "но" - качество 128 kbps (лучше не нашел), но слушать можно. wink.gif
Ребята, на Народ 2 ссылки 2005, 2010... Спасибо !!! thumb.gif
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David Ford - Pages Torn From The Electrical Sketchbook 1 & 2 - 2008
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Rip: Normal rip
Type: EP
Genre: Acoustic / Folk / Indie
Quality: VBR

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


1. Nothing At All
2. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Credit Card
3. Down By the Sea


1. This City's Cold and I Could Use a Friend
2. To Hell With the World
3. Song for the Republican Convention



Could someone please reupload these eps. Thanks, CJ
David Ford - Charge [2013] (320 kbps)

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01. Pour A Little Poison
02. The Ballad Of Miss Lily
03. Isn’t It Strange!?
04. Let It Burn
05. Philadelphia Boy
06. Moving On
07. What’s Not To Love?
08. Perfect Soul
09. Throwaway
10. Every Time


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