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Houstonians Whitney Flynn and Jesse Sendejas formed Days N Daze as a duo in 2008. Since then, they've taken on different musicians to create a full recording and touring band. Presently, the band's rhythm section includes bassist Geoff Bell and percussionist Matt Fries. Flynn and Sendejas remain the band's principal songwriters.

The group's sound has been described as "riot folk" or "thrashgrass." Song themes run the gamut from social (gang violence, terrorism, annihilation of the environment for corporate pocket-lining, the mundane and unavoidable anxieties of modern life, et al) to recreational (how the fuck did we end up in jail?).

Days N Daze embraces the D.I.Y. ethic by recording, packaging and promoting its music independently.

DnD is best known for is its live shows, which are energetic to the point of audience members stripping their clothes off in ecstatic, music-induced jubilation (or, too much PBR). The band has performed in more than half the contiguous United States in venues ranging from house shows to festivals. On the road, DnD has played the D.I.Y. staple Brootal Sun Fest, at Skatopia's Bowl Bash and in Tompkins Square Park in NYC's Alphabet City. At home, it performs routinely at well-regarded spaces such as Walter's and Warehouse Live. The band was honored to open the second day of performances at the 2011 Houston Free Press Summerfest, which featured headliner Weezer later that night.

Like any band of this millenia, DnD has employed the Internets to reach a broader audience. As of this writing, it has a following of over 2,500 on its Facebook page. The band will work to gain new fans by touring this fall with Oregon's Dirty Kid Discount.

Days N Daze has opened for several national acts, including Leftover Crack, The Infamous Stringdusters, M.D.C., Morning Glory, New Zealand's Night Gaunts, Cancerslug and Black Flag founder Chuck Dukowski's Sextet. This fall, tour dates include opening sets for Mischief Brew.

On Reverbnation, the band's songs have been played more than 15,000 times as of this date. DnD lists over 2,400 fans on Reverb, many in the male 25-34 demographic, with several from abroad in places like Canada, Japan, the Ukraine, New Zealand, South Africa and Kuala Lampur. Really. Kuala Lampur.


2011 - Ward Off The Vultures

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1 - Torches Are Calling
2 - Coin The Phrase
3 - Canary In The Coalmine
4 - Asleep At The Wheel
5 - Kick Your Lawyer In The Face
6 - Thousands of Fists
7 - Life In The Vultures Nest
8 - Through Ties To Another
9 - Highest Bidding Shepherd
10 - Wake Up And Rage!
11 - New Gangland
12 - Ward Off the Vultures
13 - Now I
14 - Over The Yardarm
2013 - Rogue Taxidermy

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1 - Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture
2 - Fuck It!
3 - Muddy Knees
4 - Call in the Coroner
5 - Misanthropic Drunken Loner
6 - Blue Jays
7 - Remnants of What People Used to Be
8 - Day Gaunts
9 - Fate of a Coward (Feat. Jessica Flynn)
10 - Dazed From the Dazzle of Decadence and Constantly Reminded of Death
11 - 1984
12 - DBS Out
13 - Tarnished Ol' Photograph
14 - Goodbye Lulu
15 - Perfectly Dysfunctional
16 - Post Party Depression
2013 - The Oogle Deathmachine

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1 - Phantasmagoria
2 - Nine on the Bortle
3 - Dig Down
4 - Law & Justice
5 - Shit Luck
6 - Little Blue Pills Pt. 2
7 - Voyeuristic Nightmare
8 - New Town to Cape Town
9 - Fuck you, Pay me. Fuck you.
10 - Comfort epershand Control
11 - Open the Floodgates
12 - Flea Bitten Drifters

Потрясная банда!
Здесь я нашел wink.gif :

Days N' Daze - Rogue Taxidermy (2013)

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Tracklist :
01 Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture
02 Fuck It
03 Muddy Knees
04 Call In The Coroner
05 Misanthropic Drunken Loner
06 Blue Jays
07 Remnants of What People Used to Be
08 Day Gaunts
09 Fate of a Coward
10 Dazed from the Dazzle of Decadence and Constantly Reminded of Death
11 1984
12 Dbs Out
13 Tarnished Ol Photograph
14 Goodbye Lulu
15 Perfectly Dysfunctional
16 Post Party Depression

Bitrate : 160 kbps, CBR
Size : 54,7 MB

Извините пожалуйста мои ошибкы на русском языке = я из Чехии ... картинка, оставленная пользователем
как можно нелюбить и игнорить бэндкемп?!

Есть у кого-то альбомы этого коллектива?
Punk Rock In USSR ||
"Plus he only listens to pop punk which he claims is punk! And he has this 'I'm too cool for any other music' attitude but little does he know is that pop punk is for teenagers."
я купить хочу, но злобные сепаратисты жгут банки эмитента моей карты и пополнить её соответственно негде.
так, хз чо я там покупать собрался, но сейчас нашёл только 6 треков у них на ревербншн. отписал им, может ещё чего есть



перепеть choking victim и blink-182 в одном треке это У С П Е Х
Цитата: (broncho)
Есть у кого-то альбомы этого коллектива?

типа прислали официальный ответ ггг

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слушаем-качаем сплит с broken bow

MFC:, Марисса эта та девочка с красивым голосом?
Punk Rock In USSR ||
"Plus he only listens to pop punk which he claims is punk! And he has this 'I'm too cool for any other music' attitude but little does he know is that pop punk is for teenagers."
хз честно говоря, но судя по всему марисса та, что на стиральной доске играет.

кстати они в сейчас тур поехали и прям сразу сломался вен. починка стоит 2к, которых у них нет ((
тур продолжается
haha if ya haven't heard this very flattering song our buddies made about us you should. its fuckin' hilarious. haha our friends suck.

если в твоём телефоне есть камера, то ты уже режиссёр (с)

киньте ссылки на все их записи и проекты
сплит с Rail Yard Ghosts есть у кого?
Долгожданный сплит фолк-панков Days N' Daze и космических ска-панков Night Gaunts!

2015 - Days N' Daze and Night Gaunts Split
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1. Night Gaunts - 8 Dollars (3:51)
2. Night Gaunts - Nights & Daze (3:17)
3. Night Gaunts - Post Party Depression (Days N' Daze Cover) (4:57)
4. Days N' Daze - Mosquitoes (Night Gaunts Cover) (2:43)
5. Days N' Daze - Same Shit (2:35)
6. Days N' Daze - Spilt Beer (3:05)
7. Days N' Daze - Vent (2:34)

320 kbps, 54.1 Mb

Night Gaunts:

Days N' Daze:
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Arroyo Deathmatch / Days N Daze - Split - 2012

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01.Wooden Remorse 01:49
02.Moth 03:18
03.Ben Franklin 02:35
04.Our Sparks 02:09
05.Wreckage of a House 03:06
06.Hot Dolphin 04:14
07.Days N' Daze - Gnargle 02:12
08.Days N' Daze - Little Blue Pills 02:31
09.Days N' Daze - The Flatlands 03:17
10.Days N' Daze - Bombs Over Boston 03:09
11.Days N' Daze - Arcane Drifter 02:59
12.Days N' Daze - Hidden At Home 03:26


CRUSTFALL by Days N Daze - у кого есть киньте ж на фолдер
альбом нельзя скачать разом с bandcamp Зато он прекрасно сливается, если качать по одной песне) Пользуйся. thumb.gif ph34r.gif

Ладно, для ленивых) wink.gif

Days N Daze - 2017 - Crustfall (320kbps)

Еду на их концерт в Варшаве 25.07! Кому интересно, напишу небольшой отчет о том как они в живую звучат. Они турят с We The Heathens, потому я ожидаю чего-то подобного:
Punk Rock In USSR ||
"Plus he only listens to pop punk which he claims is punk! And he has this 'I'm too cool for any other music' attitude but little does he know is that pop punk is for teenagers."

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