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LABEL....: D.C. Recordings
YEAR.....: 2008
GENRE....: Electronic
QUALITY..: 256kbps/44,1kHz
TRACKS...: 02
GRABBER..: Wavelab
ENCODER..: Lame 3.97 -V2
RIP DATE.: Dec.01.2008

01. Ghost Feeder (Album Version)
02. Arc (Album Version)


DC Recordings Presents Death Before Distemper
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PLESAE re UP • Album----------- DC Recordings Presents Death Before Distemper
And The Lefthanded ни у кого альбома нет?
VA - DC Recordings presents Death Before Distemper Vol.3: A Fistful Of Ferrets mixed & re-edited by Idjut Boys) [2008]

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Label: D.C. Recordings, Octave Lab
Catalog#: DCR95CD, OTLCD1155
Format: CD, Compilation, Mixed
Country: UK, Japan
Released: 10/11/2008
Style: Electronic, Krautrock, Breaks, Disco
Quality: 192 kbps
Size: 98.7 Mb

01. Tom Tyler - Siolim
02. White Light Circus - The Shot! (Dub Copy)
03. The Emperor Machine - Rimramramrim
04. Depth Charge - Blue lipps (The Idjut Boys Edit)
05. Kelpe - Cut It Upwards
06. Clause Four - Version #2
07. Alexanders Dark Band - The Immortal Squirrel
08. Big Two Hundred - Appoach And Pass With Contact (The Idjut Boys Edit)
09. Vincent Markowski - The Madness Of Moths
10. Big Two Hundred - Kog
11. The Oscillation - Liquid Memoryman
12. The Octagon Man - Skanning Pattern
13. The Emperor Machine - Lift Up Chong And See (The Idjut Boys Edit)
14. The Emperor Machine - Who You?
15. Padded Cell - Far Beneath London
16. The Emperor Machine - Tropical Waste (The Idjut Boys)
17. The Oscillation - Head Hang Low (Depth CHarge Version) (The Idjut Boys Edit)
18. Tom Tyler - DAylight Robbed Her
19. The Oscillation - Head Hang Low

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Artist : Kelpe
Album : Extraquarium
Genre : Electronic
Source : WEB
Label : DC Recordings
Date : 00-00-2009
Encoder : LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
Quality : 320kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 8
Time : 40:43 (min)
Size : 97.89 MB

1. Bread Machine Bred (Zombie Zombie Remix) 4:41
2. Shipwreck Glue (Kelpe Extraversion) 6:11
3. Stop Parching Yourself (Fulgeance Booty Call Remix) 4:58
4. Shipwreck Glue (Wes Coats Remix) 4:51
5. Whirlwound (Kelpe Stormy Version) 5:02
6. Shipwreck Glue (Architeq Version) 4:53
7. Colours Dont Leak (The Boats Remix) 4:05
8. Cut It Upwards (The Oscillation Sub-Aquatic Remix) 6:02

40:43 (min)

The release of Kelpes "Ex-Aquarium" album back in February 2008 was met with a
swathe of critical acclaim and followed by a series of incendiary live shows,
all of which have unquestionably informed this wondrous cast of artists and
producers, who have turned their hand to remixing various album tracks with
wildly different results…

Gallic synth fetishists Zombie Zombie (Versatile) take time out from their
on-going live rampage to deliver their first ever remix – a complete remake
of "Bread Machine Bred" into a brooding and endlessly building epic. Fulgeance
(Musique Large) brings the sub bass to "Stop Parching Yourself", creating a
booty-fied, dancefloor romper that slips and slides like a frogman in the

"Shipwreck Glue" gets strung out and dosed up on Californian sunshine courtesy
of Wes Coats (Rong), balearic disco energy reminiscent of Studio or Mountain Of
One washing over the ping pong stoccatos of the Kelpe original. Fellow beat
mongerer Architeq (Tirk) takes on the same track, adding extra crunch and
swagger to this manphibian anthem.

Kelpe himself remakes "Shipwreck Glue" and "Whirlwound", the latter rolling and
swelling with added percussive energy, the former moving into loftier tempos
from the original to make a dance floor bomb of frenzied arrhythmia.

The Boats (Moteer) bring a mellow side to proceedings, taking the lambent tones
of "Colours Dont Leak" and swaddling them in delicate cello chords and an
ebbing 303. Lastly DC label mates The Oscillation divert their gaze away from
the cosmos and towards the deep, adding extra weights to the already heavy "Cut
It Upwards" and taking it to deeper depths!


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Everything less than immortality is a complete waste of time!
Суета сует! Всё - суета!
Тут порылся и нашел

The Octagon Man - Magneton

Есть еще немного творчества J Saul Kane, правда качество местами не очень )

огласите весь список пжалуста ))

Немного Depth charge/Alexander’s dark band/ и совсем немного Octagona. Еще парочку радио миксов ( solid steel так же с Mr. J Saul Kane )

J Saul Kane is the man ))

va Beat Classic - compiled by Depth Charge


Alexander's dark band - Beat vortex thumb.gif

enjoy )
невероятные сборники
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The Octagon Man - The Exciting World Of…

Label: Electron Industries
Catalog#: TRON CD5X
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Experimental
Credits: Written-By - J. Saul Kane , John Carpenter (tracks: 7)

Quality : 192 kbps
Size : 83,7 MB


1 Tunx (5:44)
2 The Second Shape (8:09)
3 Klunk (7:25)
4 Xon (2:38)
5 Phase IV (6:31)
6 Xon (Slight Return) (8:58)
7 Assault (6:41)
8 Pha-zer (6:03)
9 Pod (String Mix) (8:07)


Before D.C. Recordings there was Vinyl Solution :
"Now defunct eclectic label run from the shop on Portobello Road in London. Famous for spawning Depth Charge and Eon as well as many of their aliases. It is worth noting that J. Saul Kane and Ian B also produced and mixed a lot of the other releases." Check discogs

This is "the best of" for geeky archeologists wink.gif :

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Label: E:Motion
Catalog#: EFA 18344-2
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 1992
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, House, Techno
Notes: Compilation of essential tracks of the Vinyl Solution label

Quality : 192 kbps
Size : 96.5 MB


01 Midi Rain : Crack Train (Vocal Mix) (5:13)
02 The Formula : Exploded (Club Mix) (6:09)
03 Subject 13 : The Promise (Vocal Freestyle Mix) (5:44)
04 Eon : Fear: The Mindkiller (5:40)
05 Bizarre Inc : X-Static (5:09)
06 Subject 13: Eternity (Spiritual Club Mix) (6:21)
07 Eon : Spice (Original Mix With Notes) (5:50)
08 Midi Rain : Always (Club Vocal) (6:48)
09 Secret Desire : Rebel (9:47)
10 Mr. Selfish : Mr. Selfish (4:50)
11 Midi Rain : Eyes (Bizarre Inc. Mix) (5:42)


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