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Dе Lumn - Вlind Sidе (2019)
01. Таkе Ме Тhеrе
02. Sеduсtive
03. Ноld Ме
04. Вlind Sidе
05. Wаndering Sоul
06. Lоаdеd Gun
07. Drоps Dоwn
08. Оbsеssеd

De Lumn is a downtempo, electronica group formed in 2017 in Athens, consisting of Chop Juggler (Production), Ina (Vocals) and JLogo (Guitar).

With a trip hop mood spring up from Chop Juggler's impudent beats and groovy samples, a bluesy air to govern compositions, thanks to the special addition of electric guitar and the promiment presence of ethereal female vocals, the trio generates a melodic effect, overly atmospheric.

"Blind Side" was written to makes you "see" with your mind, not your eyes.

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