It was one bright morning for the world of music when Claudio Moser decided to pick up his pen and with it; songwriting. After having played music since his early youth, it was time for something new. Thus, with Khin Hong Yip and his violin adding new dimensions to Claudio’s distinguished songwriting, Deep Trip was brought to life. Together the two promising and talented musicians started to perform a tango between the majestic beauty of classical music and the rough aesthetics of modern-day rock music. 

Now, with a contrabass and a cello adding the vital atmosphere and depth, and with drums enriching the music with a concise rhythm, Deep Trip are ready to take on the whole world of music, that is if the world is ready for them. After all, playing rock music on classical instruments is at least just as unconventional as it is effective. Luckily though, Deep Trip aren’t ones to be deterred so easily by mere conventions. Instead of treading their own path, they are laying a new one. While the band replaces electric guitars with an acoustic one and the mandatory bass guitar with a contrabass, they still shatter every spark of doubt about how much this band rocks and that with ease.

Reflecting the spirit of their music, the lyrics are exclusively rebellious. Political statements and situations torn out of life itself are presented in poetic metaphors, which perfectly mirror the soul of Deep Trip. The band sings of the hardships of life as well as the unfairness of the world we are living in today. Next to being catchy, the words of the songs can give anyone who doesn’t only open his ears, but also his heart, something to think about.

The true passion of this band, however, reveals itself on stage. Emotional and energetic performances are but two of the trademarks that make them an unforgettable live experience. It is hard to tell if the enthusiasm shines brighter on the faces of the young musicians which visibly love what they are doing, or those of the audience won’t forget the show for a long time. The band has gathered a lot of live experience since they first started and the result is that their shows are always solid and unique. So if you are planning to see them, be prepared for one really deep trip.

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Band Members:
Claudio Moser: Guitar and Vocals
Khin Hong Yip: Violin
Sofus Gleditsch: Contrabass


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Deep Trip-Deep Trip-2007-FKK

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artist : Deep Trip

title : Deep Trip

genre : Alternative Rock

source : CDDA

type : Album

rls date : 12.29.2007 st date : 17.10.2007

size : 71,5 MB tracks : 15

quality : Lame 3.97 label : n/a

website : http://www.deeptrip.ch/

similar artist : n/a

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really great debut album from swiss alternative rocker deeptrip.
see them live on tour with subway to sally, you wont regret it.

support the artists! they deserve it!

/team FKK

01 Intro 01:29
02 Help Me 03:46
03 Carry On 03:18
04 Dreamer 04:28
05 Soldier 03:26
06 Intro II 01:30
07 Hate 05:27
08 Venom 03:07
09 Masters Of The Earth 03:39
10 My Son 04:35
11 Still Beautiful 03:50
12 Empty Gun 03:04
13 Teardrops 03:10
14 Nevermind 04:41
15 Fuck Yourself 03:55

53:25 min

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Fuck Yourself рульная песня... и слова такие понятные-понятные))
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