Defying The Decay

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Defying The Decay is a alternative metal band formed in Bangkok, Thailand in 2011 when guitarist, Jay, met vocalist, Aston and drummer, Jaypun, at Linkin Park live in Bangkok concert on September 23, 2011. We started off as a punk/post hardcore band. Aston was also on bass in the beginning. Shortly after Jaypun left the band, the style of the band changed to Alternative Metal. Jay and Aston started covering Linkin Park, Bullet for my valentine and Deftones songs at Jay’s apartment, even though we didn’t have a drummer and a bassist. Later on in early December Drummer Reymaz (Aston’s classmate) joined the band after we talked to him about it at Parkway Drive lived in Bangkok concert. Then we started rehearsing at Music Society, we signed up to play a gig at NIST on the 23rd of March 2012, but we still needed a bassist. Bassist, Tee, joined the band on the 16th of January. On the gig day we met guitarist, Howard, then he saw us played and we asked him to join the band. In early April Reymaz and Tee left the band due to they’re leaving the country. Shortly after that KP join the band as a drummer after Jay known him through friends in common, we started talking about our favorite band’s and stuff; we decided to meet up and jam, he decided to join the band. He also brought his friend Tak to join as a bassist. In late April we started working on an EP “Love, Hate and Faith” .The EP was done recording in late August. Shortly after that Howard leaves. We began gigging in school fares and parties. On February 2013 Russell (friend of Howard) joins the band after Howard introduces him to us shortly after that We Decided to start working on an Album. In the middle of it around June 2013 Aston left the band due to creativity difference and exams, Jay took over lead vocal. We Finish writing the Album and doing pre-production in Early November 2013. We started Recording the Album in Late November 2013, which is still in process but expected to be finish in Early September 2014.

Reymaz - Drums/Vocal
Jump - Lead Guitar/Vocals/Keys
DJ Jay - Vocal/Guitar/Electronics/Turntables

Defying the Decay - All We Know Is Failing (2015)
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01- New Message: (The Last Survival)
02- No Line on the Horizon
03- Sand Storm
04- Shattered Memories
05- Voice Message: (The Last Time)
06- Amy
07- Test Subject 108: (Human Bioelectricity)
08- Machine City
09- Bloody Teeth
10- Purified
11- All We Know Is Failing

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cool band bro! Brutal with scratches thumb.gif

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my mate from bangkok
Вертушки вообще неумело юзают, будто через приложение продиджей потом накладывали

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Defying Decay - Metamorphosis (2019)
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01. The Repentance (0:17)
02. Existence of Extinction (3:51)
03. Dominion (4:40)
04. Dying Program (7:08)
05. Judas Kiss (4:05)
06. Crimson Butterfly (3:52)
07. Ghost (3:55)
08. Yellow Fever (4:08)
09. Let It Rain (5:13)
10. Headrush (3:51)
11. Further... (5:00)
12. Swan Song (5:34)
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"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".

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