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This multiplicity of voices, coupled with her refusal to position herself as a singing proxy for the poet, is key to the success of Dora’s bold and potentially alienating interpretive vision. By stepping outside of this tradition, she opens up the highly personal symbolic realms of Raine’s words to more universal readings. And it seems to be an approach Raine would have understood: in Who Are We, where each consciousness is a leaf on the tree of life, music heard a thousand summers ago travels “through me and on, like a wave/Of sound, a gleam/ Irrecapturable”.

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Delphine Dora - Eudaimon (2018)

01. HGA
02. Who Are We
03. Honesty
04. The Pythoness
05. Not In Time
06. No-Where
07. The Wilderness
08. The Sphere
09. Eudaimon
10. On A Deserted Shore
11. Lament
12. Death's Country
13. Fire
14. The Invisible Kingdom
15. Lily-Of-The-Valley
16. Words
17. The Unloved
18. Last Things
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Delphine Dora - A Stream Of Consciousness (2012)

01. An Ode To Infinity
02. Crowds vs Empty Spaces
03. Idle Persistence
04. Fragments Of Dreams Are Only Echoes Of Memories
05. Mysterious Meanderings
06. A Constellation Of Stars
07. Obsessions
08. Psychic Mind
09. Serious Conversations
10. Freedom Is Not To Be Out Of Restraints
11. If We...
12. I Wish I Could
13. A Plain Feeling
14. Conclusion

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